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sexy saritha anty

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: native place
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

First let me introduce myself I am raj from of tamilnadu. I could remember some incidents which happen between me and my aunty when I was young. I was 21. My first sex encounter was with my aunty (Uncles wife) she was 32. She had an attractive sexy figure. 38D-28-36 sarithe is her name, 4 years back when I was 17 years, my aunty come to my home for some money problem.at that time I’m studing +2.one day I was not able to go school because of my lazyness, later I wake up and go bathroom to fresh up,at that time I saw her,she was coming from her bath. She just had a towel around her. I could see her brest and other things, she was too sexy in wet condition . From that day I’d been thinking of her and masturbate very often imaging her beautiful sexy body of saritha. She wores only sari it give me a clear visible of her cleavages, I watch her brest whenever I get the chances. it is summer season, she alwaya take night bath i make a plane to see her nude. where the bathroom is backside of our house. where the top of the barhroom in not properly built,I made a hole in the bathroom, to see my aunty nude,the night came she go to bath,when she close the door,I ran to bathroom,it is night time no one can see me even her.she switch on bathroom light, she were the red sari with blouse,I watching her with lot of pleasure,first she removed her sari, now she only with blouse and pavada, then she removed her blouse and pavada, I see her brest it is white in colour it made me mad and I saw her pussy it full of hair, due to my luck she take razer blade and shave her pussy, while shaving her pussy she get the mood this made me masturbate at the time, while she take bath her brest move right and left. After bath she were her blouse and pavada without bra and inner garment, then she were a pink colour sari, then she left the bathroom. Then I go to bed and I dream her, suddenly she came to my room,I acted I’m in deep sleep, she came near and sleep in my bed. I’m become nervers,
All went to bed. Aunty is very close to. I was so nervous. My aunt was in deep sleep. After 2 hours, I got up and I see my sexy anty she where in ddeep sleep. I slowly touch her head then I put my hand over her there is no restriction,this made me fearless, slowly I pull down her sari upto her stomach, slowly I place my hand on her brest it is riseing up and down, I feel her brest is hot then I press and I touched the lower portion of her thigh…She suddently turned. I was scared. But she look too sexy, I don’t want to leave the oppertunity . so I unbutton her blouse one by one. Finally I managed to see sher brest. I touched her nipple, it is soft I kiss her brest and suck her nipple. This time I was a little courageous. I slowly slid my hand up her thighs. In the night it was time for fire works .she pressed against me I touch her hips and drawed her buts close to my pennis she murmer first but I rise her pavada woow what a lady……. I LOST MY CONTROL. And I slowly press her boobs it was too soft.while my peni grow stonger,and I take my rod and keep it on middle of her brest,then I tight her brest, then I do fucking process in her brest, she murmerat the time but I never minh it. then I slowly rise her pavada then I kiss her pussy and my hand was pressing her boobs. And my rod moved to her hot pussy, I insert my rod in her, she woke up, I so scared b’cz she is my uncles wife.but She slowly asked me in my ears – “hey what r u doing” I couldnt answer.. I was very excited that to hear “do what ever u know”from my sexy anty saritha.I was totally mad. I squeezed and sucked her boobs with all my eagerness. She was telling – suck my boobs and pussy. Then I kiss her lips It was very sexy. I licked it and she felt very fine doing that. Then I moved downwards. I was eager to enter my dick in to her. Then she asked me to kiss her pussy. She spreaded her legs and I could feel the smell of the woman. she spreaded her sexy whitish legs.. Then I sucked her pussy lips very hard. This continued for sometime. Then I stop and I took my dick and kept in her pussy. Then she took my dick and enter it to her hole. I entered it with some pain. I laid down on her and fuck her pussy gently. I fuck her for 10 minutes. I always dreamed about. After that we have sex thrice or more in a week and I love fucking her. My e-mail is I will be waiting for your mails. Take care Bye

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