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Practice Kissing

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: on my bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My brother had just turned 16 and he had asked a girl out on a date. He came to me room one evening when we were alone in the house (which wasn’t unusual since our mom works nights) and asked me if I would practice kissing with him. It seemed weird to me, but he was afraid he would not be any good at kissing and make a fool out of himself with the girl he was taking out. At first, I said no, but he reminded me of all the times he has helped me out, so I consented to do it.

I was just wearing my robe since I had just gotten a shower and he was just wearing his boxer shorts (which is pretty common for him in the evenings). I was lying on my bed and I asked him where he wanted to practice kissing. He said right where I was would be fine. Then he got on my bed with me. I was on my back and at first he was sort of kneeling next to me and leaning over me. He said he wanted to practice enough to make sure he had it right, so I should be patient with him and not get mad. I said OK and he leaned down so his lips were on mine (my first kiss on my lips).

He started kissing me and at first I was looking at him and it seemed really weird, but then I closed my eyes and I just went with it. Kissing really felt good and I was getting funny feelings from it all over my body. He let himself down on me so he was basically lying on top of me as he kissed me. His kissing seemed like it was taking a long time, but I had promised not to get impatient or mad, so I just let him go. His mouth opened a little and I felt his tongue between my lips. I had heard of French kissing, but I really didn’t know anything about it. Since I was a 13-year-old Mormon girl, I was pretty innocent.

I let my mouth open a little and his tongue started flicking in and out of my mouth, softly touching and caressing my tongue. It sent shivers down my spine, and I was worried that I had peed myself. I wasn’t wearing anything under my robe and I could feel liquid between my legs. I was about to stop the kiss, but then I remembered that I had promised and I continued to kiss him back. The longer it went on, the better I felt.

At first, his hands were on the outside of my silk robe sort of massaging my shoulders and my sides, but as we kissed longer, my robe fell open and his hand cupped my small breast (A cup). I wasn’t sure what was supposed to happen during a kiss and I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the feelings that I was experiencing. His hand massaged my breast and my little nipples were immediately hard. The feelings between my legs continued to intensify and were better than anything I had ever felt. I had never masturbated at the point.

His weight on me was becoming a little uncomfortable and as I shifted a little his legs went down between mine. When his knees touched down on my bed, it took some of his weight off of me and I let my legs fall open to take away most of his weight be supported by his knees. I didn’t realize at the time that this was setting me up perfectly for him. I knew nothing about sex, as my mom had never had “the talk” with me.

Anyway, he continued to French kiss me and to massage my breasts and his body was sliding around on mine. I didn’t know if I should be feeling what I was with my brother, but it felt so good I didn’t want it to stop. I didn’t need to worry about him stopping because he had no intention of that. His hands were once again wandering around my body. They softly touched the sides of my tummy and my thighs and my body caught fire wherever he touched me.

His kiss was wandering and his lips were on my eyelids, then my cheeks, my earlobes and then my neck. Finally he kissed my breast and sucked my nipple into his mouth. I still had my eyes tightly closed. I’m not sure what I was thinking. Maybe I thought that this must be a dream, but it wasn’t. He was sucking in my nipples in their turn…going back and forth between them and my body was responding to his stimulation. His hand found its way between us to my mound and it caressed me there before sliding down to my slit. I was a little bit embarrassed because I was so wet, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. Pretty soon his fingers were rubbing along the length of my slit and the button at the top of my inner lips. His touch sent electric shocks through me and my legs spread wide for him.

He continued rubbing me there and sucking my breasts and truthfully I have no idea when his boxers came off, but they did, and then he was rubbing the tip of his cock along my wet slit. Of course, I didn’t know that was what was rubbing me. I thought it was still his fingers. Even when he started to pop the head in and out of my entrance, I had no idea what was happening. All I knew was that this was the most pleasurable experience of my life. He worked it into me a little bit at a time, and although there was a stinging sensation at one point, I never felt real pain. Throughout it all I was feeling such intense pleasure that I couldn’t think of anything else.

He was sliding his cock in and out of me and my hips started rocking on their own…meeting his movements and making it feel even better. I was sure I was going to explode I was feeling so good. He lasted about five minutes in me and then he was pushing as hard as he could into me as his cum was squirted into me. I came immediately, and I wrapped my arms and legs around him as he came back up to kiss my lips. I have no idea how long I came for, but it seemed like an eternity.

We were both breathing so hard and were so exhausted, and with my eyes still closed, I said, “I think you are a good kisser.” He laughed. It wasn’t until after that I realized that we had been having sex. Like I said, I was totally innocent (and naïve). My mom should have had “the talk” with me…on second thought, I like the way things turned out.

That was my first kiss, the first time my breasts were touched, the first time they were sucked, the first time I was fingered and the first time I had sex. We “practiced kissing” many times after that and I experienced the first time I was eaten and the first time I sucked a cock with him. It is amazing that I didn’t get pregnant, because we did it many times and never with any protection.

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