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She said yes. So I did her

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Age when it happend: 21
Where it happened: 2nd cousins bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

For years I teased all my cousins. I was 21 when one of my cousins said shut up and put your mouth down here and prove it. SOME BACK GROUND FIRST. I am Mike. I was the brat that would unlock the bathroom door and barge in on the girls. I pulled the skirts up and pulled shorts down on every girl I could. I got beat up and I deserved it. I was a sex perv and jacked off every chance I got. I talked sex trash like a perv also. I spent all my money on Porno. I lost my virginity at age 13 to a stranger and for all my wanting sex and thinking sex I only had sex three times to some slut losers by the age of 18. I got a STD from my last encounter and had to lay off for 6 months . I became a mechanic and made good money trying to correct my life. Well I broke my leg and they gave me steroids and I worked out my upper body. I looked good and the Roids made me so Horny I got back to thinking of  sex all the time. I was rock hard 24 7 and started my old habits. I have 7 cousins all girls from age 19 to 8. I teased them all. LeeAnn I will call her was 13 and feeling her oats as a full blown teen. Five of the girls all first cousins but LeeAnn  ,  started to wrestle me outside. Well I had four of them down and some one grabbed my nuts ouch. Well I started stripping them and feeling them up. I was really bad.  Grabbing ass and squeezing tits. I smeared dirt and rubbed them in the grass two of the older girls I had buck naked. They were getting out of control so one by one I warned them then spanked their ass’s till they broke to crying . Two of them I had to spank twice before they quit and gave up. So I marched back to the house with their undergarments in my possession. They came in red faced past their parents mad and mouthy. My Aunts and Uncles had raised eyebrows. LeeAnn in front of everyone took ten or so swings to slap and kick me in front of everyone . She was bare chested and didnt care. I blocked them and then I had enough . I snatched her kicking and screaming put her over my knee, pulled her skirt over her head and spanked her ass saying when you quit, I quit. She thrashed and I pulled her underpants down exposing her ass to everyone and kept swatting saying be still and I’ll quit. I swatted her and my hand was on fire. I figured she didn’t know how to quit so I just held her still and she stopped squirming. I’ll be a good girl she said through the tears . I pulled her skirt over her ass patting her bare back. She lay over my knee not moving for a while and went up stairs and I went home next door. I came back with dinner and all the girls were washed up and slightly angry but they gathered around the table and I didn’t make them sit. I was in charge of the cousins as their parents had Gone to see a show in the next town. Which means from 6PM to midnight I was the big man in charge . Cousin Mike did you spank LeeAnn too hard said my 8 year cousin who was not there. I walked over to LeeAnn in her nite gown faced her to me and ass facing her little 1 st cousin. I lifted the night gown showing her red ass and I could see her pubes from the front. Better get something on that they said. We finished eating and it was bed time. I had an aloe plant and I called LeeAnn leaned her over my knee and rubbed the fresh crushed aloe on her ass . I did the same with my 18 and 17 year old  cousins. Telling them what nice beautiful ass’s they had. How I wanted to finger them in the worst way. The 19 year old my first cousin asked me if her ass made my dick hard. I told her it hasn’t been soft since they put me on steroids. Damn if we weren’t so close i’d make you prove it. I was stroking my cock for weeks with their memories. I was relentless in my sexual harassment patting their ass’s and saying how I’d like to ride them all night. I was talking like this so much.  Maybe a month later my youngest cousin the 8 year old had a inner tube and said ain’t you taking me to the creek. I don’t have my bathing suit or even short pants . You don’t need one everyone is skinny dipping it’s a secret. Yea it is I told her be real quiet. As she stripped I grabbed all their clothes and car keys and hid them. They will be surprised to see you won’t they . Yea they will so we got in naked up stream and it was a full minute until they asked the young cousin how she got to the creek. My cousin Mike drove me and they saw me and went for their clothes and cars and couldn’t get in . I was having fun floating in the inner tube. They were wanting to cover and then we could hear another car and they all came back to the creek. I had six of the seven cousins naked in the creek. When asked if I was naked my 8 year old cousin said he sure is. Ain’t nothing special haven’t you ever changed a diaper. I bobbed my dick above the water and they on the other side of the creek said . Oh boy . I put the 8 year old on my shoulders and said let’s battle like this so we did. My goal was to stay up then my goal was to get my dick under the bottom cousin and poke some pussy. Twice I slid my dick through a slit but passed the target. My biggest problem was an 8 year old cousin hanging on me. She almost had my dick in her several times. Give me a hand here girls hold her she can’t touch bottom. You can’t hurt her Mike . I can too, I’m not having this on my conscious. She has been in my stuff. She has found my vibrator and been using it. You have a vibrator I asked. Everyone giggled. Yes I’m eighteen and this brat is jamming it up her. Sorry cousin Mike she said, I watch everyone else, it feels so good. Can we have our clothes now. Only if I can dry everyone off. So I did. 
That evening I walked up to LeeAnn why dont you let me eat your pussy? No my pussy is not your snack! 
Everyone was in nite gowns ready for bed  I had just read a book about dragons to the youngest and as I shut the door I heard a hum. I flicked on the light and there she was knees up and buzzing under the sheets. I pulled out the wet vibrator and walked out. I went right to the vibrator owner backed her to the wall and pushed the humming machine between her legs. The nite gown was the only thing keeping it out of her vagina. Keep this in a safe place I threatened. She could not get away and I could see her fight the vibrations . I felt I had a new power and put the vibrator in my pocket. All my cousins were thin small busted and very athletic. The three oldest were sexually active and I made sure they were on the pill and had condoms. LeeAnn on the other hand had just started her period last year and was anything but regular. So I told her after she had finished screaming why wasn’t her period normal. Hay you just need some good old fashioned fucking . Then just Fuck me cousin. Or are you all talk. Is that what you want? I asked her. You talk day and night about sex. I took the vibrator out of my pocket turned the 4 inch machine on and placed it in my belt the top poking out. I picked LeeAnn up at her knees and put my hands under her ass her legs were around me and she let the vibes take her in to sexual desire. You know we are second cousins I told her. You won’t your too scared. I kissed her and she gave in pulling me close humping the vibrator. Her gown she pulled up and she kept grinding me . Oh god I can’t stand it take me up stairs . So I took her up stairs and buzzed her pussy . The light was on and she wiggled on the bed as I buzzed her. My cock was hard but I kept my pants on. I could see the hole in her pussy was small and the pointed vibrator couldn’t get in. The vibrator ran out of batteries and stopped just as LeeAnn was climaxing. So I ate her pussy and she got over that hurdle . Thank you cousin as I flopped back. LeeAnn unzipped me and I quickly shot cum everywhere. She continued and practiced blowing me. She climbed up and sat her pussy on me . It hurt her and she rolled to her back . I rolled on and as she said No I had broken her cherry that fast with one hard poke. We had an audience I didn’t know. Keep going it gets better keep going they said. It was hurting LeeAnn and me but I kept fucking . She said eee eee eee with each deep thrust and she soon was fucking with me. I came in her this time . But I didn’t stop and continued hard till I just ran out of energy. I rolled off and LeeAnn rolled on me. She was a fucking machine and she fucked me hard, and we both collapsed and just lay there looking at each other. I played with her pink nipples. I’m a woman now she said . So I get regular periods now? No I was telling a lie so you would fuck me. I got up got some condoms and we fucked all night and never after that.  I got off the steroids and my sex drive fell to zero. I am married and she let’s me fuck 3 times a month . It is enough.
I hope you like the story of my cousins first time.

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