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Sex in the bathroom at school

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: in a school bathroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was 12 years old. I had stayed after school for a club which my current boyfriend was in too. we were kissing passionatly in the hallway but 3 of my friends came so we moved by the steps. we started kissing slowly at first but then things heated up. he is an extremely great kisser. he was pulling me close and i oculd feel his hard dick against me. we heard somebody cooming so we had to run so we woudnt get caught. we were walking down the hallway talking he asked me the question was i a virgin i told him yes he said he wasnt but it didnt matter. he asked me would i ever let him. i tld him i didnt know i SHOULD wait but he makes me wanna do it. well we continued walking and we passed by the girls bathroom he pulled me inside with him. he pushed me up against a wall and gave me the best kiss i ever had.i could feel his very large dick against me and my hormones started raging. i put my arms around him a pressed myself closer. eventually we would up in a bathroom stall still kissing. but now he started exploring he had his hands up my shirt caressing my breasts and finally he took my shirt off as well as my bra and he began sucking on my nipples which ewre immediatly hard. he moved lower and started kissing my stomach and my bellybottom going lower he unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down then he pulled down my panties. the began rubbing my clit which had me moaning but i tried to be quite so we woudnt get caught. he then started eating me out it was soo good hed nuzzle his head in my tight pussy and lick and suck. i could feel his tounge in me . he was rock hard by now and stood up. he asked me if he could get in? i was soo happy i wanted more so i said yes he positioned me against the wall with my legs spread and sowly slipped his dick into my tight pussy. at first it hurt it felt liek i was being streched but he started going in and out slowly at first but then faster we had a rythm. it was soo good i was moaning he had to put his hand over my mouth because i was soo loud. i cummed and was kinda of embarresed but he assured me it was okay about 5 minutes later he cummed in me and he let out a moan. we continued for about 45 mins but eventually got too tired to continue. we both got dressed and kissed pssionatly. he held me in his arms and assured me everyhting was okay after all we used protection.we went outside with everybody else who was waiting for the activity bus. no one asked where we were they just smiled at us. i sat dwn to think about everythng that had happened and i started crying because i coudnt believe it. he held me in my arms and reassured me until the bus came. i will never forget my first time it as also my best time

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