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School Yard Sex

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: School
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was at a tender age where all that was on my mind was the
big sex issue. I had liked this girl for a while but I had
never told her, she was called sarah, I’m tom. So anyway I
Had a detention one night and after that I had to wate for my
mum who is never on time for anything… So anyway I’m out
there sitting as time went by and all of a sudden sarah walks up behind
me. I should tell you be now she was a border at the school
so she was always there.

“Hey tom whats up??”
“Not a lot, Mum’s picking me up soon.”
“Want to come up to my room and wate?? You can see the street
from there.”

When I got into the room I noticed the pink panties on the ground
I had seen them on her the other day I was looking up her skirt.

“Sorry about the mess.”
“I don’t care.”

At this stage I didn’t have a clue as to what was going on.
I kept looking out the window kinda hoping mum would come but hoping
she wouldn’t too.

By this stage she was on the computor and turned in her chair
to ask me how my work was going. She turned and I noticed a
slight gap in her legs and looked up. Today she had Blue
panties on and it was only a matter of time before she caught
me looking up her dress.

“Do you mind??” She asked.
“I’m sorry its just…..”
“It’s just your so beautiful.”

At that she approched me (I was on a seat next to her bed) and pushed me
off the seat and on to the bed. I lent back as she pulled
my pants down slowly. My penis was already slightly big and she began
to rub it harder. It felt so good. I did a switch so she
was on the bed and
I was looking down to her.
I pushed her top up and removed her bra. Her tits were so good.
I felt them for a bit and gave them a bit of a suck
but her pussy was my goal so i tuged her pants off and gave her
clit a rub. She moaned so loud. I then took off her panties with my teeth
and she enjoyed it so much. Then I played with that for a while
sticking toungs in fingers in and then she said its time.
I pulled down my underware and out came my huge cock. She
said put it in so I did. I came in her about 3 mins later and
it was so much better than masturbating. Me and sarah do it
all the time now, before school, lunch, after school, I go there
on weekends. We do it all the time and it just gets better
and better.

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