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Scott (Firstime With Mom)

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Scott’s Mother

It was the strangest thing. Ever since I turned 13, I had discovered that I had a most demonic sex drive. I needed to cum at least three or four times a day. Which is what lead me to my present situation. Seeing has I didn’t have a girlfriend at present, I was relegated to repeatedly jacking off in order to control my mad teenage sexual needs. I was now 15, living at home with my Mother and Father, and my little Sister, Tina.

So there I was, in my room doing my “thing” when my Mother walks in, clear out of the blue! I guess I should describe my Mother: she’s 5’10”, about 130, with average sized breasts (34-C), a nice shapely ass, and legs that just won’t quit. She jogged every morning, an went to the gym three days a week. I’d had started to imagine my Mom and me, or my little Sister and me fucking for quite awhile.

Anyways, my Mother stopped dead in her tracks, and stared at me, shocked. I am quite proud of my fat, eight inch cock. I was lying there naked, my cock in my hand. My Mother was staring at my cock and I couldn’t move, I was so embarrassed.

My Mom licked her lips a couple of times then finally found her voice, “Oh, my God, Scott. It’s so… it’s so… it’s so BIG!” That was all she said. Her eyes glued to my cock, she started moving towards me, “Scott, I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself.”

With that, my sexy mother dropped to her knees and took my cock in one hand. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I mean, I’d been dreaming about it, and here it was.

My mom pried my hand off my cock, replacing it with her hands, and then her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down on it. If it was possible my cock got even harder, fatter and longer. My cock was in my Mother’s mouth and I was in heaven.

“Oh God Mom, that feels so good. Please, don’t stop.” My Mother continued to suck and play with my cock and balls, licking, sucking, and even gently biting it.

“Mom, I’m going to cum! Oh God, I’m going to cum in my Mom’s mouth.” I groaned. I reached down, and grasped my Mom’s hair, holding her to my cock.

My Mom took her mouth away, and said to me, “That’s right, Son, cum in your Mother’s mouth! Cum for Mommy! Make your old Slut of a Mother swallow it all!” With that she went back to giving me the first blow job I’ve had in my young life.

Almost immediately I grabbed her head with both hands, and stiffened, “Jesus, MOM! Suck it! Suck my cock, you slut! Yes, Mom, drink my cum,” I screamed as huge gobs of my teenaged semen exploded deep in my Mother’s warm, wet, sucking mouth.

My Mother continued sucking my cock as she drank all of my cum. When I finished ejaculating my incestuous seed down her throat, my Mother stood up, smoothed her skirt down, looked down at me, and smiled. “You know, of course, Scott, that this will be out little secret! Just between Mother and Son, right?” I smiled back at her, and then I had a thought.

“Gee, Mom, what do you think Dad would do if he ever found out about you giving me a blowjob?” I asked.

My Mother just looked at me, aghast at the thought.

“If you don’t want him to find out what a big slut you’ve been for your Son, I suggest you strip naked, and let me see your tits, your ass, and your big hairy cunt up close and personal.” Mother just looked at me, dumbfounded.

“Do it NOW, Mom, or I’ll go tell Dad what you just did to me!”

“Please, Scott!” my Mom begged, “Please don’t make me do that. I’m your Mother!”

I just smiled at her, revelling in the thought of fucking her. Fucking my own Mother! My Father worked in a bank, and hasn’t been home before five o’clock in all my life. My little Sister was still at her middle school cheerleading practice. The house was ours for at least another five hours.

“It’s your choice. You can walk out of the room now, and I’ll go to the bank and tell Dad. Or, you can strip for me. It’s up to you. I’m sure Dad would like to now about this.” I just looked at her, with an evil grin on my face.

My Mother’s shoulders slumped as she let out a long sigh, then hands slowly reached up and grasped the buttons on her blouse. She slowly undid them, all the time trying to talk me out of it, but in actuality, all she was doing was turning me on even more. Within minutes my Mother’s blouse was off, and her pointed but slightly sagging tits were barely concealed only by a small lacy strip of a bra. My Mother then reached for her skirt. She unzipped it and quickly stepped out of it, revealing her matching lacy panties, almost hiding a very thick full bush of hair.

She stopped, and looked at me. “Please Scott, I’m your Mother” she begged. ” Please don’t make me do this!” she started crying.

“MOM!” I exclaimed. “Stop it. If you want to leave my room now, you can. It is your choice.”

My dick was getting hard, looking at her barely concealed tits. Her hands reached behind her back for her bra clasp, and unhooked it. Wow, my Mother’s tits seemed to be larger than I thought, her areolas big and pink, and her nipples thick and long, and very, very hard.

She glanced my way with a pleading look on her face, and I said, ” Finish it, Mother!”

She reach down, and pulled off her skimpy little panties, showing me the very thick over-sized bush of dark brown hair between her legs. I couldn’t help but notice that the crotch of her panties was thoroughly soaked in her cunt juices!

She looked at me and, I think for the first time, noticed that I was hard again. Very hard!

“Oh my God, you are definitely more than ready again, aren’t you?” she breathed. “Please Scott, this is so wrong! I’m your Mother and we shouldn’t be doing this. Please!” she was begging me not to make her do anything more.

Too late for that!

“Mother, you should have thought of that before you touched me, played with me, and sucked me off. Now, I mean to fuck my own Mother! Are you ready for that, Mom? Are you ready for your own Son to fuck you?” I asked.

She nodded her head silently, never taking her eyes off my swollen member. “Fine,” I said. “Then lie down on the bed beside me, and I will make sure you are ready.” When my Mother did not move, I got up, and walked towards her.

“Do you want me to tell Dad that you sucked my cock? That you swallowed all my cum?” I demanded. My Mother just whimpered. “Good, then you will let me do anything I want.” With that I reached one hand out, and grasped her breast, caressing it, from the outside edge, inwards, finally ending up with a light pinch on the nipple.

My Mother just stood there, her eyes closed, and the occasionally whimper or moan coming out of her. She didn’t move when I brought my other hand up to her other breast. She didn’t move when I replaced my hands with my lips. God I was enjoying this. I sucked hard on her nipples, then kissing them tenderly. I leaned back and looked at her.

“Lie on the bed, Mom!” I commanded. She slowly leaned over, and laid back on the bed, on her back. I bent over and kissed her on the lips. She, at first refused to kiss me back, but as my hands caress her breasts, she opened her lips. Her tongue began to duel with mine as our incestuos kiss deepened. One of her hands reached up and grasped my head, holding me in place. She groaned as I bit her lip. She moaned even loader as I slowly ran my hand down over her abdomen, and finally tangled my fingers into her moist secret spot.

“Oh, Son, you must stop doing that. It’s so wrong. I’m your Mother, Scott. It’s incest. Oh, oh, oh my God”.

I was hard and ready, but just in case this was going to be a one time thing, I wanted make it last. I positioned myself between her legs, and then I leaned forward, teasing her. My cock was rubbing her cunt lips, caressing them softly. The feeling was electric. I wanted her so bad, right now, that it was almost impossible for me to not take her then.

“Jesus, you bastard, that feels so good. Take me, you motherfucker, take me NOW.” My mother was begging me to fuck her, but I wasn’t ready to that just yet. So I slowly leaned backwards, my hands constantly in motion, caressing my Mother’s naked flesh. Soon enough I had myself in the position I wanted. I leaned down, and stuck my tongue right into my Mom’s hairy, wet cunt, licking from asshole to clit.

“OH! GOD Yes!” my Mother screamed. I worked my tongue overtime, up and down, around and round. My Mother was getting louder and louder, moaning with pleasure.

“Oh fuck, yes. Scott, please, put that big cock in me! Fuck your mother! I need to feel you cock in my pussy. My God, Scott, I am going to cum, Yessss, SCOTT, I’mmmmmm cummmming!”

My mother screamed as she came, soaking my mouth with her moisture. I loved the scent, and I was harder than I ever thought possible.

Quickly I repositioned myself between my Mother’s lewdly spread legs, and with one strong, sure stroke, I buried myself in my Mother’s hot, wet pussy. I hilted my cock again and again.

“Jesus Mom, this feels so good!” I exclaimed. My mother could only grunt and groan. Her hands hadn’t been idle either. Her hands were on my back, rubbing up and down, over and over again. It felt so good, I couldn’t help myself.

“Scott, oh Scott, it feels so good. Don’t stop, please don’t ever stop.” Her nails dug into my skin, scratching me over and over again. IT felt so good, that I was on the verge of cumming. I reached down, and rolled her over on top of me, wanting to bring her to her climax at the same time.

“Mom, ride my like you want to, take me deep inside of you, and make yourself cum,” I demanded. My Mother’s eyes widened, and she slowly started riding me, making me groan in pleasure.

“Oh my God, It feels so good Scott. Oh God, I can’t believe that I’m fucking my own Son!” She said as she rode me.

I reached up, and cupped her breasts with both of my hands, caressing her, pinching her nipples.

She breathed out, “Yessssss” as I started thrusting up into her.

She started getting louder and louder, “Yes, oh yes, God YESSSS!” I could feel her pussy tighten around my hard cock, and I groaned in pleasure.

“That’s right Mom, take it, make your Son cum inside your cunt!” I told her. My Mother sped up, fucking me faster and faster, until I felt her breath stop, and she gripped my chest, her nails digging into my flesh. God, I loved that feeling. Then, just like that, I grabbed her ass hard, and screamed with release.

“YESSS, OH MOM! That’s right, I’m cumming!”

My Mother threw her head back, and let out her own scream! “OH, OH, YESSSS! I AM CUMMING TOOO!! JESUS SCOTT, I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING, DON’T STOP, I AM CUMMMINNNGGG!”

My Mother’s fucking slowed down, and eventually stopped, then she collapsed against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tight.

Within a few minutes, my Mom recovered, and as she stiffly stood up, and gathered up her clothes. She looked at me, and said, “Scott, this can never happen again!” With that, she sashayed out of my room.

But it DID happen again! And again and again and again. Still is!

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