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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: COUSINS HOUSE
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

Well my name is jenny and my family was over my cousins house they were having a bbq and we were invited.So everybody started to get drunk and it was only my aunt,uncle,mom,dad,and my little 2 cousins.The grown ups wanted to go dancing they did that before and came back like at 2 a.m so they left and left me and my cousin anthony
in charge they said that they might be back in a couple of
hours we said ok so we had put my little cousins asleep so it was only me and my cousin anthony awake.So he said what did i wanna do i said in a joke wanna look at a porn movie he said ok I guess he took it for real and i said i dont have
any he was horny for a reason and he said if i wanted to make my own porno with my dads camara i said ok.
So i took it out and i laid on the floor he had the camara
and i started striping i took off my shirt then my skirt
so i only had my braw a thong and my shoes. i took my shoes
off and i bent over to let him get a good look at my ass
i took my braw off and i had some 36c tits nice and round
i left my thong on and walked tords him i told him to strip
so he took off his shirt and he had a nice body he took off
his pant and shoes and u could see a big bump on his underwaer he laid down on the couch and i sat on top of him
he took the camara and we started to kiss i had my toung all the way down his throat i sucked on his lips and he sucked on mine i started rubbing his chest and he started to suck on my nippels he asked me if he could make me some hekkies i said sure so he made like 4 of them 2 on each tit.
He picked me up and set me on the couch so that i was on bottom he kept sucking on my tits and rubbing them.He went dowm and started liking my stomach i opened my legs and he started to lick my wet pussy i told him to take off my thong so he took it off and started eating me out good he kept telling me how sweet i was and he kept drinking my juices for like 10 min i came on him like 3 times then he stood up and said if i was going to pleasure him i said yes.
I took his underwaer off and started licking his dick
he had pre cum all over his head it didnt taste that salty
it was good i started sucking his dick hard and jacking him off while i fingerd my clit he said he was about to cum in me i said i dont care so he came and that shit was salty i didnt want to spit it out
so i swalloed it his dick started to shrink he said he didnt
have the energy to fuck me so i we waited for 20 min then he just got on top of me lifted both my legs up and entered me fast he was fucking my harder and harder i felt like crying for a while but then it started to feel good we fucked in that possition for like 3 min then i started to ride him for like 3 min then he got me doggystyle that was like the best position ever while he fucked me he would massage my ass and tits that felt so good he said he was going to cum again so we stoped and i put his dick in my mouth then i felt his load down my throat then we finished
and cleaned up we fuck all the time we’er alone i love him
and he loves me.

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