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Sex with my dog

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: bedroom
Langauge: Englich
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Ok so my name is Jenna. Im 16 years old. i lost my virginity to my dog! kinda sad. lol anyway! i wear a size 3 in pants. im very fit and i have D breasts. Blonde hair green eyes. I was home alone one day (today, accually we just finished lol 03/31/10) and i had just taken a shower and i was getting out and i dryed off. Normaly id get dressed and watch a movie or sumthing but i decided to stay naked tonight. I went in my bedroom where my german shepred was laying and remembered that my tv was brokrn so i went in my older bros room and brought the dog(max) along with me. I turned on the Tv and nothing was on so i turned to the dvd channel and clicked play…..i was shoked to find that it was porn in the dvd player!!! i was ganna turn it off but i kinda liked it so i watched and i got really wet really fast. when it was over i was just sitting there. and i spread my legs to get my pussy some air and the next thing i new max was licking my pussy!!! i went to push him off but i kinda liked the feeling so i let him and closed my eyes but when i felt a suddon pain in my pussy i pushed him off to find her had just popped my cherry!!! it didnt hurt but 4 a sec and he already took my virginity away so i was like wth? and i looked at his cock and it was at least 8 in long and 2 wide! (not bad 4 a dog lol) and so i got on my hands and knees on the floor and he cam over licked me 4 a few seconds and then fucked me hard in my pussy!! it felt sooo good but it was kinda weir cause he was my dog but he was going soooo fast i didnt care!!! and when i cam he didnt stops making me go CRAZY!!!!! when he cam in me he kinda backed off. But i remembered after i cam the guy liked it when the girl blew him. So i hesitated at first but i eventually blew him and it was AMZING!!! way better then a man cock!!!so i put ins fron legs on my back and he fucked mt hard in my mouth until he cam again. His cum again was WAY better then any mans!!! Ladies out there if u have a big dog……try it!!!! it was the best ill EVER have!!!!!

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