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Plump Penis

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Age when it happend: NA
Where it happened: At the zoo
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Well, we were at the zoo. It was me, Tommy, Kevin, and Jenny. We stopped to look at the giraffes, they were mating. This made me really horny, so i pulled kevin aside, and told him that he was going to fuck me NOW. So He led me into the reptile exhibit room which was closed. We both fit through the crack because we are both skinny. Well, We were in there, with snakes, lizards, and other green things everywhere…in cages of course–Well, We started passionately kissing, and then he lovingly carressed my lush white boobies. He was doing this so softly and nicely, untill his personality changed, and he turned into Lucifer. Then he pinched my nipple with his fingernails and made me bleed. I smacked his plump penis, and told him to change back to himself, so he did. Well, I made him kiss the bloody scab to make me feel better. He did. Then he unzipped my pants. He carressed my furry muff and tweaked the long black curly hair. THen he took his hand away. He put his hand to his mouth, and i could see that he was gnawing on his fingernail. He made it so that it was a hangnail, and then started to poke at my clit. I screamed out, it hurt so bad, so i smacked him across the ass. By then i really needed to be fucked, so i kicked Kevin in the head and he went unconcious. OUt the door i called to Tommy. Tommy came in. I told hiim that i needed a male dick inside of my vagina-hole. He told me that he could help. He took off all his clothes, right then and there, and did a handstand. I loved the way his plump penis flew up and just flopped there when i flicked it with my middle finger. It was fun to play with it. So i got my hair ribbon and tied it around it. I pulled it so tight that the end started getting bluish. Then i got my earring and poked it into the pee hole. He screamed out and called me a dirty whore, and i just said, I know you are but what am i? So, I took it out and took the ribbon offf. I took my jeans and underwear off and folded them in a nice little pile in the corner of the dark room. He was laying on the floor at this point so i just sat on top of him, his hard cock pressing against my pubes. Then i slapped his belly and said in a horse, horny voice, “MAKE IT HARD FUCKUP” So he did. He started jacking himself off untill he was extremely hard and fuckable. So i used my fingers and guided him into my vagina. It felt good. Then I decided that i wanted to wait until marriage to have an orgasm, so i took it out before i could start to drip. I love sex…I have it a lot now. But I always make them take it out before i climax.

The end

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