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Rocco fucked me hard

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Where it happened: His house
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This happened a year ago. I moved to the western part of my country,
in a small, but very nice town. When school began, I began to know better
and better my schoolmates. They were very friendly with me; we went out in
the week-end evenings and had some fun in Cafes, Fast-Foods and Discos.
But, after a couple of week-end spent with my new friends I realised that
I was the only girl in the group alone, I mean having no boyfriend. I was
worried. In my class, there were some cute boys, but all of them had
their girlfriends. But, lucky me, one day, I so an older boy checking on
me. I haven’t seen him before, he learned at the same school as I did,
but he was an year older.
The next day he came to me, in the school yard, very confident,
and invited me to have a pizza at a fast food that night. And so we met
each other. His name was Rocco.
He was so hot. He, not very tall, but not very short,
either. He had large shoulders, and his face was so cute. His skin
was smooth, his hair was pure black. His hands, his fingers, were very
beautiful, and, after a few dates with him, when I was touching myself,
at night, in my bed, I imagined that his fingers were touching my clit
and my breasts.
The first kiss-experience with Rocco passed, and things were
going very fine between the two of us. In six month we decided to
have sex. We have never tried anything sexual together, except kissing.
We had to wait a few weeks until one of us was “parents-free”. On
a Friday night his parents were out of town. So we were both at his
house. The condoms were on his bed, and we were both naked in front of
each other. I thought he was going to fuck me in a few moments, but he
asked me if I wanted to see how boys masturbate. This was an incredible
experience for me. Rocco put a towel on the floor, and asked me to
touch his cock. I put my hands on his cock, and I started to rub it.
When his mushroom tip started to move back and his gland was half-out,
he leaned on the towel, on is tummy, and started moving. My boyfriend
was masturbating in front of me, rubbing his penis between his tummy and
the towel. As I soo him on the floor, totally naked, with his large wide
shoulders and ass moving up and down faster and faster, I got wetter and
wetter, even without touching myself. When he finished, there was a
white spot on the towel and his cock and tummy were wet and sticky.
Then, it was my turn to show him how girls masturbate. But he said that
he already knew that. He put a blanket on the floor, and so I realised
that I was going to be fucked by the cutest boy in school on the
floor! I laid on the blanket, Rocco spread my legs apart and he began to
touch my private wet spot. His fingers rubbed my clit, then parted my
pussy-lips. Then, I so his middle finger entering my hole. He fucked me
with his finger for a while, until I began to moan. I took his hand in
my hand and I began to suck his fingers. I have never sucked my fingers
after I masturbated, so I had an incredible pleasure tasting my juices
on my boyfriend’s hand!
After that, the moment came! He got on top of me, I spread my
legs as much as I could, and I felt his hard and thick cock against
my pussy lips. He broke my hymen, I moaned, and all my body shook when
his penis was almost all inside me. I have never had something as big
as his cock in my vagina. He whispered in my ear: “Jesus Christ, you are
so tight!” He fucked me slow for about four minutes, and then, he got
his penis out of me. Then, he put his hands under my ass (between my
ass and the blanket on the floor)and told me that then when he will be
full inside me to wrap my legs around his body by pressing them onto
his ass. Then he entered me. I put my heels on his ass, as he had told
me. When he began to move, the feeling was incredible! My breasts were
pressed by his chest, his hands rubbed my ass and, I was so close to
him that his tummy rubbed my clit! I have never done this when I had
masturbated: touching my clit and insert something in my hole. I had
my first vaginal-orgasm. My hands were on his shoulders, caressing
his smooth-brown skin, and my legs were pressing his nice-firm ass.
We fucked for about more ten minutes and we both had an
orgasm (mine !) the same time. Then we laid on the blanket,
both of us very sweaty and sticky. I put my had on his chest and rest
for about half an hour. Then we fucked again.
I’m a very lucky girl! I’m 15 now, and my sex life is very
active. I experienced with Rocco all kinds of positions. He is 16, and
very handsome.
We are happy together, especially when we think that there
may be boys and girls at out age that are still virgins and only
Me and Rocco thing that the teen-age is the most beautiful part
of life and its worth living it at maximum. This means, of course,
having more and more teen-sex!

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