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sex with best friend is great

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well, I was over my best friends house, Katie, and we were
just watching tv, and her parents had just left the house
to go to a movie. I had a girlfriend at the time, and we
made out alot, but we never really went “all the way.”
My best friend also had a boyfriend, and they never went
there either. So we started talking about doing it with our
repected loves at the time, and we said how we were nervous
about it, so we decided to try it out together. She came
over and sat next to me, unbuttoning her shirt. She had the
nicest titties i have ever seen, not too big, but not too
small. I undid her bra, and started feeling and rubbing them,
then I started licking and sucking them, which was also my
first time doing that. She looked down and saw my fully erect
throbbing penis tenting up my pants. She unbuttoned my pants,
pulled down my fly, and whipped out my 8 inch cock. She
tooknher pants and panties, then took off my jeans and
boxers. She sat on lap and my dick penetrated her pussy,
and she moaned both from pleasure and pain. I started to
thrust in and out, pumping faster and faster. I didn’t have
a condom, so as I was about to cum, i pulled out and spurt
flew on her face. After sighing from the pleasure, she took
finger and wiped the cum off of her face, and stuck it in her
mouth. As I was lying back in the couch, she got on her knees
and started my now soft cock…but the softness didn’t last
long. She sucked all the leftover cum from my first slurge
and started milking the rest out. Then she sucked on it for
5 more minutes till i came again, this time, totally in her
mouth. She then laid down on her back, and i laid on top of
her. I started kissing her, because i had dreamed of this for
a long time…i had secretly been in love with her for like
6 years, so this we a dream come true. I started moving down
her body, sucking on her tits, them moving down to her pussy
again. I started sucking her clit, and she came again, and I
swallowed all her juices…they tasted so good. She then
rolled on her stomach, then was on her hands and knees,
starting to try to stand up. I grabbed her tiny, hot ass and
thrust my cock into it. I didn’t need to lube it up or
anything, seeing it was already wet and slick from her cunt
juices. I had dreamed of fucking her in the ass and now was
my chance. I fucked her hard and long that way…until i came
in her ass. We layed on the floor naked for a few minutes,
getting out barrings back. We got dressed and sat back on the
couch, but she pulled my fly down and started giving my a
hand job. I had came again for the 4th time, and she licked
the cum off her hand and the tip of my cock. As she zipped me
up, she told me she had wanted to try all the methods to see
if she could do it…and she did it well. She fucked her
boyfriend the next week, but she said i was so much better
than he was…with his 4 inch dick. We fucked a couple more
times within the next few months, and went out for a year,
until she thought it would corrupt our friendship..which i
thought was bullshit…but anyway. THis was my first fuck,
and so far, my best.

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