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pool party

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Where it happened: Pool House
Langauge: English
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My best friend Sarah’s parents were going out of town for the
weekend and so naturally, me and her planned to have a huge
party. Sarah’s parents were loaded and had a huge mansion,
heated pool, 2 hot tubs one indoor and one out and a pool house.
Sarah and I invited almost everyone in school including the
2 hottest guy’s in the school Tobias and Devin. For the big
night I bought a sexy, skimpy silver bikini that was sure
to attract some attention. Sarah bought a thong gold bikini.
While at the party Sarah and I sat at the edge of pool, not
wanting to get wet and smear our makeup and tried to make eye
contact with Tobias and Devin. Finally we worked up enough
courage to go and talk to them. We found them over by the
snack table and started flirting with them. My god they were
hot! Tobias was a boxer and had huge muscles and a six pack.
He was tall and had tanned skin and dark brown hair. Devin
was black and had huge muscles also he was a swimmer. Sarah
asked them if they wanted to come someplace quieter with us,
winking at me, and led us to the pool house. Sarah had kept
this locked so when we were ready there would be no one in
there. Me and Tobias had a seat in the armchair, i sat on his
lap. Sarah and Devin were on the couch and making out in no
time. Me and Tobias were having a conversation that quickly
turned to sex, turns out he was not a virgin and had just
broken up with his first love. I admitted that I was a virgin.
He thought it was sweet I had admitted it and said that most
girls he’s went out with hadn’t. He told me he liked my bikini
and wanted to know if i wanted to join Devin and Sarah on the
couch. I looked over there and Sarah had a huge grin on his
face. We went over there and both couples started to make out.
Tobias tasted sooo good. Then me and Sarah switched men,
I found out Devin was more of a passionate kisser and loved
to use his toung more. Devin started to kiss my neck and
coller bones. i noticed Tobias and Sarah were doing the same.
I got a little jealous seeing sarah with Tobias and insisted
that we switch back. Me and Tobias were making out and Tobias
asked if it were okay if he was to remove my top, is was a
little hesitant at first but agreed. Tobias messaged my breasts
with his hands, and then started to suck on my nipples, he
swirled his toung around them making me so hard. We once again
switched and Devin was a little bit more rough he nibbled them
and actually bit quite hard a few times. I could feel Devin’s
hands sneaking down into my bottems but did not stop him.
He stuck one finger up my wet pussy then stuck 2 up. Then
I noticed Tobias had Sarah’s thong off and was sucking her
dry. Sarah was moaning and groaning and I asked Devin to do
the same for me. He pulled off my bottems and started to stick
his toung in my pussy. He seemed experienced at this because
he knew exactly what I wanted. He slowly licked the lips of
my pussy, tickling it then inserted his toung into it, then
he shoved his toung up my hole as far as it would go. Then he
flipped me over and messaged me ass. Me and Sarah then switched
guys and I asked Tobias if he wanted a blow job. He said
definetely. I pulled down his shorts, oh his cock was huge.
I messaged his balls then slowly flickered my toung up and
down his shaft. Then placed my whole mouth over his cock.
He tasted soo good. He moved his hips back and forth fucking
my face. He finally flipped me onto my back and place his cock
over my pussy he asked if i was ready. Ready as i’ll ever be
I replied. He then rammed his cock into me, it hurt so bad
at first but that quickly went away, and it felt so good. I
orgasmed. All the time he was sucking my tits.All of a sudden
he started to go in and out quickly it felt so good. Me and
Tobias are still going out and do it every day, Sarah and Devin
just broke up and me and Sarah are no longer friends. And that
was my first time.

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