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Reluctant Young Neighbor 5

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Age when it happend: 31-34
Where it happened: My bedroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Well, the 3 days I had to wait seemed like an eternity! Friday finally came and Jill had made all the arrangements with her mom. Her mother dropped her off on her way to work and thanked me for looking after her and said she really appreiciated it and that Jill really looks forward you seeing me. The anticipation was tremendous for me! I had literally seen this little girl grow from a flat chested, little tom boy, to an at least physically mature young lady. Not the face of covergirl model, but cute. The rest of her little figure was dynamite. Just for fun when she got there I asked her for her measurements and she didn’t know so we took them. She was a 34b-23-31 figure, she weighted 108 pounds and she was now 5’6″ tall. Then she said lets measure you too. So we did, and I was 181 pounds, 6’1″. Then she said lets measure one more thing on you, and I said what is that and she looked at my crotch and she said you know? I caught myself sounding like her, when I said well maybe later? I said it is suppose to be hard when you measure it and she said ok, I will make it hard! She started undressing, taking off first her pink tshirt, then her white bra, exposing her beautiful little titties, then she wiggled out of her very tight and short shorts, exposing her light blue panties. She said how is that for a start? I said good but let me see it all and she pulled down her panties and kicked them onto the chair. I picked up her panties and I could see a nice little wet spot. She asked me if I knew about oral sex and I said yes I do, and asked her what she knows about oral sex? Not to much she said, but I know some. Then she said well take your clothes off, I am naked and I want you to be too. My rock hard dick popped out and she laughed and said ok lets measure. I said her let me measure it and she said no she will and she touched my dick for the first time, held it and put the tape measure on it. Then she said almost 7 inches! I picked her little naked self up and I set her on the kitchen counter. I stood between her legs and my hard dick was resting right on her snatch. I said Jill do you want to learn about oral sex tonight, or did you just ask me if I knew? I think I want to learn she said, and I said is it ok for me to touch you anywhere on your body? she said yes and I said touch yourself where it feels the best. She pointed down to her pussy and clit, and I said not touch it and rub it some. Her legs spread even wider and she started to rub gently her clit, and I bent down and started to suck on her perfectly formed boobs, she started to sigh and her finger went faster and faster. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock and I took over where she had left off with her clit! I was almost 3 times her age and I wanted to fuck her so badly I couldn’t stand it! I said Jill do you want to do it? She said yes yes, but I think you are too big to get inside me? I said lets go up to the bed room and see? I carried her up the stairs, both of us naked and put her down on the bed her legs immediately spread as she pushed her knees out exposing the nicestest little pussy I had ever seen, her clit swollen, erect and her outer lips red and swollen! She was alittle concerned, about the situation as it certainly appeared she was going to lose her virginity soon. I laid down next to her kissed her, her ears, and neck and let my hand go down to her pussy. I was sucking on her boobs and playing with her little pussy which was super wet, dripping wet. She was running her hand over my cock and had her thumb caressing the hole in the end of my dick. She said it’s wet too and slippery did you make your sperm come out already, and I said no thats just pre-cum, just like whats coming out of you pussy, it helps us to get it inside you. I got a finger in her and she started to move her hips, rocking her pubic area up and down sighing and breathing heavy. She was tight, real tight, as would be expected from a 12 year old virgin. She said put it in put it in, I told her I don’t think it will fit and she said please try just try. I rubbed it up and down her slit, massaging her clit with the head of my dick, and finally pressed the head into her vaginal opening! She jumped back some at first and I continued the pressure but I could tell she was uncomfortable. I grabbed a bottle of hand lotion I had on my night stand and I lubed up the head of my dick and put some around her pussy hole. Then I mounted her again, and started to push she was squirming under me her hips were moving back and forth and I asked her to lay still for just a minute. I worked my dick around and around continueing with some downward force, and in popped the head she let out a sharp moan, and i just laid still as she got accustomed to this mass inside her. I said Jill are you ok, she was breathing very hard and she said yes it feels good real good, and I said do you want me to push it in farther? She said just a little, so I did and she said farther and I started to work it in and out and she was responding and after some time I got it all the way in! I would like to tell you I pumped her harder and harder, but I didn’t she wasn’t ready to have the hell fucked out of her. She was so tight. I rolled the two of us over and I looked at that little girl riding my cock and she had taken all of it in her she started to rock back and forth on me riding me and putting the pressure on her little clit. All of a sudden she said ohhh ohhh, and when she did I just came, I blew a gigantic load into Jill little pussy, she was so tight I pulled her down to me just as she started her orgaism. She was loud and couldn’t believe what was happening to her. My dick was still completely inside her little cunt and I could feel her vaginal muscles starting to milking my cock she was contracting milking all the sperm out of my dick and sending it on its way to her womb. We stayed locked together for a hour and a half, she fell asleep on top of me and I could feel me go soft and hard again while she sleep. when she finally woke up she started to ride my cock alittle bit just gentle strokes and it was still a very tight and sore fit! But it didn’t take much I shot another load into that beautiful little pussy, making her cum too. When my cum hit the back of her vagina she climaxed too! We spent the night together in that position and when we got up early in the morning we were pretty crusty and stuck together. She asked me what was happening to her when it felt so super good and I said it was an orgaism! This was our first time together, but it hasn’t been our last, just the first of many times! She is no longer reluctant to try just about anything anymore! That happened when she was 12 years old, and she is soon to be 13 years old, and she is just about already an expert in the bedroom. She marks on my calendar, a red dot on the day she starts her period so we can keep track when it is safe to have sex and safe to shoot inside her. She LOVES to have the sperm up inside her just the sensation can make her cum she says, so she doesn’t like condoms, nor when I pull out and cum on her belly.

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