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Raped On The Road, Hitchhiking

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: On The Road
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

It was 1968, and I was a middle teen. My only mode of transportation in those days was my thumb. I’d heard all the precursory horror-stories of hitchhiking, but I never had any money for the bus, and my friends didn’t drive. One Saturday, I had a ticket for a concert in a city about 200 miles away. About 7 a.m. I struck out on the road. I got picked-up on the freeway entrance ramp by a VW bus, with 3 guys & 2 girls. They asked where I was headed, then told me to get in. I got in the back, next to a buxom red-headed girl about 18 yrs. old. The long-haired guy next to her looked at me funny, so I turned my face to the window, avoiding his stares. They were smoking grass & drinking beer, even though it was early in the morning. They offered me some, which I eagerly took (what teenager wouldn’t?). The stereo was blasting & my mind was reeling with drug & beer. Soon, I passed-out. A while later, I awoke when we stopped at a rest stop. Everyone piled out, so I did, too. I went into the men’s room to relieve myself. As I pulled out my cock, two of the guys from the van jumped me. Piss went everywhere. It showered on one of them, who became extremely pissed. While the one held me, the other smacked me several times in the head, with his fist. The restroom spun around my head, and I felt myself losing consciousness. When I began to come to, my pants & underwear were off, and I was face-down on the cold, tile floor. One guys knee was pushing down on the back of my neck, and I could feel the other between my spread knees. The one behind me grabbed both cheeks of my ass, pulling them apart roughly. He spit on my asshole, then he must have spit on his cock. When I tried to struggle away, the guy kneeling on my neck pushed down harder and said he’d kill me if I tried to move. I didn’t know what to expect, and I laid there very still. The next sensation I experienced was that of searing pain as the guy behind me shoved the whole length of his cock into my virgin ass. I screamed “NO! NO!” as he pushed in, feeling he was tearing me apart. The pain was awful! He stopped pushing when his entire dick was in my ass, allowing me little comfort as my tight hole started adjusting to the invasion. I was praying that he would just pull out of my poor butt, and they’d let me loose. I was wrong. The pause was only momentary. He pulled most of his dick out, then pushed quickly back into me. When he was entirely inside, I could feel his nutsack bouncing off of mine. Over and over, he drove his large cock into me. Tears poured out of my eyes as I realized my disturbing predicament. During one point, he grabbed either side of my waist, pulling me up to a kneeling position. The other was holding my head down with his hands, now, and he was tightening his grip around my throat. “Fuck him, Eddy! Fuck his asshole good.” he said. “Eddy” grunted as his cock continued pistoning in and out of my ass. I tried to relax my ass to relieve the intense pain. As I did, his rhythm quickened, and his strokes became shorter. He grunted and moaned loudly as he released his hot cum in my ass. He flopped onto my back, causing me to smash into the cold, hard tile floor. His breath was hot against the back of my neck, and his entire weight on me made it hard for me to breath. I was hoping I would pass-out again, then I was afraid I would. His dick began shrinking inside me, and soon, I felt it plop out. His cum leaked out of my asshole as he raised up and off of me. I began to feel relieved until I heard the other guy unzip his pants. “You wanna fuck this boy’s ass?”, I heard ‘Eddy’ ask. “Naw, I’m gonna make his suck my cock,” the other said. I turned my head to look at him, and saw his engorged dick swinging inches from my face. I was crying openly, now, begging them to let me go. “Shut-up!” was their response. The other guy told me to open my mouth, and I better not bite him, or he’d kill me. Reluctantly, I opened my mouth, readying myself for the terrible act. As he grabbed either side of my head, he pulled me to him, forcing my mouth wider as his large dick pushed in to the back of my throat. I gagged as his bag touched my lower lip. He was totally inside my mouth. ‘Eddy’s’ cum was still leaking out of my asshole as the other guy began to fuck my mouth. About every other stroke, his cock went too deep inside my mouth, and I’d have to fight my gag-reflex to keep from throwing-up on his thick cock. After what seemed like 1/2 hr., he increased his stroking, and ejaculated in my mouth. “Swallow it!”, he commanded. “Swallow it, or I’ll knock your teeth out!”, he growled. The taste was awful, but I choked it down. ‘Eddy’ was laughing at me as I choked and gagged on the hot cum. Then, the lights went out. ‘Eddy’ hit me in the head with something, knocking me unconscious again. It must have been only a minute or two when I awoke. I found my pants and locked myself in a stall. With some toilet paper, I gently patted my still-sore asshole. Blood, shit, & come were all over my ass. Realizing that I had lived through something terrible, I began to weep openly. After several minutes of reliving the pain and feeling sorry for myself, I heard the restroom door open. That scared me, for I thought my attackers had returned. I looked through a crack in the door and saw an elderly man standing at a urinal. I unlocked the stall door and gingerly stepped out. The startled elderly man looked at me, finished his business, and came toward me. When he asked if I was alright, I began shaking uncontrollably. He helped me dress myself, told me I would be alright, and took me out into the lobby. He sat me on a bench, and went to the pay phone. Soon, an ambulance and highway patrol arrived. I was taken to the hospital, where a full examination was performed. I gave the officer a description of the vehicle and the people, and especially the two men who had raped me. He showed me a polaroid picture of a badly smashed-up VW van. “Is this the vehicle?”, the cop asked. It looked a lot like it, but it wasn’t damaged, I explained. He said, “I just cleared from the scene of a 1-car accident on the freeway, when I got this call.” “This was a double-fatality accident, and two men died.”, he explained. He said the deceased matched the description of my two rapists. I began to cry again, but this time it was for the justice they got, rather than the pain and humiliation they caused me.
As you can tell from this tale, some “first time” stories are not so good.

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