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romantic night

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: beach
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

well.. my first time was really special with a special guy,Nour.. we were together for ages..and we started getting to know eachothers bodies since it was summer and all.. he liked my legs a lot..he couldnt stop touching them.. i would always notice his dick comin out of his pants or swimmin suit and that really turns me on.. one hot summer night.. we just finished form a party..and decided to have a walk on the beach.. so we did.. we sat down and the moon was shining and we started kissing savegly.. he was on top of me.. and i was getting really hot.. so i decided to stop coz i was a virgin.. he didnt think it was a good idea.. but i insisted.. as to cool myself down.. i went into the water.. it was warm..and nice.. there.. i took off all my clothes..after i told nour to stay on the shore.. after a while he surprises me from behind..and touches my waist.. and pulls me towards him.. and i felt his dick .. he was naked.. and so was i .. i turned around looking surprised.. and he started kissing my neck.. sensually.. and it felt so good.. later he started touching me all over.. he put his hand on my breast.. and started playing with my nipple.. and that turned me on.. later.. i started nibbling on his ear.. that was his weakest spot.. he held me in his arms..and took me to the shore.. he lay me on the dry sand..and started suckng my tits.. it felt gr8.. he descended down.. to my pussy..and started fingering me.. i just couldnt stop moaning.. later he stuck his tongue in me.. and started fuckng me .. i just couldnt stad that anymore.. my moans were very loud.. and i cumed. in his mouth.. after that.. i put my hand on this lower stomach.. then touched his dick.. i was surprised that it was lager than i thought.. it was a monster.. THE MONTER DICK.. all i could think of is how that thing is gonna enter me.. and how i would like to taste it.. so i went down.. and started sucking t.. i looked at nour’s face.. he had his eyes closed.. and up in the sky.. that turned me on too.. he started moaning.. after that he directly..stopped my foreplay.. and laid me down on the sand.. we were all covered with sand.. and i liked it a lot.. he opened my legs..and entered his huge dick in me.. it hurt a lot.. he popped my cherry directly..he started to move in and out.. and it got better..and i forgot all the pain.. i could hear nour crying “MAYA.. MAYA..” REALLY LOUD.. (THAT’S MY NAME)and he started cumming inside of me.. he couldnt get his dick outta me coz it was so large.. so he had to cum again.. we fucked some more.. and more.. and more.. at last.. he got it out..we were so tired.. but i still had some energy.. so i climbed on top of him.. and started giving him a blowjob.. in a short while he started cummin again.. i also stuck his dick between my breasts… and let him fuck me that way.. he loves that a lot.. coz he wanted to that all the time.. after that specila night..
after that night everything changed.. we started loving eachothr more.. and we became inseperable.. hey baby.. i love u.. and call me when u read this..

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