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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Sauna
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

13 and horny like hell every day. At this age I jacked off every opportunity I got. So I was in heaven when my parents send me off to my aunt’s for a week while they went on a vacation.

My aunt was about 40 at the time and had a great house (her husband had divorced her). She wasn’t that attractive in the face except she had these huge tits, they were the saggy kind and I just love to stare at them and go to my room and jack off.She wasn’t super skinny, but not fat with longer brunette hair.

To make a long story short, on a Saturday afternoon we were sitting outside in the sun, I with my shorts on and she with a bikini. She oiled herself up and closed her eyes. I just kept staring at these tits that seem to fall off her chest. I got SOOO horny, I could barley sit still. After a while she suggested I try her sauna (she was really proud of it). I must have stumbled something like yes because off we went. It almost blew my mind when she started taking off her bikini in front of me and asked me to do the same”Come on, you have been in a sauna before, that’s normal”. She started to go in ahead of me while I took my shorts down. Luckily I was so scared that my dick calmed down and I went in and sat on my towel across from her and tried hard not to stare at her since I was afraid she would notice.

After a while she sighed and decided to lay down and close her eyes. I couldn’t believe my luck. My cock was aching to be touched and I started to sweat like a pig. So was she I noticed as sweat was dripping from her head and pearls of sweat started building on her chest and belly.

This sight just caused my cock to get rockhard. I was getting worried she may open her eyes, but I couldn’t stand it any longer and I started to stroke my shaft. God it felt goooood. I kept staring at her tits and her black bush. I knew I couldn’t cum since I would probably explode across the bench so I was in a really messy situation.

Then it got worse. Without opening her eyes she all of a sudden spoke “Would you mind turning the temperature down a little bit, dear?” Damn there would be no excuse why I couldn’t and I realized I would have to get up and actually stand over her and reach my arm high on the wall since the gauge was on the wall by her side. My only hope was that she kept her eyes closed. “Sure I said” and I slowly got up. I looked down and my cock was red and hard, there was just no way of hiding it.

As I moved over and up on the first step I kept staring at her crotch, her legs slighty apart. I moved higher and my legs started rubbing against her side. I reached for the gauge and turned the temperature down when I sensed movement. Oh God I am fucked I thought and turned to see what happened. My aunt had decided to sit up which means her face was now about 3 inches away from my throbbing cock. I felt so hot in my face at that moment from embarrassment.

There was an awkward moment of silence then my aunt said: “Young man, you are dripping sweat on me, let me wipe you up a little bit”. With that her hands started moving across my belly and wipe the sweat off of me. I started shivering with exitement with my cock still in front her face. “And what’s with this?” she said pinting at my cock. ” have you been washing yourself down there?” “I guess” I said and she answered “You guess??, it is important to be clean down there.I’ll have to check that”

With that she grabbed my cock and started to examine it closely. I couldn’t believe it I was so horny I thought I’d blow my load right there in her face. But she stopped and started to examine my balls which were rock hard from puming cum into my system.” We need to clean you up a bit, lay down in front of me” she commanded. ” Damn you Chris we don’t have anything to clean you with here, we’ll just have to improvise” with that she took my cock in her hand and started to move her hand up and down my cock “Ohh god” i moaned as she started now to really beat my meat. By now she sat besides me with her saggy tits now practically hanging down all way to my chest. That was it, I couldn’t hold it any longer and I exploded like I never have before or since. Cum shot out of my prick like a fountain. The first shot flew right past my face the next 2 or 3 just flew into her face and hair the next couple over my chest. When she finished I was just quivering with my cock refusing to go down.

If you think the story ends now you’re wrong. I almost passed out from the heat and the orgasmic feelings when she got up and without saying a word she starterd squatting over me grabbing my cock and inserting it “What are you doing I yelled” in shock (I was 13 mind you)”Shut up” she told me. Although I was only 13 I knew where a cock belonged and she wasn’t putting it in her pussy. She had rammed that cock up her ass while playing with her clit now.”ahhhhhhh” she cried with her tits bouncing up and down. God I loved it. She must have come very fast because this didn’t last evry long. As she got up I started squirting again. It was unbelievable.

That rest of the week we fucked basically all the time. It was our secret to this day.

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