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sex with my cousin

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: my cousins house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My cousin emily is a year younger then me she is very attractive
anyways one day when i was talkin to her on icq we started to talk
sex and i asked her if she masterbated she said she did once
a day in the shower we started to talk more about sex and she
then said im really wet now and i said that i had a huge boner
she told me to come over so we could talk more about sex so i
walked over to her place and when she opened the door she had
on a short tight skirt she told me that she just got out of the
shower and i knew what she meant we were talking in the hallway
when i dropped my pen and she was standing there so bent over
picked it up and then got a good look up her skirt she had on
these white suddle panties she caught me looking and she said
i have to see yours now but i didn’t want her to see cause of
my stiffy so she thensaid come on and started to take my pants
off thats when she saw my boner and said wow thats huge then
just out of great hornyness i bent down got on my hands and
knees and i hyked up her skirt and pulled off her panties to
see a nice fury bush she then pulled up her panties and skirt
and ran halfway upstairs then she showed me her pussy and said
come on so i ran after her she was still at the stairs with
her panties down and skirt up so reached for her and grabbed
her by the hips and pushed my face in to her wet pussy i
started to lick her pussy with my tongue tasting those awesome
jucies of hers she said lets go to my room and have sex cause
were both virgins her room was big and girly with backstreet
boys posters and all that kind of stuff i put her on her
bed and pulled off her skirt to see her full muff she then
said that she always used to masterbate about me i said i did
the same i pulled off her tank top and to reveal a nice
pair of breasts round plump i sucked on her tights till
they were good and hard she unzipped my pants and pulled down
my boxers and she said get on your back so i can suck your
dick when she was doing this i could see her breasts bounce up and down
while she sucked then i blewmy load in her mouth she swallowed it
all it didn’t take long to get hard again then iwas still on
the bottom she mounted me and we fuck for half and hour till we both
cummed at the same time i rolled her onto her back and i went down
and ate her pussy and she came again all over my face so i
leaned over and frenched her i think shed liked the taste
of it me and emily fuck at least once a week now and we
don’t really love each other we just say were doin it for

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