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Where it happened: pool
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Category: Straight

It was a birthday of my friend in highschool. She invited me for her day for it was a pool party and all of our friends in highschool would be there. I was so excited for it was Grace’s birthday. Grace was a petite lady, who had a round tits, for it shows when she is wearing a tight blouse. When the day came for the pool party, Grace called me up early. She needs help for the food preparation. I arrived 4 hours early in their house. So I helped her out in the preparation. While I was down the poolside preparing the table, I heared Grace calling out my name. I saw her in her window that she needs something from me.
I hurriedly went up to her room. Her house was very open to our group of friends. So i did not have any hesitation in going up to her room. When I entered her room, I saw Grace lying in bed with a towel covering her body. I asked her what is it that she need. She just gave me a smile and pulled off the towel that covered her body. There I saw her round tits that were teasing me. I got near to her and started playing with her tits and making her nipples hard with my tounge. While my hand was also playing with her pussy and making it wet. She easily noticed the bulge under my shorts.
So she easily stood up and started playing with my cock and the next thing I knew that she gave me a nice blowjob that made me cum. Since it wasn’t unfair for she didn’t cummed yet. I laid her down and gave her pussy a nice wet lick with my tounge. After I licked her, I ran my tounge up to her body then positioned my dick into her wet pussy. She and I moaned for pleasure. And we both had fun in her room, while we were waiting for our friends to come for her party.
I thought between me and Grace was over when her friends came. Still we did it down the shower room beside the pool, though it was a quickie we still had fun and cummed together.

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