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Seduction of Julie

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Hangout
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

This story is about my first time having sex with a virgin. I had had sex a few times with a couple of girls in the neighborhood but I was not their first, and I had always wanted to know how it felt to be a virgin’s first. Some of us guys and girls would hang out after school and summers in and around an unused shed behind a friend’s house. We had cleaned it up and it was a pretty decent place to hang out. At 17 I was sort of the leader since most of them were a year or two younger than that. Usually in the afternoons there might be as many as 6 of us just hanging out and talking about anything and everything. It was not unusual for the topic of sex to come up but we talked about lots of other things too. Then Julie moved into the neighborhood and started hanging out with us. She was 16 I think at the time and was very quiet and shy, and was sort of good looking but not a knockout. She came around at first with another girl that lived next door to her. The first time I saw her she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and in addition to a really sweet smile I could tell she had some pretty decent boobs….probably a C….and a nice ass. I knew immediately that I wanted to know more about her. I always made it a point to give her a smile and say hi to let her know I was glad to see her. One afternoon the topic of sex came up and she admitted that she was a virgin and planned to wait until marriage before having sex. She seemed very firm in her commitment at the time. One afternoon there was another guy and a girl and myself at our hangout when Julie dropped in by herself. The other guy and girl were sort of hanging out together and discussing something about school. I was sitting on a box against the wall and said hi to Julie then took her hand and pulled her onto my lap with her back to me. I think it startled her at first but we were good friends by then so she sat on my lap and was comfy. I told her that I thought she was very special and I liked her. I really think she was thrilled that I paid her special attention. I wrapped my arms around her just under her breasts and pulled her slightly back against me so that my face was beside hers. I asked her about her day and just made light conversation between the two of us so that she’d relax. I didn’t try anything that day except to gently squeeze her under her breasts with my arms and nuzzle her neck just a little bit. Her firm ass was planted on my lap right over my cock and of course I began to get a hard on. I was pretty sure she could feel it but she didn’t say anything. After a while she said she had to get home and she slipped off my lap and stood up, and I saw her glance very briefly at my lap so I figured she had felt it. The next afternoon I was sitting on the floor with my back against the wall talking with another guy when Julie came in. We all three chatted for a few minutes and then the other guy said he had to go. Julie was still standing when he left so I took her hand and pulled her down straddle my lap and facing me. She didn’t object but I could tell she was a little tense so we just sat there talking for a few minutes and I could feel her relax. My knees were bent so she leaned back against them and I held both her hands. Finally I put both my hands on her face and pulled her forward and told her I wanted to see her eyes close up. They were a beautiful green and I told her how beautiful they were. Thats when I realized how close our lips were so I moved a little closer and touched my lips briefly to hers. It was very brief because I was afraid I would frighten her away. But instead she told me she had never really been kissed by a guy. So I slipped one hand behind her head and pulled her closer again, kissing her deeper and longer and she kissed me back. Then I pulled back and asked her if she liked her first kiss and she said “oh my goodness yes!” By then I was trying not to think about my huge boner but she was sitting right on top of it. She had her legs drawn up straddling me but her butt was seated firmly on my hips and I knew that when I pulled her close for a kiss her hips moved forward and her little pussy was right over my cock. She had to feel it. Anyways I kept kissing her off and on and telling her how special she was and how much I liked her. She learned quickly and kissed me back deeply. At some point I slipped my tongue between her lips and searched for her tongue. I found it and oh my she began to kiss me so passionately. I could tell by her breathing that she was getting hot and I wondered if she was as wet as she was warm but I didn’t dare try. I knew I had to take it very slow with her because it was all so new to her but I was already hoping for the day I could get inside her pussy. I kept telling her what a good kisser she was and how much I liked it. She asked me at one point if she was really that good and I told her “ohhhhhhh yesssss”. She really was but I also wanted to build her confidence in herself. She told me that I was the first guy that had ever paid her much attention. I think it was because she was so quiet and shy in the beginning that most guys didn’t notice her. At that point while we were kissing my hands were rubbing up and down her back, massaging her. I could tell she liked that. Finally I slipped my hands around to her sides and slid them up to the sides of her breasts and cupped them a little. I heard her moan and knew she liked it. I rubbed her nipples lightly through her top and bra with my thumbs and felt them harden. I could tell that I was really awakening her womanhood but I knew if I pushed for too much too fast I would lose her, so i didn’t try to get under her top. I knew all this was new to her and I wanted to give her time to get used to it and accept it. There was no question that she liked it. I could tell that she was aroused because when I rubbed over her nipples I could feel her hips move a little against mine. We didn’t have another chance for a couple days after that because some of the others were hanging around, but evey time Julie came around I made a point to have her sit with me, usually on my lap, letting the others know that she was mine. Finally one afternoon Julie and I kept hanging around until all the others had left and she still had some time before she had to be home. As soon as the last one left she sat sideways in my lap and said she wanted me to kiss her again so I did. I had one arm around her holding her so my other hand was free. While we were kissing passionately I let my fingers roam lightly over her tummy and just under her breasts, and then over her breasts through her bra and top. She moaned and kissed me deeper so I knew it was ok. She had on a short top that day that left some of her tummy exposed so pretty soon my hand slipped under her top and with one finger I traced the edge of her cups covering her breasts. Then I rubbed her nipples through her bra and felt them grow perky. I wasn’t sure how far she’d let me go but I was hoping she liked it enough to let me go farther. I figured her main hangup would be if I went for her pussy so I kept rubbing both nipples through her bra until they were hard as little pebbles. Then I slipped my fingers under the bottom of one cup and lifted it up and over her breast so that I could get my hand on it. She turned a little to me then so that I didn’t have free access but I kept playing around it with my fingertips until she relaxed and then I cupped the whole breast in my hand and teased the nipple between my thumb and finger, still kissing her deeply. After a little time I moved to the other breast and uncovered it and played with the nipple. She began to moan and tell me how good it felt and then I felt her shudder with an orgasm. I don’t think she really knew what it was, just that it felt really good. I just held her after that, with my hand still on one breast, letting her know that she was mine. We talked some and she told me that she had no idea it could feel so good and that she was so glad of the time we shared. But she also said that she didn’t want things to go too far and I told her that I understood. She asked if it felt as good to me as it did to her so I took her hand and laid it over my still hard cock in my pants and let her feel it and assured her that it felt just as good to me as it did to her. She rubbed it through my pants a little and then asked if she could see it so I told her to take it out if she wanted to. As soon as she unzipped me it sprang out and I think she was a little shocked at the size. She said she’d never seen one hard before. I asked her if she would like to see it cum and she said yes so I showed her how to stroke it up and down with her hand. Of course it didnt take long since I was already aching from wanting her so bad but I didn’t tell her that. She was amazed seeing it quiver and spurt so far and so much. She asked how something that big could go inside a girl and I explained that she would stretch around it. She said she guessed she wouldn’t know for a long time but I didnt tell her that my cock had other plans for her tight little pussy. Up to this point I had not even tried for her pussy because I wanted to gain her trust, and I had. I could tell by now that she was ok with me feeling her breasts and that she really liked it. Being a virgin the one thing she wasn’t aware of was that the same passion that she felt when I played with her boobies would betray her pussy if I could get my hands on it, and I felt that it was time to try. The next time we were together I took her nipple in my mouth and began to suck on it until she had another orgasm. After a few times like that, kissing her all over her breasts and nipples, one day I let my hand settle on her thighs and began to stroke her there, gradually moving up her thighs. She was wearing jeans and so long as they weren’t unfastened I don’t think she was worried about anything happening. Also, it felt so good with me kissing her nipples that she wasn’t thinking about anything else happening. Finally I moved my hand up and cupped her pussy through her jeans. She immediately closed her legs on my hand and shook her head no, but didn’t stop kissing me. I whispered to her that I just wanted to feel her and began to softly massage her pussy with my hand. She gradually relaxed and opened her legs and I continued rubbing her there until I could feel her hips responding to my hand. I also massaged all over her ass and up and down over her pussy until I felt her having another orgasm. She was laying on her back and I moved over her and took my cock out and put it between her thighs with her jeans on and dry fucked her until I came. I could tell that she felt like she was giving me something in return for what I gave her. A few days later she came over wearing a short jeans skirt and short top with three buttons in front that she’d worn to school that day. I don’t think she was trying to be sexy, she just wore the outfit because she liked it. But oh wow…..it really turned me on soon as I saw it and I couldnt wait to get my hands on her. Pretty soon we were alone and I started kissing her all over her lips and neck, and had her laying on her back. I unbuttoned her little top and opened it up. I realized she was wearing a bra that fastened in front…I’d told her I liked that kind….so I unfastened it and laid it open, exposing her breasts. Her nipples were already perky but I started kissing all over one breast just to the edge of the nipple and then move away from it and then did the same to the other one. I could tell she couldn’t wait for me to take a nipple in my mouth but I wanted to get her as hot as I could first. Finally, when she was thrusting her breasts up to me I began to lick one nipple with my tongue. I could tell it was driving her wild. Then I took it in my mouth and began to suck on it, and at the same time let one hand slip between her legs and felt her pussy beneath her panties. She was so hot by then that she didnt stop me and actually opened her legs wider and drew her knees up. She was so wet already her panties were soaked. I ran my fingers back and forth over her pussy and at the same time kept loving on her breasts, driving her wild. Eventually I slipped a finger under her panties…she was wearing bikini panties so they didnt cover much. I could tell that she hesitated but by then I had the tip of my finger on her clit and began to tease it. She was so hot by now she didnt want to stop me. I kept playing with her pussy and gradually worked one finger inside just a little bit and at the same time worked her panties down a couple inches to give me some room. I didnt think she’d let me pull them off yet and I sure didnt want to spoil it by trying. Her skirt was somewhere up around her hips by this time. I slid the tip of my finger in and out of her pussy just a little and felt her hips begin to move up and down in rhythm. Without stopping I eased one leg over hers and then my other one until I was between her legs and then took my cock out and let it rub against her panties, still playing with her pussy with one hand, and my mouth all over her breasts. She grew still and asked what I was doing and i told her I just wanted it close to her. She was so hot by then that she accepted that. Then I began to really work on her nipples…sucking them, nipping them with my teeth, licking them, and at the same time thrusting a little against her pussy through her panties. I could feel her responding. I reached one hand down and under her and ran my fingers up and down her crack and at the same time eased her panties to the side and let my cock touch her pussy lips. I began to thrust a little letting the head of my cock slide back and forth over her lips and clit. I knew then that she was mine but I didn’t want to panic her by forcing it in. Pretty soon her hips were moving with my cock and the lips were opening for me. I slipped both hands under her ass then and pulled her cheeks open a little so that it would stretch her pussy open a little more. I played with her pussy with my fingers underneath her driving her wild, but also so she couldnt tell what was my fingers and what was my cock. Then I let just the tip of the head touch her opening and began to ease just the head in and out. By that time i think she knew what was happening but she wanted it as bad as I did and didnt try to stop me. I kept kissing her and began to slide the tip of my cock in and out of her pussy, keeping a little pressure on it so that it gradually went deeper and deeper until I felt her cherry. By this time her hips were matching me thrust for thrust and I could tell she was about to cum. I had decided I would hold back this first time until I had completely pleasured her. I kept thrusting and she kept getting hotter and hotter. Her hips were coming up to meet me now and she was thrusting her breasts in my mouth. Then she started really moaning and wrapped her legs around me and I knew she was coming. That was the moment I was waiting for. I knew that that was the moment that her pussy was the most ready for me. Just as she reached the peak of her orgasm and was coming down…I thrust a little harder and felt her cherry break and I slid all the way inside her. Her orgasm had loosened her pussy up and it didnt really hurt her. Wow she was tight. I had to be still for a few seconds to get myself under control and then I started stroking in and out. At first she just lay there but then her hips took over and she began to thrust with me until I felt her coming again. I pulled out right at the last and came on her thigh. I pulled her tight against me then and just held her and talked to her, telling her how special I felt being her first, and how much I liked her. We made love a couple other times, but then she moved away with her parents and I didn’t see her anymore.

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