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Reluctant Young Neighbor Part 2

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Age when it happend: 31-34
Where it happened: Numerous spots
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

As the summer would progress I would see more and more of Jill literally and figuretivly too. It became almost common practice to see her sunning completely naked from the waist up! And she always made it a point to show me her tan lines from her bikini bottoms. I have to tell the truth she could get me hard! I wasn’t sure if it was just a nearly 11 year old girl just innocently show me her tan lines or was she alittle lolita? I am not without female companionship as I have many girlfriends and an active sex life. but I started to thing how it would be with her? As her mom started her second shift job, I helped to pick up some of the slack, by getting Jill to soccer practices, etc. and we established a nice relationship often talking. Her mother would get home usually about midnight and Jill would come over and we would watch TV together, talk, and I would feed her often. She was a nice girl, and fun to have around. Once we talked about her “letting me see her nearly naked” and she replied “oh its ok, I don’t care if you see me naked”, so I let it at that. She got a laptop computer for Christmas, but they didn’t have any internet access and I do. She would be spending hours at my house online with her new computer. Her mother was worried she was overstaying her welcome and I assured her she was more than welcomed. She showed me pictures of her soccer team online and she was the tallest on the team, and most physically mature, the only one who really now looked like a girl! She was an 11 year old girl in a 15 year old body. I told her one night I can’t wait to see you in your bikini this summer, and she laughed and said I will go get it right now if you like and I said no its ok I was just kidding and she replied “you just probably want to see my tan lines again”? I laughed and said yah for sure, and she just stood up from the table and pulled her jeans down and then her panties again exposing a couple inches of the crack of her snatch, looking great and she had sprouted some pubic hair, just enough to see it was there and it was just up and down her little pussy! I said ok Jill I see, I was getting hard and she said ok I will pull them back up. She said don’t you want to see, and I said its not that, its just you are getting to old to do that I think? This was on a Friday night and her mother was working so she wouldn’t be home until midnight. I went to bed and she wanted to stay and I said ok, but be home before your mom gets there. She agreed. It was about 10pm. I went to my room and came back out like an hour later, and I saw her sitting at the table, pants, panties down to her ankles and she was on a porn sight! I startled her and she jumped up and the first thing I saw was a She string from her tampon hanging down between her legs! She started to apoligize and begging me not to tell her mom. I said its ok I promise I won’t, and I just jokingly said but I want to see you naked once in awhile she said ok deal and she removed her tshirt and bra. And was standing there completely naked, completely well except her socks! I really wanted to fuck her what a pretty sight. Her boobs had popped out to maybe a b cup, a slight wisp of pussy hair and those long long legs running up to the prettist little pussy I had ever seen! I said is it a deal that you will get naked whenever you get on a porn site, and I promise not to tell right? She said yup. She spent the rest of the night naked sitting at my kitchen table legs slightly spread, until she got dressed and left for home to beat her mom there. I took my boner out and beat it until I came 3 times just thinking of what I had just seen! Funny we never talked about sex, but we did talk about nudity often? She was starting to like being naked around me I thought, and I wasn’t sure that it was all an innocent little girl anymore? The next time she was over with her computer she was working on homework got it finished and she asked if she could got to she said “a nasty site”, and I said you know the deal and she said yup and just like that off came all her clothes except her panties. I didn’t say a thing, it was another great sight and I took in the view for sure. Just she asked me if I ever seen a boner, and I said a boner and she said yah. and I said well mine I have and she laughed and she said no like another guys and I said no. She asked me to come an look at this pic so I did and it was one of those 14 inch dicks and she said is yours that big and I said no, and that one probably isn’t real anyway some one just did it with a computer? She looked at me and smiled and said is your hard now? I didn’t know what to say, to her so I told her the turth and said yes. Yes, look how pretty you look and you are naked and yes it is hard, do you want to see it? She said no, no she can’t look now maybe next time? I said maybe next time and she said yes. I asked her why she kept her panties on this time and she said just because, next time she will take them off. I could tell she had begun to think about sex, I just could tell. I could tell she was reluctant to see my stiff cock? The next few times she visited she didn’t bring her computer, we ate together a couple of times and I helped her with homework, and we even when in to town shopping once. One day that I picked her up from school on the ride home, just out of the blue she asked me if all guys were as big as that one guy on the internet and I said no really hardly any guys are. I said why do you ask? She said well you seen me all the way naked and I think I want to see you someday naked too? She said I just wondered, and she said I want to see yours sometime, but I am too scared right now. I said ok thats fine just let me know when, cuz you are right i have seen you naked before and you are beautiful. She said thanks. She looked to be 16 or 17 years old naked, but she was just 11 years old and was not at ease or even able to recognize her sexuality and what she could did to me as a guy. Her being totally naked in front of me until now had not been issue of sex, but was just beginning to become sexual for her. Over the past months she would lay down on the floor in front of me naked and spread her legs, open her pussy lips, back up to me bend over and touch her toes and then spread her legs, I was just the testing ground for her because she didn’t have a brother to do this with. I finally asked her when the last time she got on the porn site she left her panties on, and she blushed said I didn’t want you to see my pussy. I said why and she just told me cuz it gets red and swells up some and sometimes it gets like wet down there, she said I would be embarassed for you to see. I quickly said I would really like to see it when that happens! She said ok maybe, but she had to think about it? I dropped her off at her house and wouldn’t see her for a few days. PLEASE POST I WILL CONCLUDE IN THE 3RD PART

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