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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Bathroom Restaurent
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

This is a TRUE story and this is my first time….
We were both at school during the day and working part time. I had
a reputation for being a gentleman, and respecting women. I am 19
years old and I’m 6′ 1″ tall and I have a good square body weighing
210 lbs. The first time I seen her it was at work and she was
looking so sweet and innocent. She was about 5′ 6″ tall with a
magnificent body weighing about 115 lbs. That young and beautiful
girl was named Morgan she was 17 years old and her body was about
28-24-30. She had these pretty good sized soft tits with round pointy
little nipples and a fantastic ass that made me dream of her every
night. She add very nice short red hair that made here face so
gorgeous. Her shape was incredible, she add a little fat just to make
her perfect and her flat stomach was making her even hotter. That
night, we add a christmas party of the company that we were working
for. We were working that day and she was telling me that she add a
boyfriend for 11 months before this last week. She caught is boyfriend
with her best friend so she didn’t trust him anymore and they broked
up. She couldn’t go out very often or very late because she add to much
work at home for her scool. After the day of work she ask me for a ride
to the party so I said ok to go get her at her home at 7 pm.

After changing my self and taking a shower I went at her home to pick
her up. I was so nervess. She open the door and and I seen her for the
first time with not a uniform of work. She add a tight 2 pieces black
silk dress which contrasted greatly with her nice tan. Arriving to the
restaurent, the company add ordered a 2 rooms, one for the diner and
the other for the dancing. After a nice diner, we and 3 other peoples
of the work went to the dance room and sat around for a while drinling
beer, and aving a conversation. Then the DJ arrived so they all went
for too the dance floor but not me, because the last time I went dancing
I was the fool of the day. So I started to drink by myself. I was
looking at her dancing and I was liking her even more but I didn’t have
the guts to go and danced with her. Then the music started to be very
slow so I decided to go but at that moment a other person when to her
and asking her to danced and they were dancing in there arms. So I was
so dissapointed I had the biggest puppy face, at that point she look
at me and she said to the person to stop dancing and she came to me.
Se sat beside me, really close. She ask me why I didn’t go dancing and
I said that I wasn’t good at it. After several drinks several guys came
up to her and asked her to dance but she didn’t wanted to go. She said
that no boby car if I didn’t dance great at less you have fun. Suddenly,
the music changed to a slow number again and she grabbed me by the waist.
I hesitated at first but figured what the hell I went with her on the
stage. She held me close and it was pretty easy. She convincing me not
to be shy with her I was in heaven. We were holding onto each other my
hands were around her waist and her’s were around my neck. Her perfume
seem to tease me, and I could smell the strawberry sent from that shampoo
she was using. I was very much excited. I also was praying that she
wouldn’t notice that my pants had become very tight. I wondering what
she was doing when she started to move her hands down my back and gave
my ass a big squeeze. I was very nervous but happy, she noticed the huge
bulge in my pants,I started to be red but she just smiled, and told me
that it was ok. She kissed my neck so softly, that I was so surprised.
After she kissed my lips softly and then looked into my eyes and smiled.
So I kissed her on the cheek. She leaned forward and whispered in my ear,
“I have a crush on you and I want you to come with me in the girls
bathroom?”. It was the first time a girls was flirting big time. I told
her that she was the most beautiful women that I never seen. She just
smiled and thanked him. After the song, she went in the other room because
the batroom were there. I was just beind her.

We were in the bathroom, I starting to kiss her passionately on her soft
lips and after on her neck. At the same moment grabed her big tight ass.
She started to moaned very softly so nobody could hear but no body could
hear because beside the bathroom was the kitchen and the wear making so
much noise. She said that she was very curious to see my dick. I was nervous,
she asked me how big it was so I told her that had some doubts about it.
I didnt think my dick would be ok for her. She told me that I would be
fine because she was liking me. So I pulled down my pants, and I showed
he my 6 inch dick not erect. She gave a moan of susprise and joy when she
saw it she said that she couldn’t belive it, she was opened her eyes so big.
She then started sucking on it and it felt so good, a felling of a tongue
sucking on my big dick. My monster cock grew I began to get hard. As she
stroked my cock the pleasure was arousing me incredibly. Has my dick grew
she started to change, her eyes got an eye full as my huge cock revealed a
full 12 inches and 3.5 inches of thigh and had a pronounced curve. She wasn’t
disappointed from the sight that she was making. She got up and started to
french kissed me hard with her tongue. So she was getting horny as hell, It
felt incredible.

I removed her top she was exposing her breasts infront off me I was stunned.
I pulled her black skirt off to reveal her slender, silky smooth thighs and
I began to pull her panties down. She was wearing nothing but her bleu high
heels she had. She had a small tuft pubic hair on top her wet pussy. It was
beautiful to me, and only increased my arousal. Placing my hand under one of
her thighs, and using the other one to gently push a side her pussy lips, I
stuck my tongue out and flecked it mildly against her small pink clitoris.
Morgan moaned and shifted, louder than previously, and I continued to fleck
her clit. Pretty soon, I was getting carried away, licking every inch of her
hole with my tongue, but always returning to that pink spot in the middle.
She knelt down in front of me, she was still surprised at the size of my 12
inch cock, and she took it in her mouth, it felt so good. She started stroking
and sucking. But only 1/3 of my monster cock was in her mouth she couldn’t take
more, every stroke her eyes grew big, and now tried to take the whole thing in
her mouth but no chance. I thought I would explode right there, this natural
dick sucker almost made be blow. I looked down, extrememly aroused by the sight
of her nice breasts, and looking her head go back and forth with the motion to
bobbing up and down on my enlarged penis. Just as she started to deep throating
it went until it reached the deep of her throat. After about 20 seconds she
couldn’t take it anymore, and she choke for a 20 seconds none stop she said it
was to thigh. But she gently squeezing my balls and deep throating me for the
second time. That did it, I started to shoot my cum deep in her throat and she
swallowed, but there was to much and some slid passed her lips and down her chin.
My orgasm was so intense she suddenly felt her eyes flooded because I open her
throat to big and it was hurting.

She was exaust, so it was my turn to make her, so I stuck my finger between her
legs, and we began to kiss passionately. I went down in front of her she spread
her lovely legs. I love tasting her delicious pussy she started to moan and
trembled until she was overcome with a powerful orgasm and she was spraying pussy
juice into my mouth and rubbing my face all over her pussy. Her juices were
running down her thighs, It felt so good, and then I realize I was hard and ready
then she said that she add never fucked before a big and huge dick. She said that
she was in shock, because she never seen one so huge of all her boyfriend the
larger he was 7 inches and and 2 inches thick but I was almost double the size.

She look at me just as if she was afraid she hesitated at first but then agreed
to fuck her. I was surprise that her young and experienced was afraid so I said
that I wont do something that she wont enjoy because its my first time, and I
especially want to do it good. She smiled, she was ok with that. I potioned her
up againest the wall in front of me. I grabed her ass with my hands and I picked
her up like a baby up against the wall, she was hanging with one hand from the
plumming pipes she spread her legs open, and with her other hand she guided my
big cock near her hole so I could penetrate her. As I slowly slid my huge cock
into her tight pussy she was bitting her lip to stop from screaming. She I just
held onto my tighter and she was looking into my eyes, and said to my that It
was hurting alot as I entered her. Suddently she blacked out and saw colors, she
was trembling and shaking as the blood rushed out of her tight pussy, she let out
a wild scream. I must have stretched her good, because I add to layed my cock 1/3
of it up into her cunt as she gasped for air. at all. She was so stunned that I
all most knock her out. She wrapped her legs around my waiste and let my 12 inches
go almost all go inside of her until her pubic bone was against mine. She said
that it was hurting like hell and at that moment I just cracked her cherry even
bigger that it was before. She was saying that my huge dick was fiting into her
barely but I was at about 11 inches in to her I was just like fucking the inside
of her stomach. I started to pumped her slowly and by shaking her by makingher go
up and down so as my big cock went in and out of her. As her pleasure increased
she cried out. Has she was saying that she was starting to feel a approach of a
orgasm and that she was enjoying the feeling of my monster cock in her wet hot pussy.
I pushed himself a little further and she started to moan. I grabbed her ass harder,
and pushed hard further into her and she reached her own loud and explosive orgasm.
She was amazed of the quickness a made her have her first orgasm so fast. She was
looking in my eyes, moaning with that mixture of pleasure, pain, and the tightness.
She was starting to be comfortable with the whole thing, she was riding my massive
member like a pro. Throwing her head back in forth, letting her hair get as wild as
she was. I started jack hammering my cock in and out of her as fast as I could. She
started feeling a second climax begin to build so I slowed down and sank my 12 inches
deep into her with each thrust. She said that I was so impressive! I told her she did
too. She asked if this was my first time and I nodded. She kissed me hard and assured
me that it wasn’t hurting her that much now then the last time at the penetration. She
stopped talking and closed her eyes. She stiffened up again like when she came before.
I speeded up and my ass was damn near a blur as the speed of my cock going in and out
of that soaked pussy increased to ramming speed. She raised her legs up over my
shoulder and I looked down and watched my dick go in and out of that oily love tunnel.
So I pushed it in as deep as it would go and I was felling her G-spot so I held it
there. I hammered her deeper and deeper to hit her G-spot so fast. At that point her
tits were rubbing against my chest, her nipples were pointing straight up, I kept on
going hard as I could. My mouth slammed down on her tit so I sucked it hard, and at that
point her tits was going crazy from the hardness I was making her bounce so fast and
with so much power. I was thrusting in faster and faster, she was screaming loud and
with pleasure. She said to me that if I would not explode inside her, she would die!
I said that I was going to come in to her but it yould take a moment. So at that moment
her vigina contracted a little, squeezing my massive cock hard. I wanted to change a bit
the pisiton so I slide my arm between her legs, and by putting her legs on my shoulders
but leaving her against the wall,, while I holding onto her waist and her to my neck.
So my hips started to going wild, she would feel immense pressure into her, then started
have climax after climax non stop. She would hold himself hard until she was gasping
like crazy for air and almost passing out. She told me that feeling was so incredible.
I was bouning her back and forth with momentum and so much power that we alost did a hole
in the wall. I was pounding her the hardest and fastest that I could, she scream of
excitment in the process she said: “Oh my God! OH MY GODDDD!!!!”. I could feel her warm
thigh pressing against mine. I was sweating hard, I said I will ejaculate in her, So
I rock her with every thrust I could give her, and at that moment a high-pitched very loud
squeal at the same time that she came by oozing her pussy juices like crazy, and my monster
cock was still pounding in her leaking vagina. She started screaming with passion as
her last climax approached. “Fuck me! Oh yeah baby, bang me HARD!! fucked my brains out.”
Then she scream violently, with a “PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!” she stretched and the
pressure when I pushed it deep was immense. I softly moaned with each incredible squirt
in to her huge cock and my big load of cum I was hurting her so badly because it
didn’t had enyspace for both in her tight pussy so I took my massive dick out of her
and it made a huge popping sound went my head got out of her small pussy. After I pulled
out of her, she was amazed to see my cum dripping out of her tight pussy. She collapsed
in my arm with because she add so much pleasure and she was exhaust and I was still olding
her by her wet ass.

She looked at me and smiled of pleasure she was so tired she didn’t add eny energy. I was
tired but I wanted more, so I ask her if she wanted more for a little bit longer. She
smile and looking at me as if she never saw me before and said ok but now only in my ass
because I can feel my pussy enymore. I turn her around to fucked her in her ass but
standing against the wall, after she bent down to give me all her ass. Slowly I stuck
my 12 inch fully erected dick up her ass. My monster dick entered slowly from behind
and I was fucking her like a horse. I start to pump her in a frantic pace and eventually
I was pounding her like a maniac! I grabed her ass by pulling her tword my massive dick.
I was pushing so much roughly through her little ass that she cried and moan like crazy!
I was experienced a feeling that no words could describe. She was tight, warm, and very
wet, which drove me absolutely wild. She was sceaming so hard for a other orgasm, I came
so hard that my balls were hurting. I felt like I was completely empty on the inside.
It was really tight and she told me that it was hurting so much. I pulled it out and
entered her again, this time more slowly. I fit almost all of it in and began to push
back and forth, loosening up her ass a little. Soon she began to enjoy it and started
moving her hips to my motion. We just kept going faster and she started to scream in
pleasure, she was so aroused. This drove her over the edge. I was slamming her faster
and deeper by kepping hitting her ass has hard against my huge penis. She started to say
that she couldn’t stand it much longer so I started fucking her from behind really hard,
and I pound her has hard and with as much force as I could. she screammed in delight we
I shot my huge load in her ass most of it spilled out after I took out my big tight member
out of her small tight ass. She told me that was the greatest orgasm and greatest sex that
she ever had in her life. It was the best day of my life!!

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