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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Grandma's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I went to spend the night with my Grandmother so my parents could go off for the weekend. I was just coming out of the bath room and as I passed grandma’s room I heard a strange sound and so I looked through the crack of the open door and saw her sitting up in bed with her dress pulled up to her waist and no panties on. Her knees were pulled up and between them was her pet poodle. the dog was fucking my grandmother!!! As i watched I got the biggest hard on and started to Jack off. Then it seemed as if she heard me and looked toward the door and I ran out side. Later that night I could hear simular sound coming from her room but the door was locked and I couldnt tell what was going on. The next day I told Grandma I was going down the street to Timmys house and then when I was sure she wasnt lookling I creaped into through the back door and into her room . I hlide iln the closet and was sound asleep when I heard those sounds again. This time no locked door would keep me from seeing what was to be seen. I peared out the closet door to see grandma lying back on the bed and her dog was licking her pussy. I started to jackoff as I watched and I guess I was so fasinated by what I saw that I didnt even notice the closet door slowly swinging open. Grandma looked over and saw me, dick in hand and held out her hand and motioned for me to come closer to her. The dog was licking her pussy and when I got close enough she reached out and took hold of my pecker and pulled me on over to her. Grandma reach down between my legs and shoved her thumb up my ass hole and pulled me to her. before I could think about what was going on my dick was in her mouth, her thumb up my ass and her dog was still lickling her pussy. I lost all sense of reality and began to fuck my grandmothers face until I came for the first time other than by my own hand. Grandma continued to suck and lick my dick until it was soft and limp and then she looked up and smiled and said “its someone elses turn now!” Grand ma pulled me up on the bed and put me on my kknees and elbow and then guided her poodle up on top of me. I was in shock from the fact that my grandma had just given me my first blowjob while her dog ate her out. suddenly I knew what she was doing. I could feel the poodles dick slidling up into my ass hole and I was getting fucked by a dog. From that day on Grandma and I enoughed each other and her dog every chance we got. Grandma was my first blowjob, my first piece of pussy, my first piece of ass and the first pussy I ever licked and ate out. She taught me to suck her dogs dick the way she did and the poodle ass hole was even tighter than hers. Grandma thought she and I had a beautiful secret until the day she died. But with the help of that lovely little poodle, I got my mother, both sisters and my aunt in wonderous sexual fulfillment. but thats a dilfferent story!

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