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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: my bed room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I was 15 years old and it was late april that year… My parents had gone away for the weekend and left me w/ my brother and his friend from college.. I my self had just come back from a trip and my brother, James, and his friend, Jon, picked me up from the air port.. I had never met this friend of my brothers and when i did i totally fell in love with him.. Jon was a sophmore in college, probably 20 years old.. he played guitar and he was soooo HOT… not to mention he was very nice to me even the very 1st second i met him.. So anyways.. we got to our house and it was late so I took a nice hot shower and went to sleep while my brother and Jon watched tv… around 3 in the morning I heard someone in the kitchen and it was Jon.. he was hungry so I made him something to eat.. While I was making his food he kept looking at me up and down over and over again and then he said, “You know you’re really cute.” and I just blushed and went on making him food.. and then I turned around and he put his arms around my waist gently and he kissed the back of my neck and whispered into my ear how much he wanted me and how good he would please me..I was very shy and I didn’t know what to do so I asked him if he still wanted his food and he said no.. he wouldn’t be hungry after he was done with me.. He picked me up and sat me down on the counter top and kissed me.. rubbing my crotch with his strong hand.. i whimpered a little bit because no one ever really touched me the way he was to me.. He didn’t want my brother to see what he was doing to me so we went into my room and he laid my down on the bed and took off my clothes.. he put one finger into my tight virgin pussy unexpectedly and started to tongued my clit back and forth which made me cum very fast…. then he told me to take off his clothes so i did and he put me on top of him laying down with my cunt in his face and i sucked on his big hard cock as he licked and bit down on my clit and pushed his tongue in and out of my wet cunt.. after about 15 minutes.. he stoped and told me he was going to fuck me because i was a naughty little girl that needed to me taught a lesson and needed to be loosened up with is huge dick.. i said no and started to cry, but he wasn’t in the mood for it so he turned me onto his lap and spanked me hard until my bottom was as read as a cherry.. he held me close and told me i deserved it and now it was time for him to “devirginize” me.. he got ontop of me and at first he wet 2 of his fingers and pushed them in and out so i would get a little bit looser and then he slammed it into me as hard as he could.. All 7 inches pure man hood in my young pussy.. I screamed so loud but he kept slamming it in and out of me.. It wasn’t the length that was really hurting it was how thick his cock was.. it was about 2 inches thick ! After about 6 times of slamming it all into me as hard as he went faster and faster but continously harder and harder after a while my screams and cries turned into moans of pure pleasure.. he saw that i was enjoying my self and he smiled and kissed me to reassure me and then as i was about to cum he turned me over and pushed his cock into my ass and pumped it in and out until he cummed inside of me about 4 minutes later.. When we were done we layed there for a while and then took a shower together.. We fell asleep and my brother found us lying together naked and he just asked us what we wanted for breakfast.. I laughed because my brother didn’t seem to mind that his friend just screwed my brains out that night… The next night we fucked again until morning and then my parents came home and my brother and Jon had to go back to college.. I cried and he said he would call me every day. and he did.. we got married as soon as I turned 21 and now we have a baby boy.. We did however see other people until I went to college.. But he was the first fuck I have ever had and the best one I have ever had and I have never had it any better..

incognito Anal sexSex = Female
Age Now = 22
Age Then = 18
Where it happened = Uni
Reference Number = 27864

I had anal sex before i had vaginal!
My birthday was rather late in the school year so my eighteenth birthday occured during the univeristy term
I live on campus with about 400 other uni students in a great college. The dorms are co-ed. Anyway since it was my eighteenth
some of my mates had travelled up from home, we got stuck into a couple of slabs of beer and by the time i went out to the pub i was pretty drunk.
That however was a good thing, the extra confidence and my high spirits soon saw me hitting on this exchange student kelly who was very hot and definitely a player.
Anyway kelly ended up hitting on me and at about three o’clock in the morning we ended up in her room (my mates were crashing in my room).
So Kellly and i start to kiss and fondle and then after about 20 minutes we have each other completely butt naked. Kelly wants me so bad but i am afraid of getting her
pregnant, she tells me she not on the pill. Kelly seems a bit pissed off but goes down on me and starts to give me a head-job, my dick is absolutely huge but no matter
how far she deep throats me i still don’t get off. I ask her to get into a doggy style position and place my dick between her ass cheeks using some moisturising cream to reduce the friction
my plan is to blow all over her back. Kelly however has different ideas, she tells me to put it in the tighter of the two holes in that region. Know i don’t know about you but
to me anal sex (as a heterosexual act) is a real turn on. So i line my dick up to her rear end and try to push it inside, but her butt is extremely tight.
I reach over to the bedside table and grab some more lube (where is the vaseline when you need it?) and rub it on my dick and near her hole. I gently push my thumb into her rear end
pull it out and line up my throbbing cock, after pushing the head of my cock in the rest of my dick slides in much easier as her ass contracts around it, squeezing me to a state of ecstacy
i lean over kelly and start to rub her clit she is dripping wet, i pump slowly so as not to hurt her, and kelly is just loving it, she wriggles and moans underneath me and take about 2 minutes to get off
she moans at me to pump harder i wrap my arm around her pulling her towards me and grinding with her motion and coming at about the same time as her second or third orgasm. ANAL SEX IS GREAT.

the next day i got some condoms and the two off us had sex for about the next two months until she went back to the states. Pity really because i have not been game to bring up the subject of anal sex
unless the girl mentions it first. For such a taboo subject however anal sex is one of the most enjoyable for both guys and girls.
The moral to the story however is always keep a jar of vaseline handy.

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