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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: at home
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I had moved in with my mom’s boyfriend (who was younger than mom by a few years) and his roommate. I was never attracted to mom’s boyfriend, who later became my step dad, but his roommate, K.A. was hot. We would hang out at their place a lot and financially it just made more sense to move in. Mom’s beau said he’d have to ask K. first but I knew he would say “yes”. I was curvy since I was 12 and I often caught him staring longingly at me. I was pretty tall, even back then (5’8″) 34B/28/38 and had a chubby cute pear shape and a big round ass going on. I was a little self conscious of my really puffy nipples and aureola (ping pong ball sized)but really only the other girls in school teased me about them. I don’t know if I had a pretty face (but some guys said so) but I had long straight almost platinum blond hair – a little limp and fine, but soft. K. was 6′ and a rock solid 200lbs. from weight lifting and martial arts. When we first moved in we didn’t see much of each other but I noticed that he’d talk to me more when mom wasn’t around. We really hit it off and I admit that I loved to dress in my sluttier clothes at those times. I’d wear shorts that were either really tight (so that I got a total camel toe – I also have huge pussy lips, I think) or loose so that if I sat on the couch, inappropriately, that you also catch some furry lip. Going without a bra was fun too because my nipples would clearly show and there so sensitive, that they’d inflame and get even more puffy. This would make him get so hard that it just couldn’t be hidden and after awhile I think we just didn’t care to hide it anyway. I had noticed months after moving in that my panties would go missing from the bathroom hamper. I was sure he was stealing them and confirmed this when I was home alone. I went into his room and found them on his bed. they were my green thong and when I picked them up they were literally dripping with his pearly cum! I was so excited I could feel myself getting hot. This man who was twelve years older was hot for me, he was jerking off in my panties. My heart was pounding as I went back into my room. I hastily pulled off all my clothes and started playing with myself while I held the cum saturated thong close to my nose. I was loving the smell of his cum and imagining what his cock looked like when he sprayed his juice onto it. What was he thinking about me when he came? I couldn’t believe I was doing it, but I stuck out my tongue and licked his goo. It was salty, but not as bad as some girls had said. When i thought about touching his sperm that had been in his cock just hours ago, it made me soaking wet. I wanted his cum all over me and deep in me in that moment. And in that moment I knew that we were gonna fuck. I felt electric and so happy.I was crazy with lust and rubbed his cum all over my tits and face. I never wanted to wash it off. I then put it in my mouth and sucked on it while I used both hands to pull on my clit and labia. I soaked the bed and came screaming his name. I honestly was proud of my long soft blond bush and never really wanted to shave it. It was so soaked with my juice. What made me proud of it was one day I was wearing a gauze sun dress (with no underwear) and because the sun was behind me, you could see through it. My mom said, “Oh, S., your giving us all a show”. I was initially embarassed, but K. later said that I looked, “like a goddess”, and that he loved my blond hair…”all your blond hair” he said with a smile. Anyway, he seem a little nervous that evening, probably because he noticed my thong was missing from his bed! The next day he said something about loving the way that I smelled and I said, “Oh, I know!” I think he was starting to put two and two together. When I came home from volleyball practice, I had some black painted on booty shorts that were one of his favorites and soaked with my sweat, juice and funk from all day and practice. I took a shower, but purposely left them in the bathroom for him to discover. When I exited the bathroom he was right there by the door with a smile and said, “excuse me.” softly as he held my big hips and circle past me into the steam filled room. When he put his hands on my hips it was enough to make my juices flow! His was in the bathroom for a long time and I could imagine him pressing my stinky shorts to his nostrils while he jerked his big meat (he later told me all about it and other times he had done it!) I pressed my ear to the door and I swear that I could hear him softly grunting. One hand was between my legs, tugging at my clit and getting my whole bush and pussy extremely messy.He opened the door suddenly and I almost fell into the bathroom on top of him (nice thought!)He seemed a little out of sorts and I said that I had left something in there. He said what. I said my volleyball shorts. The look on his face was priceless. He was stunned I think and just sat down in the front room. I found them hidden just underneath some jeans. The whole bathroom stunk like semen and the shorts were filled with his seed. I mean filled. Like at least two, if not three, huge loads worth. What I did next just sort of came to me. I pulled on a long night shirt and also put my volleyball shorts back on! I grabbed the waist line and pulled them up high, giving myself the ultimate camel toe wedgy and pulling that cum soaked on the shorts right up between my ass cheeks and pussy lips. I shook at little bit and almost came myself when I felt his sauce squish all over my private parts. I walked back out into the living room and sat on the big chair facing K. Mom was in the kitchen talking about some stupid shit and oblivious to our shared sexual awakening. She could see him, but not me and I put my feet up on the arms of the chair to shown him what I had done. His jaw dropped as he took in my lycra/cum shorts stuck on my vulva. Smiling, I continued to tug on them so they were now completely pulled up between my labia and his multitudes of little sperm were no doubt swimming up my vagina. I didn’t give a fuck, and actually, the thought of getting pregnant in this way didn’t bother me at all in that moment. Mom went to bed with her our other roomate and we were left alone (your fault mom!) and I came over and sat on his lap – gently. What happened next was just so natural – we didn’t give a fuck about getting caught – which easily couldn’t happened.He held me and we just started kissing – so wonderful! Tongues sucking and intermingly fiercely. His hands were all over me – my stuck on shorts he peeled off, and he passionatly massaged my whole privates. Flicking and rubbing my clit, tugging at my hairy labia, and even eventually penetrating my poop hole with his big middle finger. That was really weird, but awesome. I pulled up my knees and spread my legs so he could finger fuck me however he wished. Then he pulled off my shirt and saw my bare titties for the first time. I was concerned he’d think they were weird, but he just gasped, “oh my god” and started to suckle them like a starving piglet. He laid me on the floor and then preceded to kiss, suck, bite (gently) and tongue my whole big fat pussy from clit to asshole. I had to cum, it was going to happen. I hated trying to keep quiet, I wanted to SCREAM, but just held it back. When he was done 30 min later his face was completely glazed and my whole bush, vulva, and ass were soaked over again and again. I just laid on the floor, fingertips caressing my nipples which were alive with electricity. He stood before me and pulled down his precum soaked underpants. Out popped his 81/2 inch THICK fuck meat. I was in pure love as I got to my knees. Never before in life was I more sure of what I needed to do as i took the cock in my hands and mouth. I copied what I had seen on a porno I had watched once. I extended my tongue (it’s big and long like a cows!) and laid his fuckin huge cockhead, followed by his shaft, on it. He grabbed my face, skull, and jaw with his big hands and slowly started to fuck my face. I was mentally someplace I had never been before. A helpless fuck toy but powerful at the same time. I kept thinking what my mom would say if she came down for a drink only to find her “innocent” fifteen year old daughter lovingly sucking a man’s cock. My tits rubbed teasingly against his legs and eventually his Testes the size of jumbo eggs (filled with cum – for me!)bounced against my chin. I also thought of those bitches at school who said I my ass was too fat or my tits were weird – did they have this beautiful man meat in their mouths. “Look up at me beautiful, I want to see your gorgeous face when I’m fucking it.” I grabbed him around his ass and looked up.Here was this 27 year old mountain of muscle with his magnificent cock in MY mouth. I was never so proud and happy. Sweat rolled off his face and body and dripped on me. Drool was cascading down my chin and body as I began to force his cock deep. I was gagging, no doubt, but I just had to have it all. He later admitted that when he saw my big blue eyes looking up at him with a love nobody else had ever shown, that he was gonna cum big time. Where do you want me to cum baby?”, he gasped. I had never thought of it and I thought it was sweet of him to ask. “Everywhere.”, I said as I pulled his cock out of my mouth. There wasn’t time to debate, because as soon as I said that, huge gouts of cum shot from his piss hole. All over my face and hair -I opened my mouth and he got two huge ropes of pearly white in there too. Down my chin and onto my cone shaped tits went the rest. “Come with me.” he said and led me to a large mirror in that room. I felt and looked truly beautiful – I really felt that way as I gazed at the rivers of white running down my body – now dripping down my round belly and into my already saturated bush. He stood behind me and I could feel his soft cock hardened against my ass as he delicately wiped and smoothed his cum all over my body like lotion. We kissed again. “I must fuck you.”, he said,”You know that.” I did, but I just knew I would get pregnant. The crazy love sex mind that I had right now REALLY wanted to, but there was a perhaps saner part that thought about our future. “I want to have your baby, but….”, I was about to give it. “Let me fuck that perfect ass, baby” Wow. That threw me. It made sense, but I was scared. He finger feel cool, but his cock was way huger – WAY. “I know you can do it, love”, he whispered in my ear. I knew I could to, but Jesus. “O.K.”, I finally agreed. We quietly slipped down into his basement room. He got me a glass of water (sweet) and lit the room with many candles (romantic)My heart was pounding. This man was going to sodomize me. OMG. His cock was excited and fully erect, again dripping precum (cute)We started again with just kissing. I love the way we both were sticky and stinky with sex. Then he lubricated his fingers and began finger fucking my asshole. At first and for a long while I clenched down on it which he enjoyed, but then I relaxed and he smoothly pushed it in and out. He pulled my ass up in the air and the cool air of my little rim made me feel so exposed. He buried his face deep between my ass cheeks, kneeding them with his hands and ramming his tongue and nose up my hole. It was so nasty -I loved it. I had a weird thought that I wished my mom could see it. I love my mommy but she treats me like a toddler who never gets horny. People are always giving me shit about my big ass and now as this older man devoured it, I finally loved my ass too. I was getting into the nasty mood too. “Suck my shit pipe, baby” – it’s something I heard on a porno – and he sucked my hole like he wanted to suck my dinner down from my stomach. Which was something that had just crossed my mind briefly, I actually did have to go a little bit, but I hoped it wouldn’t be an issue. Then it was time. With me in doggy pose he started lubing his cock. He poured lube down into my ass crack and then put the bottle into my hole and squirted a lot in me. Most dripped out when he pulled it out, but I hoped a lot was still in my rectum. He rubbed the length of his cock up and down my crack and squeezed my cheecks together. “I’m gonna fuck you now.” he said very matter o’ factly. He pressed his fat cockhead against my hole. It wouldn’t go. He started slapping my ass and it burned and quivered. He pushed so hard I cried. And then when I opened my mouth I let out a deep croak from deep inside of me. Somehow I loosened, and his tip was in me. He held my hips and pulled me back onto him gradually, cooing encouraging words. I was whimpering but he said, “hang in there, don’t shit my cock out”. More lube appeared, I could feel it on us both and slowly he leaned in and out. “Guess what beauty? I’m fucking your ass now.” I was so happy and proud, I cried. Quarter inch by quarter inch he got more and more in. I can’t say it was all great. It felt like if he pulled out, I would shit all my insides out. Then I turned my had and looked into his long mirror on the wall. there we were fucking. I was so sexy, my ass jiggling with every thrust and my tits waving back and forth. I thought, “I not a little girl, am I?” This grown man was fucking me up my ass and that was something. His pace quicken, which hurt but was exciting at the same time. “Remember when we first met at the pool years ago?”he gasped. I did. I was 12 and thought that a friend’s borrowed size 12 bikini would fit me, it didn’t, it was constantly slipping up my butt and at times between my lips. “I wanted to fuck you then so bad.” I bet he did. “You should have”, I said, “I wanted it.” In retrospect this was true, although I didn’t know how to get it then. “OMG”, he cried, “I love you! I’m gonna cum in you!”. Then I felt it. Squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt deep loads in me. He slowly pulled his cock from me. My hole was gaping but slowly started the clench again. Laying down on the bed,on his back, he pulled me to him. We were almost in a 69 position, but with my ass hovering over his deflated cock. I looked back under myself, between my legs. I saw him looking back at me and studying my destroyed virgin ass. Shitty lube was all over his cock and much of my ass. The room was funky with it and honestly there was a part of me that was loving it. “Baby, I want to see you shit out my cum.” I hurt and also had real doubts as to what would happen, but I did what my lover wanted. Squishing, farting sounds issued from my hole and then streams of cum, splattering down on his cock and belly….followed immediately by a huge pile of hot shit! “OMG, Ilove you!” he said and driving up through the load of poop and cum came another erection! I was crying, the whole experience was just so out there and intense. He told me to relax, that nothing that came out of me could possibly be bad. He kissed me and left to the bathroom downstairs to clean up. He guided me back to the bathroom, showered me off and ran me a cool spearmint oil bath. We slept together on (clean) sheets but I had to creep back up to my room before sun up. Climbing the stairs was a painful task, but I did it. We continued with our loving – anal and oral play. Many times we came close to making a baby, and finally two ears later we did. But that’s another story.

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