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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My first time jacking with my mate!! (Only wanking ourselves and not each other!)

I was 15 and he was 14 and both of us were horny youngsters. He used to come over often and I would let him see my porn collection. It was all softcore at the time and was mainly girls with their tits and asses out. I had a big walk in cupboard and used to ‘hide’ them in there! He would ‘find’ them and have a wank with the door just open so I could peek in and watch him stroke his cock. Once he had finished we would swap places and I would go in the cupboard and wank – making sure he got a good view!

One afternoon my parents were out and I had an old video of Porky’s. (More horny teenagers trying to get laid!) We watched the scene with Kim Cattral getting screwed in the men’s locker room and had a really good laugh together and compared our ‘pocket rockets’ as we both had hard-ons under our trousers!

When it got to the shower scene with the famous, “I’ve never seen so much wool – you could knit a sweater!” I asked him if I should pause the video. He said yes and I managed to stop it right at the bit where a girl was washing her hair and she was standing naked with her legs slightly apart. The quality was rubbish but at this point the video became insignificant!

We both started rubbing our own cocks under our trousers. I asked him what his technique was and as quick as a flash he whipped out his cock right in front of me! His was smallish but it looked amazing to me and I couldn’t keep mine in! I pulled out mine which is a little larger and asked if he wanted to jack mine the same way as he was jacking his. Sadly he wasn’t into that but said it was cool for us both to toss our own and watch each other.

He kept rubbing his for a couple of minutes and then came a little with a big smile across his face! He put his away and went and sat on the edge of the bed and watched me wank. I kneeled down in front of him and took my time wanking my knob letting him watch every stroke. When I came there was loads and it shot miles across the floor and we both laughed at the mess I had made! It was such an awesome and intense feeling shooting my bolt with my mate watching all the time!!!!

We are still close mates and I am now married and he is still single. We have wanked together since but have never touched each other and the buzz isn’t there the same as when we were kids. Porn is so easy to get these days and there is no fear of getting caught so the thrill isn’t as good. I still like to compare size every now and again and make a mess with him watching though!!! 😉

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