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Sexy Neighbor Lady

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Her House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

The lady next door had talked to me across the fence and asked me if I would like to do some chores and earn some pocket money. I said I would.

She had a kid and her husband had two jobs and I hardly ever saw him so she wanted me to mow the lawns and do odd jobs around the house. My parents thought it was a good idea, and so did I, particularly that afternoon while I was painting a toy box for her in the basement and she came in there wearing a bikini and asked me if it looked okay. She wanted to surprise her husband. They were going to the lake that weekend and she wondered if he’d like it.

I said it looked real good. She asked if it looked sexy. She had a real cute body for a woman maybe 25 years old and I nodded and I smiled and I said he was a lucky guy.

She started helping me, and fooling round and then began to rub my shoulders and said I had a real nice body. I said she had a real nice body too, and then she asked if anyone had ever given me a massage. I said they hadn’t. She was kneeling behind me and then began to rub my back and her hands kept coming from my shoulders and going down the front inside my shirt and then she rubbed my chest and her hands each time kept moving further down my belly past my navel.

I liked the way it made me feel. My cock got really stiff, and then she told me to lie down upon my back and take my shirt off and then knelt across me with her knees on either side of me and rubbed my shoulders from the front.

The top she wore was loosely fitting and allowed for me to see her tits and nipples each time that she leaned forward, and then as if she caught me she asked what I was looking at? I said she had the nicest nipples I had seen. She smiled and she stopped for just a moment as she then undid the top and took it off. Her tits just hung there, and my hand reached up and touched each one. She asked if I had been with girls. I knew that she meant sex. I told her three. I watched as then she moved downward to where she then undid my pants and felt my cock and took it out, and then took off the rest of her bikini, her cunt the biggest pussy I had seen!

It was obvious she wanted to fuck me! My penis felt the wetness as she rubbed it in between and then a moment later my cock was going in! Her cunt was just as tight as any girl I’d ever been with, and she fucked like she had never had fuck this good before!

The deed was soon completed. I had vowed I’d never tell. My cock was still inside her as she asked about the three girls I had been with?

I’d fucked my sisters friend three weeks before in the bushes out back behind our house. My sister wasn’t home when she had come to visit and so we started talking, getting friendly, and then had gone out back into the bushes, then we fucked. She also had a boyfriend who I really didn’t like, so that was even better. And then there was also a girl from school whose house I had gone to to do a school project. It was one day after school. She liked me lots and also liked to fuck and we were soon completely naked in her bed.

I wasn’t her first cock. Her mother caught us fucking in her bedroom when she heard her daughter squealing in the final moments of orgasm, and had pulled me from on top of her, my cock still squirting cum! It was horrific! It was wild! I was thrown from the house while still completely naked, my cock still somewhat stiff and wet from fucking and her mother screaming at me as my clothes were thrown to me on the lawn!

There had also been a cousin whose virginity I’d taken as she had taken mine the previous summer at the lake. I didn’t really fuck her, though her hymen had been broken when my cock went in too far, and then we stopped, the two of us too scared perhaps to finish. We had written to each other since. She had gotten on the pill and had promised to complete the deed next summer when our families met together at the lake.

Suddenly I felt her cunt begin to squeeze. She smiled as she watched, as she felt my cock get big, and the second time she fucked me was enough to make her climax not once but several times.

We fucked regularly after that, for almost four years during which time she gave birth to another child. She suggested it was likely mine, though I knew quite well it could well have been her husbands for she would describe to me in detail the fucks that they would have. She also fucked another guy, a guy she met once while getting her car fixed.

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