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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Her Car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Years a many have gone by without knowing the experience of a first kiss. The chance cam up every now and then, but at those times I would thing “do I really want this person to five me my first kiss?” and the answer was “no”. Recently, I had a beautiful girl all over me and I couldÆve had it all, but once again I showed how picky I am and refused. So, being a young man of sixteen years I still never had the experience of a first kiss. I hate being desparate, but I was becoming that way… there was a girl that I really liked and I talked to her everyday, so one night I told her that I would be willing to run to her house to be able to taste her lips… she didn’t believe me, but she still refused to accept my offer. I was just completely shot down by a fourteen year-old, that’s depressing. At that time I determined that I will not go for anyone that’s younger than me, and that line of thinking eventually paid off.
One of my current jobs is at a movie theatre. I just got that job about three weeks ago. There were only two girls that I would even think about kissing. One of them was the girl that was all over me and I completely refused her because if she was willing to go all the way in only three weeks, I didn’t want it. So that only left the other girl. She’s intelligent, beautiful, and kind. I started talking to her and it was obvious to everyone that I liked her, but I guess she really didn’t notice. But one night I was talking to her and ended up training in the box office (where she works) we got off work around 1am and I suggested that we go to taco bell. This was the first time I really spent time with her. Taco Bell ended up being closed, so we ended up getting doughnuts, I paid, of course. We sat in the parking lot for about twenty mins because she said we should go. We were still talking about misc. subjects that had to do with life. I was somewhat hesitant in telling her that I was a virgin and that I’ve never been kissed before. She was shocked. She said that she thought I would’ve had many girlfriends, but I told her how picky I was.
We were talking about earlier years of school and how she didn’t really have many people going after her, she said “I don’t know why, I guess I wasn’t pretty enough” and of course I couldn’t accept her thinking this, so I said “Do you want to know what I think?” “What?” “I think you’re very beautiful…” Then she said “I think you’re going a little too far” and I said, “I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it”. Eventually we got to my neighborhood. At this time it’s about 1:30am. She asked, “Where do you live?” I responded “I don’t know” she said “You’re not going to tell me, are you?, I didn’t think so… well I guess I’ll just drive around for awhile and you’ll tell me if we pass it…ö Soon enough she got tired of driving around and said “Wanna see me house?” I said “sure”… So we drove back and this time I told her where I lived and we just parked in front of my house. That’s where the whole conversation started. At this time it was almost 1:50am a few minutes into the conversation I admitted that I was still a virgin and that I’ve never kissed anyone. She was shocked when I said that. Then I asked her if she had a friend like herself, and when she said no I acted all disappointed and she asked why, and I told her that I wouldnÆt mind having someone like her. Then I told her that when I was with the other girl when I couldÆve had it all, but didnÆt. I was so close to receiving my first kiss, and I told her I just wanted a kiss. At this time she started figuring out what my intentions were. She said ôI know what youÆre hinting atö and of course I played dumb and was like ôWhat are you talking about?ö and she responds, ôIÆm not stupid, and IÆm not easily fooledö and I said ôOkay, then tell me what you think IÆm talking about and she said ôYou want a kiss from me, donÆt you?ö. And, of course I wouldnÆt mind so I said ôYou already know how picky I am so just take it as a complement that IÆd want my first kiss from you.ö. She was surprised how the mood changed so suddenly, and wasnÆt sure if it would be right. She said that she didnÆt want me to think differently of her, and she didnÆt want to lose a friend over one kiss, and of course I promised her and then told her IÆd seal the promise with a kiss. At this time I was getting pretty nervous, think about ità this is one girl thatÆs great, and finally someone I would be extremely happy to receive a kiss from. I didnÆt feel it would be a good idea to remain in front of my house so we drove down the street and parked somewhere else. We both thought about all off this for a while and talked about it, and she mentioned that she didnÆt want this affecting our friendship.
The situation had more heat to it now, and we both chewed a piece of gum (not like either of us has bad breath or anything). It was probably around 2:30am. She had the air conditioner on so my nose was all stuffed up now, but I wasnÆt going to let that stop me. I could tell that it was going to happen, but she felt bad for her boyfriend, and I told her not to worry because sheÆs just doing me a ôfriendly favorö and that itÆs nothing more than a kiss. I told her ôItÆs not like weÆre having sex or anythingö. I was surprised nowà I wasnÆt nervous at all, and she was the one getting nervous. It was really cute, if someone was watching they would think that IÆm the experienced one. Multiple times we asked each other if we were ready but we said ôWellà youÆre over there and IÆm over here, how are we going to do this?ö so, eventually, we figured out that we would have to move closer. She asked me if I wanted a ôkissö of a ôkiss-kissö and of course I had not idea what she was talking about. So, I asked her ôAre you asking if I want a æpeckÆ or a æreal kissÆ?ö, and she said ôyesö. Of course I want a real kiss. Since IÆm the man, I had to move first. We both turned to each other and connected, we kissed once and barely bumped teeth. I immediately pulled away, I really donÆt know why I did, but maybe I was just scared. Me pulling away so abruptly took her by surprise and she said ôIs that it?ö and I wittingly responded, ôYou want more?ö and she said ôI just wanted to know if thatÆs satisfying enough for your first kiss. I said ôWell, I was kind of expecting more, but I donÆt have a choice if itÆs not satisfyingö. And she said, ôYou have a choiceö. I was happy to hear that. She said ôThis time, just go with the flowö and I agreed. We stared into each others eyes, moved closer, and at that time I tasted her lips and it was great! When I finally left her car it was 3:20am. And for the next couple days I had a really big smile on my face. WeÆll see if it happens againàà that would be cool.

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