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Sex with my bosses daughter!

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My bosses house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

My first time I still consider the best, even now. I was very innocent at the time and knew absolutely nothing about sex. My parents were very conservative and did not want to talk about it. However, this did not prevent me from being horny all the time. I worked part time for a while after school with a friend of my dad’s that had a carpet cleaning business. He had three beudiful daughters that I think were as innocent about sex as I was. One of them just turned fifteen. She was a knockout blond and I was always having fantasies about her (mostly in my dreams). One day after work I ended up at their house. My boss was still working at another house. Only Janet (the fifteen year old) and I were there. She was in the bedroom when I got there and when she came out she only had a bathrobe on. She said she needed to tale a shower and to make myself at home. I said okay. While she was in there I kept thinking about her and getting horny. I was standing in the hallway between the bedroom and bathroom when she came out and I had a big bulge in my pants (I have a big penis). I tried to hide it but she saw it anyway. She looked at it with a shocked look on her face and then looked away. She looked back at me kind of nervously and then went into the bedroom. I followed her to apologize but when I got there I did something different. She sat down on the bed and said “I really like you Rich” and I said I liked her too. I sat down and I kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back at the same time. Believe it or not it was my first kiss of a girl too. Her legs were partially open and when I pulled away I could see some of her pubic hair. We were both breathing really hard and I was getting hornier by the second. At the same time I was scared to death her dad would catch us. I got up and quickly closed the door. When I came back she was lying down on the bed, totally flushed, breathing hard with a wild crazy look on her face. I think I looked the same way. At this point the bulge in my pants was enormous and I thought I would come in my pants.I lay on top of her and we started kissing each other. At this point here bathrobe came open and I started kissing and licking her breasts while taking off my cloths and kicking off my sneakers. When I kicked off my shorts and underwear exposing my swollen rock hard penis I remember her saying “oh my god” and breathing harder. She quicly threw off her bathrobe and flew it on the floor. Remember we were both totally innocent at the time and did not know anything about how to have intercouse. Her legs were partly open when I lay back down on her and I just started rubbing my penis against her pubic hair and then on her clit (the outside of her vagina). We were both panting like crazy and saying ahhhh. She was super wet down there and this made my penis wet. I would have come right then except I was breathing so hard and my heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to pass out. Suddenly while rubbing my penis down and up I started to come inside of her. She was really wet and tight and I must have started breaking her hyman. She made a big loud Ahhhh sound and hunched her back. It felt so good though that I could not stop. Also, when I looked down for a second I could see blood. We were both definitely virgins at the time. It felt so good that I just kept pushing my big throbbing penis slowly deeper inside of her. At the the same time we were both in a bear hug with me on top of her and I was resting my whole body on hers. We were both bathed in sweat and she had her legs rapped around the small of my back. Finally I had my whole throbbing penis iside of her with my balls tightly pushed against her clit. I could even feel her cervix (however I didn’t know what it was at the time). It was then I came the first time. I must have really let out some semen because her vagina became really sopping wet and bigger too. She must have felt it as well. She kept saying “oh god, oh god”. She might even have come too. I never lost my erection probubly becouse I was so horny at the time. We laid there with myself all the way inside of her still and started french lissing each other hysterically. Suddenly at the same time we started moving our pelvises back and forth against each other. It was almost like instinct. My penis kept moving in and out while she made likewise movements. We were holding each other super tight with our sweat glueing us together with my arms under her back and my hands under her head. We were both panting like animals. She must have been coming at this point becouse she kept clawing my back and even biting me at times. Her towes were also tightly curled I noticed. We must have been doing this for like half an hour. Finely I got that feeling when you know you are going to come and you just can’t stop. At my last thrust I went all the way into her really wet soft pussy and then I came for the second and best time. It felt like I had a five minuete orgasim and boy did it feel good. I can can describe how good it felt. After it was over we lay for a while with me on top of her just breathing really hard like after a good workout (which is what we had). I think we both almost fell asleep. We must have been like this for like an hour. Suddenly we heard the front door open and we both knew who was home (especially after a familiar voice shouted out “is anyone home”). We quicky got up and got dressed. The bed was totally soaked with our sweat, some blood (from her hyman breaking) and probubly some of my semen. After getting dressed we quickly pulled off the bedsheets and secretly washed them later. Thank god her dad never found out and she never got pregnant. However, we continued to be lovers and had many more exciting and orgasmic sexual encounters, but that first time was absolutely the best.

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