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sex w/the cousin in the car

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: the car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I am a junior in high school, and I have a 13 year old cousin named Julia.
It took me a while to realize that she is really beautiful. She and I were
really good friends, and I often hooked her up w/other guys,
but she never went past first base. One day my brother was
sick with mono and I had to give her a ride to school every
day anyway. On the way there we talked about sex and how
far we had gone. She told me about not going past first
base and I jumped on it. “What do you mean you haven’t
gone past first base?!”I said, sqeezing her tits(size 32b),
” look at you, you’re hot!” She then told me straight up
that she would like to see what a penis looks like when
hard. By the way I was driving the one hour loop to
school we have to drive every day. By this time I had
a mean stiffy, and of course I let it out for her to see.
She told me to hurry up and get to the car after school
so we could “take our time” driving home. I barely made
it throug the school day until the bell rang. I sprinted
to the car. By the time we were on the road home she told
me to take the short cut with backroads. We pulled off on
one and I asked her if she wanted this. She(thank God!) said
yes, and I immediately kissed her. She pulled off her shirt
and told me her cup size. I leaned back her seat and got on
her. She unzipped her army camo pants, and the white cotton
panties were soaked. I immediately began eating her out,
swallowing all the pussy juices. She then told me she was
ready. I was of course naked at the time and positioned my-
self to stick it in. I did so slowly, considering my cock
is 9 inches measured at a guy contest. She began moaning,
and so did I. We made love fog about ten minutes before we
both came simultaneously. She the said she wanted to see
what anal sex was like, and I said no prob. She had a really
tight asshole, but it eventually stretched. It took me 15
minutes to come doing that, but when I shot my load in her,
I thought it was way better than han jobs. While we were
finishing the drive with a good blowjob, she told me that
she liked me and had not wanted me just to show her. So for
the last few months we have tried to fuck as much as possible,
which of course I have no qualms against.

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