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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was kind of forced into my first time with two guys, yes two guys. I was on a double date with my b/f and his friend and g/f. I was able to stay out later than the other girl and we had dropped her off and went driving around. We ended up in the country and parked beside the road. I was kissing my b/f and I was actually feeling uncomfortable with the other guy in the back seat. My b/f asked me to give him a blowjob which I had never done, and I said that I would not do it in front of his friend, I was hoping that this would make him not want it. He said that he was planning on his friend joining in. I was scared now and they both started to work on me vocally, telling me that they would make my day, rock my world etc. I was seeing no way out. I decided that I was going to have to do something to please them, but I was pretty sure I would be able to keep my virginity. I helped my b/f get his dick out and it was hard and I stroked it up and down a little and he told me to suck on it. I was reluctant at first but hoped that this would satisfy him and that I wold not have to go all of the way with either of them. I put my mouth on it and began to move my mouth with his thrusts. I was sort of bent over with my ass in the air when I felt a hand touch me right on the opening of my pussy. I let out a gasp of surprise that was not heard because I had a dick in my mouth. I was cursing myself for wearing a skirt. The drivers seat was layed back with my b/f in it and I was in the passenger seat with a finger now in my pussy from the guy in the backseat. I was wet of course and the fingering was actually feeling pretty good. Then all of a sudden my b/f came in my mouth, I was not planning on swallowing but I was a little pre-occupied with the fingering, the sucking, and the thought of losing my virgintiy to two guys at once. The sperm was in the back of my throat and was sliding down my throat and I went ahead and swallowed. My b/f was telling the other guy how good that was and how I was a good little cock slut. It was very degrading. The seat I was in was soon layed back and The two of them were changing around so the other guy was sitting where my b/f was an my b/f was laying behind me on my seat. I was told to suck the other guy and he moved way up on the seat he was in so that he could get near my mouth. I was sure my b/f could not get it up and I had nothing to worry about, I was hoping that he would finger me so that it would feel good while I was having to do the other guy. I was just getting started on the cock in front of me when I felt a hard dick between the crack of my butt. I was not sure what he was trying to do. I felt the cock push against my anal opening and I stopped sucking and said please don’t fuck my ass, I will let you take my virginity but not my ass. He said he wasn’t trying for my ass but he would be glad to take my virgintiy. I had really screwed up with that remark. I felt him getting in position and I was sucking again when he found his mark. I felt him nudge his way in and get to my cherry, by this time he was on his knees with me laying on my side, legs pointed in front of me. He lifted the leg on top to get in closer and pushed all of the way in, I accidentally bit down on the other guy and he pulled my head off by my hair. I was in so much pain, the other guy started telling me how much I hurt him and that he was going to hurt me back. I was sure they could not hurt me anymore than I was already hurting. I was in for a shock. They moved around and made me get on top of my b/f, and the other guy got behind me, we were all crammed together. Before my b/f put himself back in me the other guy entered me for a moment, I was soon to find out to get himself slick. He then put his dick at my anal opening and pushed hard into me. My b/f then entered me and they both began to thrust in and out. My pussy had not stretched and my anus was on fire. I was crying and they were communicating that they were about to come, they were trying to time it so that they would come at the same time. My b/f told him that he could feel his dick through my vaginal wall. They came in close proximity to each other and I felt the come in my vagina and ass running all inside of me they pulled out and were laughing and joking. I was pretty sure they were done and soon they told me to get dressed. I cried all of the way home. The next day I talked to the g/f of the other guy and she said she had known that they planned this because she wanted to hold on to her virginity. She was totally ok with the fact that her b/f had raped me so she would be a virgin for him later. I did get pregnant and had an abortion, I was embarrassed by the whole incident, my parents viewed me as a slut because I had not told the whole truth to them. Peer pressure is a hard thing to deal with some times.

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