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Shave it all off

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Where it happened: her appartment
Langauge: English
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

i had gone to visit my sister at college, and one night she took me to a party. It was kinda borring for me because i didnt know anyone. But then i met kate. She was a burnette, with big tits, a nice ass, and the hottest face and body in have ever seen. Oh ya, she 0
After a little while, we both decided that the party was retarded so we went to her place and went to her room. She sat me down, and to my suprise went right to work unzipping my pants. After she got my boxers off, she looked at my cock. She notcied that i and 1/2 inches. She then got up and started to walk to the bath water and insructed me to saty there. I then heard bath water running, and i got real turned on!
After 5 minutes of waiting she motioned for me (still naked) to come to the bathroom and sit in the tub. The water was hot ass hell! But it felt good. She then knelt down by the tub and started to wash me. She didnt want to do anything else than that for 45 minutes, and neither did I. Then she told me to get out of the tub, and sit on the toilet, (which had the cover down). She then told me to close my eyes so i did (awaiting a blow job). Then i felt her rubbing something all over my scrotum, and around but not on my cock. I couldnt figure out what it was (i still had my eyes closed) but it tingeld.
Then all of the sudden, i felt something go downward across my pubes, and then back up. So i opened my eyes to find out that she was shaving off my pubes!!! I wanted to say stop, but it felt too good, and i was turned on by it! my 6 and 1/2 inch erection then grew to 7 inches because i was so turned on! it took her 15 minutes to shave it all of but i was so hard i was ready to bust a nut. Then she gave me a pill that she had in her medicine cabinet and put it in my mouth (my eyes were closed again) she then told me what it was…VIAGRA!!!!!!
Oh god was i turned on at this point! Immediately after that, she took me, with my bald scrotum and pubic region to her room and stripped. Then she threw me a condom and told me to put it on!! it felt so good against my bald skin. She got on the bed, and said “come here mike”. So i eagerly and hornily got up, and laid on top of her. She then said stick it in, while massaging my bald scrotum. I couldnt believe how good it felt. I guess i was turned on by it because she had power over me but it wasnt s&m. So i stuck it in and then she said “i made you a boy and now im gonna make you a man” so i started fucking her tight ass warm nicely damp&wet pussy, and god it felt good. After 5 minutes of this i came inside of her.
30 minutes later when the viagra kicked in i felt like such a stud! i fucked her 5 times back to back. When the 6th time came, she led me to the kitchen, and took away all of the condoms, she then lubed up my dick, and said “stick it in my ass” so she leaned over on the counter top and i stuck it in. It took me a while to get it in at first but when i did it was tight as hell on my rock hard now huge cock. I fucked her in the ass for 9 minutes and every pump got better untill i came!!!
After that night i knew i wanted to go to that college (well just call it university of ___________) so i did. She was in her senior year when i got there, and i moved in with her. i still live with her, and she still shaves me and feeds me viagra when im not suspecting it often. but i love it. have your girlfriend shave you some time, and dont use that “im to macho” shit for an excuse not to, because i was the captain of the high school football team, and now i play pick up soccer, plus i am ripped and i love it. Believe me, a very macho guy that pubic hair shaving feels pheonominal.

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