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Where it happened: not saying :X
Langauge: ENGLISH
Sex: Female
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ok so this isnt mine i just edited some stories:
Well, I was at my house alone. I had just gotten back from my school (which was a private school, and yes, we had very short skirts). When I got home, I was SO horny. I used to share a room with Lily, who was sort of adopted by my family. We didn’t go through the legal forms but she lived with us. A guy named Alex lived with us, too. Anyways, the night before, I went to go ask Lily if I could borrow her geometry book because we had a huge test the next day. I started to open her door when I saw what had made me so horny. Lily was lying on her bed naked and was playing with her clit. I instantly got wet because I had known for some time now that I was bisexual. Her moans were the hottest thing ever and it was so hard not to go help her out when she stuck two fingers inside of her. The next day at school I was so turned on. I thought I was going to die if I wasn’t able to finger myself anytime soon. Then I remembered that I would be home by myself that afternoon. When I got home, I instantly took off my tights and panties and unbuttoned my shirt. I sat down on the couch and started to rub my clit. The whole time I was imagining Lily. I was so lost in the situation that I didn’t hear the garage door open. One minute I was sticking two fingers up my pussy then the next I felt hands on my boobs. I looked up shocked and saw Lily smiling at me. She told me that she saw me watching her yesterday and could tell I was horny. Quickly I tried to apologize but she told me to be quiet and she then sat down across from me on the coffee table. She spread her legs a little and that’s when I saw her nice, shaven pussy again. Lily then spread her pussy lips and started to rub her clit slowly. I was mesmerized. It was so hot. I then continued to rub my pussy. I couldn’t help it, I was just too horny. She started to grunt a little and moan loudly. I could tell she was getting close to climaxing. She stuck two fingers inside her pussy and that’s when she started squirting. It got all over my leg. I just rubbed my pussy even more. She knelt down in front of me and removed my hands then told me to let her take over. I didn’t really know what she meant till I felt her tongue on my throbbing clit. It felt so good when she sucked on it. She stuck two fingers into my pussy too. I was moaning like crazy. That’s when I heard “Oh well we have some naughty girls here.” I turned my head to see Alex standing there. Lily smiled at me and said to Alex “Oh you just turned her on even more. You won’t believe how wet and tight she is right now!” I had always had a thing for Alex but I just never said anything. Lily got up and went to her book bag while Alex kissed me and asked me if I was having fun. Shocked, I nodded my head. When Lily came back, I was told to close my eyes. I then felt something thrust into my pussy. I looked down in shock to see a pink double-sided dildo. One side was in my pussy which only meant the other side would be going into Lily’s pussy. The idea excited me. “I don’t know what to do.” Lily then inserted the dildo into her pussy and moved her hips which pushed it farther into me. It was such a turn on, Lily and I sharing a dildo while Alex was standing there, watching us and rubbing the front of his jeans. Lily then pulled the dildo out of her pussy and knelt down once again to thrust it harder into mine. I moaned loudly and started to chant “I’m about to cum!” She quickly pulled back and said “I’ll let Alex take it over now.” She then sat back on the coffee table and began to finger herself. Alex quickly stripped and sat beside me. He bent his head and started to suck on my nipples while playing with the lips of my pussy. It felt SO good. He then stuck his middle finger inside me, which made me moan with pleasure. He stopped suddenly and picked me up, putting me on his lap. With his help, I then guided his dick into my pussy. I bounced up and down for about ten minutes. He commented on how tight and wet I was, which was a turn on. Soon, I started to moan really loud. Lily then said “Oh Alex, I think she’s about to cum.” Alex then increased the speed and fucked me really hard and fast. I screamed my orgasm while my juices spilled all over his dick. He picked me up and laid me down on the couch while he got over me, thrusting his dick in and out of my pussy. He pounded me for another thirty minutes. I had already cummed about two times already. I was about to cum again when I felt his strokes become more frantic. He thrusted in me two more times then we both cummed at the same time. It was amazing to feel the warm liquid inside me. I was on birth control so we didn’t have to worry about me getting pregnant. We are all 25 now and share an apartment. Alex and I are still together. Even though we are devoted to one another, we sometimes invite Lily into our sex sessions.
One time he had asked for vacation from work. And, Well he called me one day during the morning and I skipped school to go see him. As soon as I got to his house I didn’t even walk through the door and we were making out like there was no tomorrow… I already was feeling wet! We went up to his room and he laid me down slowly. We kissed for a while then he kept putting his hand under my shirt. As we kissed I could hear him moan as if we were having sex but we weren’t yet. So as soon as we stopped he looked into my eyes with this sweet look and asked me if I wanted to “do it” and I immediately said “Yeah!” and then I asked if he wanted to, he said yes… he still thought about it though, and said he didn’t want to hurt me but I told him I’ll be Okay. He laid on top of me then he put his hand inside my pants and started playing with my clit… he knew in one touch I was ready to go then he started to take off my pants and he took off his! Next thing you know we were both naked and he asked me if I was still sure. “Yes, so ahead…” I said. It didn’t feel as bad as people say when it hurts (it did, but only a bit) But then all I felt was pleasure. I moaned very loudly and I cherished all his kisses. Oh, my god it was the best time of my life since yesterday when Lily was over. I think we fucked maybe like six times in one day! I could feel his cock all inside me. He took my breath away every time he went inside. He kept sucking on my nipples and it made me more wet! He kept nibbling them and it felt SO great. Alex ate me out and gave me an orgasm, it took me away…
One day I was at school and my best friend, Anna, and I were talking about our first time “doing it”. So I asked Anna… “What was it like your first time?” And Anna replied with this answer:
“ I was Fifteen. Okay so me and him are like best friends in a way. I know I can always count on him for everything and he knows I’m always there for him, but both of us are little flirts and every now and then we would flirt. We ended up giving each other nicknames. I’m his ‘Pretty Babe’ and he is my ‘Sexy Babe’. Anyways he said that for my birthday he was going to give me something… ‘special.’ And I told him that for HIS birthday I was going to give him a blowjob. So, when I turned fifteen and we told each other that we were going to do what we promised before. The chance we got was at a party at my friend’s house that is by a river. He got to the party and we smoked two blunts and were really high. I had already had like seven shots so obviously I was NOT sober. as soon as it turned dark, me and him made an excuse that we were gonna smoke one more blunt and that we would be right back. We walked to the river in awkward silence because we were just friends. But as soon as we started talking he would start touching my ass and stuff. We walked along the river and found a spot with some grass. I sat down wearing a shirt and a vest with some shorts and I sat there. I was like ‘Okay, soooooooo.’ and he said ‘So….yeah. That… thing…’ Then I took my shirt and vest off and lay back wearing nothing but my bra and shorts. I said ‘Alright then! Let’s do this.’ And he had already taken off his white tee and was wearing a wife beater. He then got on top of me and said ‘Let’s,’ And chuckled. We began making out while he was on top of me and then his hand started heading down south. He began rubbing my pussy outside of my shorts. That felt GOOD. He then told me to take off my shorts so I took them off and lay back down wearing my bra and panties. We went back to making out and he began rubbing my pussy outside my underwear. Then, he slipped his hand inside my panties and began fingering me. God that felt good! He knew I liked it because I let out a little moan and I bit his lip on accident.” I interrupted her. “Wait, you bit his lip? Didn’t that hurt? What did he say?” Anna said, “Oh, he didn’t mind. You should start watching porn. They bite each other ALL THE TIME! Ok, so back to the story: He continued fingering me, changing the pressure and speed, playing with my clit. After a while he said he was taking off his shorts and I took off my bra and panties. He left his boxers on for now. We went back to making out and he was fingering me and started kissing and sucking my boobs. I ran my hands through his short hair, rubbing my hands against with pleasure. After another while of that, I gave him HIS present. We switched positions and then I began sucking his cock. That was our first blowjob and I liked it. I could feel him jump with pleasure when I sucked and deep throated his penis. His face… was PRICELESS! When he was nutty he got ready to put the condom on but he cummed on my arm by accident. His boner went away so I tried getting it back. He got on top of me and while we were making out, I was giving him a handjob and smacking his dick against my clit. When he entered me it hurt so bad. My pussy was very tight and his dick was just big. So I said I want this to happen and took the pain. He started off slow, thinking about what he was going to do, and when he got all the way in he started going faster and faster. But then an interrupted phone call ruined the mood so we got up, changed, and then went back to the party like nothing. I don’t regret losing my virginity to him because he is one of my best friends and I know he would NEVER hump and dump. The next day he texted me saying, ‘Pretty Babe, last night was the BEST. Thank you ;)’ And all I could say was, ‘I know, second is the best.’ (Because I am the second girl he fucked. But he is my first.”
“Wow, Anna” I said. “Wait… who WAS that? Is he still together with you?” Anna said “No, he moved his name was Daniel.”
“I knew him! He was in my math class. You mean Daniel SMITH?”
“Yeah, him”
“God, you fucked him? You’re so LUCKY! He’s like the hottest, sexiest boy in school!” Then I sighed.
“Yeah, it was pretty great. Too bad he moved, though.”
“Yeah… hey, are you busy on Friday?”
“Dude, I told you. I’m not lesbian.”
“No, not that. I mean, I have some friends at my house, and I was wondering if you wanted to… “Cluster fuck”
“Oh my god YES!” Exclaimed Anna. “I’ve always wanted to show off my big cans LOL”

On Friday, Anna came over to my house. Lily and Alex were sitting on the couch, waiting for the “friend” I told them about who was going to come. So I went over to Anna when she came to tell her what we were going to do. I went and got Alex and told Anna about me and him. Alex and I instantly started making out. I couldn’t keep my hands still, they were all over his body, and his were the same. It wasn’t ten minutes before he hand her hand on my pussy, massaging it strongly, eventually slipping her hand past my belt and toying with my clit he just had to have it. I tore his shorts so hard the buttons popped right off, and we both laid down on the bed. I then got down and started to suck his now completely-erect cock like it was oxygen. Now that I realized I can take it all in, I threw it down my throat, stroking it with my mouth, tongue, and hands. I guess he couldn’t take it anymore, because he picked picked me up, bent bent me over the coffee table, and launched his dick full into my dripping pussy. Thank God the whole building was empty, (Except for Lily and Anna, who were licking each other’s pussys) Because I screamed and moaned, “Oh Fuck yes, yes, fuck…Oh fuck, deeper, oh fuck yes!” Believe me, when I say we fucked everywhere there is to fuck in a room. He ate me out in a chair, fucked me from behind on a table, I sucked his dick some more on the rug, and in the closet I fucked him even more. Then he opened the fire escape and we went up onto the flat roof, FOUR STORIES off the ground. He put me down on my back and filled my pussy with his dick all night. Ok, so by then Lily and Anna came up to see if we were all right, ‘Cause the fire escape is PRETTY steep. But we kept going, then we stopped for a minute because it’s been a couple hours and we were SO FUCKING TIRED. So then we both went down again, panting like a horny dog, and crashed on the couch. Lily sat down on the chair, and went to sleep as if nothing happened. Then Anna said, “Wow! You guys were really going at it up there. You think I can have a go at you, Alex?”
“Well, ok. But only a blowjob. Nothing that I gave this girl here!” Alex chuckled and elbowed me. Then he sat up, spread his legs apart, and let Anna lick and suck it. I’ve seen people do blowjobs, and she was GOOD. It looked like she didn’t even have a gag reflex. She was going at it like a hummingbird! Damn. I was sort of jealous, because I could never do that. But it made me feel better realizing how Lily was asleep, so I pulled up her short skirt, pulled her panties out of the way, and licked her pussy. Her eyes were still closed, but she started moaning and shaking her ass. I stopped when I heard someone else moaning… ANNA! She was still giving Alex that blowjob, but I didn’t care. Anna’s parents had told her to be back at ten, and it was 9:59, so I reminded her of her cerfew. She didn’t even hear me. She was too busy sucking Alex’s cock. So Moved over beside her, took her mouth off of Alex’s cock, and started sucking it Myself. I kept sucking and Alex started to cum. Then Anna said she had to go because it was 10:00, so we all said “Bye” to her and she left.

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