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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Bowling Green St. Univ.
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I shut the door to my all-girls (at the time) Mac North dorm room. All the lights were out except for the
dim light shinning in from the street light. There is a mirror and a towel on the dresser next to the medicine
cabinet that I would store my dildo in. My roommate always wanted me to keep the lights off while she was sleepin
so I used a flashlight to see around the room.

Keep in mind that I have always been heterosexual, but I do get incredibly turned on by erotic stories whether they be
straight or gay. I was in Conklin (an all-guys dorm at the time) earlier that night, the guys there made me
watch a couple pornos with them. I was so horny that night that my panties felt as if I had peed in them.
My roommate was home so that may my task so much more difficult. I set the towel on the floor and
stripped myself of all my clothes. I then layed on the floor with the mirror and the flashlight pointed
straight at my pussy. My clit was standing out perfectly behind my little bush of hair. I have to say that I
do have a beautiful clit. I put my head back onto the floor looking straight up at the ceiling. I put two
fingers on my breast and began to fondle it. The nipple was already erect, but I put a little more pressure
on it. It felt great! My other hand was already moving all over by skinny body, touching, feeling, probing.
When my fingers found my clit they brushed it lightly. That touch was enough to send shivers through my
spine. My breathing was harder and I knew I was ready. I picked up my flashlight and began using it as a
dildo. Before going in, I had measured the length of the handle and it was exactly 6 thick inches (“DD”
batteries). I was so excited putting that thing into me, I wasted no time with it. I shoved that thing right
into my sopping wet cunt and in no time all 6 inches was completely inside. I could have brought in more,
but the handle wasn’t long enough. However, the head of the flashlight was bumping my clit causing it to
protrude a little more. So I began to twist that thing around and around again until I got so horny that I
pulled it out quickly and shoved it right back in again, this time inserting two fingers. I felt pretty stuffed,
but my clit needed more. I rubbed it gently first, but soon gentleness turned into madness as my thumb
pushed on it harder and harder.

My moans were too loud at this point that I woke up my roommate. She asked me what I was doing.
There was no hiding it, she knew exactly what I was doing. She came down out of her loft. She looked
mad when she said again, “What are you doing!” I didn’t know what to say. She went to her top drawer
and pulled out an 18 inch double ended dildo. She said, “This will work much better.” We got real close
together and started to go at it together. We stopped with the dildo and started to work on each other. I
didn’t know it before, but I could tell as soon as she went down on me, I could tell that this was not new to
her. She tongue-fucked me with precision that I thought was only intended for fantasy. I gave her a
tongue-lashing that was well deserved. I felt her orgasm coming on, so I nestled my face and mouth in for
a good one. I had never tasted another woman’s juices before. She went back to work on me and finally, I
came with girl juice dripping everywhere. I was breathing hard, my clit was swollen, but I came. And I
felt great! The whole Mac Quad was known as the “Virgin Vault”, well, after that night, there was one less.

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