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Peter & Jennifer in the Bush

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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: African Safari
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Last year, my parents decioded that they wanted to take an African Photo Safari — something they had always wanted to do, and they asked me to go along. I had just graduated from high school in June, and was going to be entering college in the fall. They thought it would be a good experience for me, and it turned out to be just that. We were part of a tour of about 30 going to Kenya.

We flew into Nairobi and from there we were taken out into the “bush”, as they called it, in small jeep-like vehicles. My parents usually took the back two seats and I sat up front with the driver. Our driver was a tall muscular African, about 30, I would judge. Like many of the Africans he had a Biblical name, Peter. He was a very personable young man,well-mannered, respectful and polite with a nice smile. I thought he was absolutely gorgeous!

We were gone for two weeks, viewing the animals in their native habitat — lions, elephants, wildebeasts, rhinoserous, hippos, cape buffalo, giraffe,zebras, cheetahs, leopards, topii, and many, many other varities
of wildlife and birds. Peter was not only our driver, but our guide as well, and he knew just where to go to find the animals we wanted to see. Our usual routine would be to get up early in the morning, around daybreak and drive around for two or three hours. Then return to our lodge for breakfast and a brief rest. Then we would go out again around for an hour or so, until our noon meal. We would usually rest in the afternoon and have an early supper and then go out in the evening again until it started to get dark.

Peter spoke very good English and I got to know him quite well as we drove around on these safari runs, and he would explain to us in great detail the habits and characteristics of each species we saw. It was very educational.

It was extremely hot and humid during both the daytime and evening, so my usual uniform for the day was to put on a light cotton blouse or T-shirt and a pair of shorts. No underwear. That’s what Peter usually wore, too, although I wasn’t sure whether he wore any underwear shorts. As I said, he had a beautiful body, and I think he noticed me admiring it as we drove along every day. I wondered in the back of my mind what he would look like without that shirt and shorts. We learned that he did this work during the Summer months to earn money and attended the University in Nairobi the balance of the year. He was studying to be a biology teacher in high school.

As I said, we usually stayed in a lodge overnight. The building where the drivers and guides stayed was close by in this little compound. Sometimes, when we were back in camp and taking our rest periods, I would wander over and talk to Peter and the other drivers, all of whom were very friendly and also liked to hear about the United States.

After we had been in Kenya about a week, one evening after we returned from our evening Safari, my Mom and Dad said they were tired and they retired to their room. I had a separate room next to theirs, but on this particular evening, I was not particularly tired myself, so I walked over to the quarters where the drivers stayed and saw Peter sitting in front of his cabin. I sat down in a chair next to him and we talked about a lot of things until fairly late at night — maybe close to 11:00 P.M. It was an extremely hot night, and he had taken off his shirt and was just lounging around in his shorts. As we continued to talk in the dim light, I noticed that he began to have a rather big bulge in his shorts and in a teasing fashion I asked him what was causing that. He replied: “The same thing that causes it in your country, Jennifer — a pretty girl like yourself.” With that, he placed his right hand on my left arm and began caressing my arm with his hand, up and down.It made me tingle inside, and I wondered what I could do to encourage him to go further. I told him that it felt good, and then he just simply brushed his hand along my my breasts, with just the slightest of pressure. I was ecstatic. Seeing that I was not objecting to any of his advances,he then placed his hand on my left knee and began caressing my leg up and down and advancing up my thigh to where my shorts were. Iplaced my left hand on his right hand and encouraged him to go a bit further — under my shorts. It was not long before I felt his powerful fingers fondling my vagina and clitoris. I thought I would have an orgasm right then and there.

Peter than asked me if I’d like to come into his cabin and I accepted. From a small refrigerator he had there, next to his bed and night stand, he got two cold bottles of Tiger Beer and offered me one. I was not much of a beer drinker, but I accepted, and in the hot African night, that cold beer tasted delicious. He then walked over and closed the shades on the two windows in that small one-room cabin and also closed the outside door. After he had done that, he walked over to me and slowly removed my blouse and shorts and gently pulled me toward his bare chest.He asked me if I had ever made love before. I told him that I had been with a couple of boys before and we had fooled around a bit, but had never had sex. He then asked me if I thought I might like to experience what sex was like on a hot African evening, with a black man like himself.Without much thought, I told him I thought it would be a wonderful thing to do to complete my safari experience. Then he removed his shorts and briefs and held me tightly by my buttocks cheeks against his fully erect penis.It was very large. Three times before I had seen a boy’s penis but never anything like this! It must have measured ten inches in length. In the light from the lamp on his nightstand, I saw my white body against his jet black skin and it was beautiful.

We kised and kissed for a long time, and then he had me lie down on his bed and he kneeled beside it and began kissing me all over my body, from my neck and shoulders, to both my breasts to mt stomach and abdomen to my vaginal area, and up and down both my legs and feet. He did not miss an inch of my exposed skin and I was absolutely in heaven. He kept returning his kisses to my bush area and I kept thrusting me pelvis into his face so he could kiss me harder. Then he took his fingers and began to explore my vagina, slowly but surely, probing, probing deeper and deeper. When he had explored me completely with his fingers he took out a condom from the small drawer in his night stand and rolled it on. He said that because of widespread Aids in Africa, it was always best to use protection, and he wanted me to feel comfortable from that aspect. Then he laid down beside me, and sort of spooned me into his body with my back toward his chest, and began to massage my breasts with his powerful hands. But, he was very gentle. As he tweeked my nipples between his forefingers and thumbs, i thought I had died and gone to heaven! Finally he entered my vagina, very slowly inch by inch, then withdrawing and then going a little deeper. When he reached my hymen, he whispered that “this will hurt a little” but explained that after that, I would have a wonderful feeling. He was right.After that short twinge of pain, he probed further and further, thrusting in and out until at last he was entirely within my body. I thought the tip of his penis was going to penetrate my stomach! But it felt magnificent. He kept going in and out like a well- lubricated piston, and I could feel his semen exploding into the condom and against my vagina walls. He had several great orgasms, and so did I. I think he was inside me close to an hour, after wich he took off the condom, washed himself and myself off with a warm washcloth, and then climbed back in bed with me, cuddling my white body next to he blackness. We slept all night together until about 5:00 in the morning. Then he told me I had better return to my own room in the lodge before I was missed or before my parents or others became suspicious.

During that last week on Safari, Peter and I managed to have three more great love sessions together. He knew more about great fucking technique than I think any one could possibly learn. Before we left, we exchanged addresses and Email addresses, and we now correspond regularly. He says that someday he would like to visit the U.S.,if possible, and see me again. That would be great.Every night I dream about that wonderful black body next to mine, probing my love canal and experiencing the sheer pleasure of his his penis within me.

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