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Secret Passion

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: In heaven
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I always had a big crush on my brothers friends, and they never paid attention to me since they were all like 20. One night, about a year ago in january of 1999, Elgn and I were working on my brother’s stereo for his car, since my bro and Chris my brothers friend ran to Pep Boy’s to get supplies. Back to the car, me and him started talking about how the wires went, and he would always shock me to goof around. Just then, as he was about to shock me, it back-fired, and i shocked him, and he started laughing. He dropped the wires, and put his hand on my leg, and told me in a sarcastic voice “do it again, and i will have to punish you”. Back then, i wasnt much into guys, since i was only 13. I didnt take it as a personal or sexual threat, knowing me and him were only friends, and thinking that he wouldnt like a 13 girl, since he was 18. I didnt see much of him until the 4th of July in 2000. My brother had a party, and i was at the lake with friends watching fireworks. While at this lake, i didnt know Josh my brother was having a party with all his friends. So when i came home, i was suprised to see all his friends there. Me and Elgn made eye contact, he is 19 at this time and he goes “Hey Josh, is that your sister?” He hadnt seen me for like a year, and i had recently gotten contacts and lost a lot of weight. So, i was embarressed to see him, so i went to my room to change. Just as i got down my stairs, Rich asked me if i wanted to shoot fireworks off with him, and i said i would. I was having a fun time, and i started to get drunk, just like everyone else. By now, Elgn had drank a lot, and was kinda buzzed, since he has a high tolerance to alcohol. After we got done shooting fireworks, we cleaned up at about 1AM, and went inside and went to the basement. All of us sat around, and me being “the little sister”, started to go upstairs, and Elgn said “hey, where are you going?” and i said “this is my bro’s party, i dont want to be a little sister and tag along” and Josh then said i could stay. So, all my bro’s friends and my bro went up for a smoke, and since me and Elgn dont smoke, me and him stayed downstairs, to watch TV. Elgn has his tongue pierced, so he started clicking his tongue ring on him teeth. At this point, i was starting to get really horny over this sound, going on for about 10 mins. I was laying on the floor and he was sitting in the chair behind me, all of a sudden i turned around me being a very blunt person and said “Elgn? Do you mind quitting that sound, or would you like to continue it and suffer the consequences??” and he asked what the consequenses were. Me being more brave at sexual things, told him that he would have to wait and see. So, he continued to arouse me more. I then turned over and layed on my back, and said “Elgn, come here” So as he came down to talk to me on the floor, I sat up. I told him nevermind. He goes “Does that make you horny?” Me being embarrassed, asked him “why?” He then he looked at my breastes and said “either it’s really cold, or you are horny. and i am pretty sure you are horny, b/c you have that look in your eyes”. I was totally suprised about how open he was. I then told him that it made me horny. He told me he didnt believe me, b/c i could be getting horny off of the show on tv. And i told him that he was making me horny, and he told me to prove it. I told him i could. So i laid him on his back, and pulled up his shirt. i started to kiss his stomach, and massage his shoulders. I could tell he was getting hard, b/c he keept re-adjusting himself, since he was laying on his stomach. He then turned over on his back, and pulled me down to kiss him. He is the most amazing kisser i have ever had. He does tongue exercises, b/c he can un-wrap, and re-wrap a starburst in his mouth. Anyways, he then started to undo my bra from under my shirt. All of a sudden, Aaron walked down just as I got off of him, and to cover up, we started tickling each other, to ease up any accusations, aaron may have had. Aaron being a smart-ass, said “Make sure you two dont have sex, but if you do….
Two tips.. 1) dont let beaver my bro’s nickname catch you. 2) dont let her parents catch you”, and then walked upstairs to let us have alone time. The rest of the night, we just made out, nothing serious…
Then, at the end of July, there is a Prarie Port Fair, in my town. My brother is in “Perfection”, a car club (CC) in our town. There is a Prairie Port Parade, and so the whole CC was in it. Elgn rode in my bro’s car with my brother. So as he went by, he made a hand sign, me and him made up, as a secret code that means “i want you”. I started laughing, and my mom asked me why i was laughing. I told her nevermind.
As soon as the Parade was over, my friend Celeste and I went to Pizza Hut where all the guys from the CC worked. Since they all had the day off, i expected them to be hanging out back of Pizza Hut. As we got done eating, and paid, Elgn, Josh and Amy my bro’s g/f walked in, Elgn was talking about sexual positions, when he saw me, he stopped talking. He gave me the hand sign, and i started laughing, so i walked up and hugged him. He hugged me back. At this point, i didnt know that he had a girl, since me and him are a secret, she got all mad, and accused him of cheating on her. I made a big scene, and told her off, telling her that he is my bro’s best-friend, and that we were 5 years apart, and that he would go to jail, for fucking a minor. So she got all mad, and walked off. I ignored her and walked over to my brother and talked to him. He asked if i was going to the Street dance that night. I told him i was going with mom and dad. Well, my plans were wrecked, and i had to stay with my parents and clean a house my dad just got done buliding. I paged my brother, and told him to bring me a drink from Sonic. When he did, i told him i wanted to go home. He said it was ok, since he was going to get Elgn, and they were gonna work on his new stereo at home around 5. So, he stopped off at Elgn’s Apartment to get him. Elgn was tired, so he went and asked another friend os his to help him, and his friend agreed. Later that night, about 7:30, i called elgn to ask if he was ok, and he said he was just tired. I told him that i got out of cleaning and was going to the street dance. He said he only lived 2 blocks from where i was gonna be, he told me to drop by. I told him ok.
Later that night, when i was at the street dance, i told my ‘rents i was gonna go jack around with friends, and i’d be back around 9. I took the long way to Elgn’s apartment, since i didnt want to be seen walking out of the dance. As soon as i reached his door, i knocked. No answer. I knocked again.. No Answer. I knew he was home, opened the door slowly, and poked my head in. It was dark, b/c he had been sleeping. When he saw me, he said “oh, it’s you. I am glad it isnt josie” Josie is his bitch….

Anyways, he walked back to his bedroom, and laid down. I sat down beside him. I then laid down and put my arm over his back, since he was laying on his stomach. He then asked me how long we had, and i looked at his clock, and told him 30 mins. He then grabbed my ass, and he laid on his back, and then made me straddle him. We started making out hardcore, and he started to run his hands on my back, and down inside the back of my pants, and feeling my ass. He pulled my shirt up, and took off my bra, and started sucking my breasts. I then laid on my back, and he laid between my legs, and we started making out. And he started sucking my breasts again. He then unbuttoned my pants, and me being experienced with sex and all, thought “ok, we are gonna have sex”. He goes “Your a chick, you can get dressed fast” and started pulling my pants off. He was laughing b/c i wore my tight jeans, and he couldnt get them off. He started to take my shoes off, when i took my jeans off. He then pulled my thong down with his teeth. He started kissing my breasts and started kissing down my stomach slowly. He then started penetrating my clit with his tongue tongue ring and all (tip: if your b/f has a tongue ring, and he hasnt gone down on you… thats the next thing for him to do to you….) He was licking around down there for about 5 mins, when i came. He then kissed his way back up, and we made out for another 5 or 10 mins. I then went down on him, and he came and he started laughing and said “remember our conversation on ICQ? about you swallowing and all…..” i then swallowed and said “yeah, it’s true, i do…” and he then started to run his fingers through my hair. He then laid me on bottom, and he started dry humping me, with only his boxers between us. I started getting really horny. At this present second, he had on boxers and i had on socks…
As we were getting more into it, i started to moan his name. He started to moan mine. Each pump was harder and faster. I started to scream with pleasure as his dick was rubbing against my clit… I wanted to have sex with him, But i was having to leave in 5 mins. He was going harder and harder, when all of a sudden, i hit my head on his headboard. I screamed with pleasure and pain, and i didnt know which one was more extreme. Then the phone rang, and me being a smartass, picked it up, and between breathes, said “hello… Elgn is in dispence right now.. He cant cum in the phone, only in me, please leave a message after the beep…” i started to groan, when i found out who was on the other side of the line. A voice said “sarah… if your brother finds out your fucking elgn, he is gonna shoot you”
i started laughing and elgn stopped pumping and i gave him the phone and he said, “hello? other side no, hehe, dont tell him..other side No, just make sure he doesnt come up to my room… other side oh shit…..other side no hell bitch. hehe, i gotta go CLICK. as he hung up, he goes, “sarah, under then bed” all of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. To my suprise, it was my brother. He was looking for his cd, and told aaron that he was on his way over. So, aaron called, knowing i was there, to tell me to be prepard for my brothers arrival. My heart was beating so fast as i heard a girl voice… a voice i fought with earlier.. It was Josie. She came in the door, and asked elgn if she could talk to him. so they came in the room, and with me under then bed, trying to be quiet and not laugh, heard them talking,
Josie” elgn, i am so horny, please fuck me
Elgn” No
Josie” Why not
Elgn” I’m not in the mood
And then elgn walked out of the room. Thankful she didnt see my thong laying on the floor, i let out a sigh. But as soon as my bro left, i climbed down the fire-escape.

To this day, No one knows about my visit to Elgn, and me and him and aaron keep it hush hush. He recently broke it off with Josie, telling her that he didnt like her b/c she was a controlling freak, and telling her that he was in love with someone else me. Me and him talk some, but not as much. We still get together, and mess around. But he is on Texas for a little while, and should be back in Kansas in a few days. When that happens, i will be ready for sex with the most enduring man i have ever met…

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