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romantic 1st time…with my gf karah

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: her bedroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

ok so i had met this girl named karah while back, and we had been dating since feburary (pretty good or two 7th graders) It was august when it happened. i went over to her house, and she wore my favorite bikini just for me. We had kissed and made out before, but nothing more than just tonguekissing and a little petting with clothes still on, and i had not touched anywhere i wasnt supposed to ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha well anyways we went swimming, and normally her parents were very strict about boys and they didnt know i was her boyfriend, so we were just going swimming “as friends” well we got in the pool, swam around, and eventually ended up sitting on the step talking, as we had before. the topic of sex came up. we had talked about it a lot in jokes, she had even sent me pictures of herself in bra and underwear, eventually full nude, and i sent her some too. it seems kinda stupid looking back on it, but at the time it was a good idea. she had come up with the idea to name my penis, and she named it zach. i chose to give her vagina a name too, so we called it claire. we would always make jokes about how zach would like to meet claire and hang out haha but they were just jokes. So we’re sitting there on the edge of the pool talkin about sex, and her parents came out to say they had to go, so great, now were stuck at home with not much to do. She was an only child, and she doesnt have a tv, not much to do in her room or on the internet, so we just stayed in the pool. a few more minutes went by, and she was getting incredibly horny and so was i(the cold water was the only thing stopping me from getting an erection) so she leaned in and met my lips in a kiss. i was expecting just a nice kiss on the lips i guess, because we always save the makeout for the goodbye part of our hanging out/date, but she didnt pull back so i started to kiss her back. her tongue darted in my mouth, and i did the same. eventually i pulled off and kissed her neck. she said she really liked it so i stopped and went back to the lips, just to tease her and turn her on more, and evenautlly i was kissing everywhere, lips, cheek, forehead, neck, ear, chest, and eventually i was left wioth nowhere left to go but her boobs, i kissed above them for quite a while just to see if she wanted my to go on. so i kissed the very top part of them and she gasped. i pulled my head away thinking id hurt her, but she took her hand and pressed it back on. “feels good” she said so i went on, licking and pinching them and teasing the whole time. eventually she slipped my hand up them and let me fondle them gently. i LOVED it!!! they felt so amazing, pretty small though, 32a (she told me herself), but they were as big as i could ever want ๐Ÿ™‚ anyways, we got out of the pool, and we started to dry off, and i figured while her parents were still gone better keep going, so she started to dry off and i picked her up, because i had read that that was a very sweet and romantic thing to do. not very heavy she was (89 pounds and pretty short), so it wasnt hard, but she seemed blown away. i asked where do u wanna go babe? and she said my room. i took her there and set her down on the bed, where she promptly gently but firmly pressed me down on the bed and started kissing me everywhere, i was still shirtless from the swimming, i was not very tan at the time but i did a lot of sit-ups so i had pretty good abs, which she proceeded to kiss for some reason, but whatever it felt good…anyways she looked at me and asked can i? i nodded and she pulled off my swim trunks, revealing zach. i should say that before this he had not been very big, maybe 5 inches when erect, but a few weeks earlier i had tried grabbing it very tightly at the base and working my hand up the shaft, like jacking off but slower and harder, and it proved to work, stretching it out and making it bigger. also i was the most turned on i had ever been in my life, so zach was at least 6 and a half inches, and not even fully hard yet o.O a nice suprise at least…anyways, we had talked about bjs and she seemed kinda grossed out by them, but she kissed his head gently and started rubbing it, giving me a handjob. at this time my dick just seemed to explode with precum, which turned me on even more, and zach grew to an incredible 8 inches ๐Ÿ™‚ but she was getting wetter and wetter in her bikini and eventually she asked mt to please eat her out. i said sure, and pushed her pikini bottom aside, reveling my fiets look at claire. she was so cute and small but VERY wet and dripping, looking like it had just gotten out of the ocean or a bath or something. anyways, i had been doing a lot of reading on sex before that day and i knew about the clit and gspot and all the different orgasms and so i started licking her clit (or what i thought to be her clit) and she moaned with pleasure. i eventually got up to fingering her, eventually with 3 fingers and hitting the gspot, so she gasped and closed her eyes and orgasmed onto my hand. it was her first orgasm ever, and she said it felt amazing. the whole time i too was getting excited, and zach was a full 9 inches now. thats right…9 INCHES!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ i was so horny and so after 5 minutes of having her first orgasm she told me she wanted my=e inside of her, so i said sure. HOWEVER, neither of us had a condom, i told her, and she said that its ok and we may nit get another chance liek this, so she told me to anyways. i pushed the head of zach barely into claire, and she gasped again. she was soooo tight. i told her to tell me if it hurt, she nodded. i kept pushing and pushing, millimter by millimeter, until i hit this rubbery barrier. i knew that this was her hymen, and i looked at her and she nodded. i thrust forward and she screamed in pain, quickly burying her face in my shoulder for comfort. i looked down, and saw all 9 inches of me inside of her, and blood dripping everywhere. i started to pull put, but she said NO and pushed me back in. i got under her and she rode me for a few minutes, saying it felt amazing, and i kept pumping away the whole time. u gave her another orgasm from the gspot, and we swtiched positions to missionary, i gave her yet another orgasm making the total 3. the whoe time the sensation was getting better an dbetter for me, and i knew i wouldnt last much longer. i pulled out for a few minutes and we just laid there for a few minutes. then i pulled off her bikini top and said were not done yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ she climbed on top again, this time with zach calmed down as far as cumming but swelling like cRAZY!, crowing to way more than 9 inches, it felt like 10 or 11, so much that she could not take all of it in her at once ๐Ÿ™‚ she orgasmed again, this time while i was rubbing and feeling her boobs, and she felt like something bigger was coming. we switched again, i set her on her back and put one leg over my shoulder, pumping in and out slowly, but deeply. she told me oh yeaa david right there right there keep going OH GOD OH GOD FUCK YES IM COMING!!!!!!! and she did, her toes curled up and she kept screaming for at least 2 minutes straight, the whole time juices STREAMING up from her pussy, which went quite far because i was still in her, and eventually she calmed down and told me to take it out, so i did. she looked me in the eye and said, “i wanna try anal” so i flipped her around and inserted it very slowly, she said for some reason it did not hurt at all. i pushed in, until all 11 inches of my penis were in her, and for some reason it started comign out, so i pushed in harder and harder until it stopped pushing out. i figured it had stopped growing so i started my pushing in and out, she said OH GOD DAVID I LOVE YOU OH GOD YES YES YES RIGHT THERE DAVID I LOVE IT AHHHHH!!!!! and then she came again, more juice spurting from her pussy. i pulled out once she was done, gaping with astonishment when i saw that my cock was now way more than a foot long, maybe 14 or 15 inches long at least. she looked at it and said how? i said i dont know how you took it all in you karah but you did it well ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha well she said she wanted more, so i put it back in her pussy and pumped for a long time this time, maybe 10 or 15 minutes straight, and i got tht feeling. i asked her should i pull out? she answered no fill me right up baby im waiting! i didnt want to get her pregnant, and i meant to pull out, but somehow that never happened. i went out one last time, then grabbed her hips and SLAMMED zach inside of her, and started GUSHING cum, it was amazing because she screamed the whole time in pleasure. it took me maybe 15 seconds to finish spurting, and i pulled out and went soft, my dick going from its new record of more than a foot long and shrunk back to normal size, a half hardened 6 inch, she said that feels so amazing….i feel soo…..full! i said ur full of my cum karah and she said yeaa i like the feeling. you mustve cumed 2 gallons in me! i said yeaa maybe well i felt it too.we got dressed and walked back out to the pool, this time me with a shirt on and her in shortshorts and one of her favorite tshirts, and we sat by the pool in the chairs, and her mom and dad came home, saying that there was a problem at work (both her parents worked at art teacher) and they hoped that we had found stuff to do (which we awkwardly answered yes we had :P) good she said, and without another word she took me home to my house. i got my phone and started texing karah, which was what i did almost 24/7 when i wasnt actually with her. anyways a few weeks went by, i couldnt see her because my parents had gone to places and my sister was being quite a lot of trouble, so we couldnt hang out. she said that she had not gotten her period for the last 6 weeks, so she started to get worried. unfortunately her mom got woried too, ordered a pregnancy test and sure enough, she was pregnant. she eventually interrogated karah and found that i was her bf, and she got screaming mad, hit her, grabbed karahs neck and jerked it around, then picked her up and threw her in her room and shut the door. karah told me over the phone what had happened, crying the whole time. i said id see what i could do, and i figured that now would be a good time to surprise her ๐Ÿ™‚ so i got my bike and biked about 2 miles to her house (very close). i hopped the fence, went into the backyard, and knocked on her window. she got up and looked at it, saw me, and erupted into a huge smile ๐Ÿ™‚ she said she let me in her window and said she she had been crying for 2 hours straight, and that she needed someone to comfort her, i said im your man and she buried her head in my shoulder. there she stayed for a few seconds, but then i lifted her up and cuddled with her and held her tight. she leaned on me, and eventually fell asleep leaning on my chest. i stayed there for about 10 minutes just thinking, then i wpke her up and said i had to go. she begged me not to go, but i COULDNT get caught out no matter what, so i said goodbye till the school year. she kept begging but evemtually let me go. before i left, i told her i loved her more than anything and she kissed me on the lips, very pashionately. i kissed back, we tonguekissed for a few seconds, maybe a minute, then she broke the kiss and i jumped out the window and biked home. all our parents know, and theyrte not very happy, but as long as i get to see karah, my baby, the one i love so much, im happy

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