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She was young

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Mom's friends house.
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

This is a strange story and one that is a little shocking, but it was my first time. The circumstances surrounding it were out of my control but I decided that there was nothing to do. My parents were planning for my grandmother to move home from Wisconson to live with us. It was going to take most of two weeks in the summer to get her packed up and move. I had summer soccer and did not go, so my mom arranged for me to spend time with a freind. Well little did I know that I was being set up. I found out too late that I was the babysitter my moms single mom freind needed for the next week or so. Matty was a twelve year old girl who I had always thought was cute, but she was twelve. I was responsible for taking care of her from the morning until about five in the evening.

The third day into it Matty and I were becoming close and we enjoyed doing things together. I was seventeen and she was twelve but I was feeling more and more like she was a pretty girl. She was small and had light brown hair and had breasts, although small. She was also very comfortable around me. She would take her shower and walk out with a towel on and nothing else. I was very aroused by this.

On the fourth day or so she came out of the shower and had her towel on and I said “you should put something on or you might get me excited” She looked at me and smiled and went into her room without saying a word. She left the door open and dropped her towel and started to get dressed in plain sight. I walked to the door and she was dressed by the time we started to talk. I immediately began to move toward a sexual conversation. She said she had not ever talked like this with a boy. I tried to make her feel comfortable by letting her take the lead in the conversation. She started to ask me questions about my penis and everything she did not know I filled her in. I was truthful and shared what I knew and she answered my questions. I found out that she had gotten her period earlier in the year and she had never been touched sexually. Well I decided there would be little harm in teaching her a few things about kissing and stuff. I kissed her and taught her what I knew about kissing and making out. I had never had sex but over the next few days I had rubbed her small breasts and sucked the nipples. She was quite comfortable with nakedness around me and she asked me if she could see my penis and we decided to get our clothes off and show each other. I let her inspect me and touch my balls ans stroke my penis. I then got my chance to see my first pussy. I had her lay on the bed and I knelt on the floor and looked at her pussy and touched the lips and stroked the clit. She said it felt good and I decided to see if she would let me lick her pussy. She gasped as I touched her clit with my tongue but she did not protest. She moaned a little and let out one little sigh but she did not go nuts with pleasure. I licked around for a good twenty minutes and when I stopped my erection was aching. I told her to move up on the bed and she did as I asked. I told her I wanted to have sex and she said she was scared to do it. I told her we didn’t have to but that I might have to masturbate to relieve myself. She kind of quietly said that it would not be necessary and asked me to have sex with her. I got on top of her and we fumbled around until I was at the entrance to her vagina. I pressed gently and she opened her eyes wide as I began to slide in. As I pressed farther she seemed to grit her teeth and told me it hurt. I asked if she wanted to stop and she said no, she wanted me to go ahead. I pushed a little farther and she screamed out, but she said for me to keep pushing. I did and when I got all the way in she told me not to move. After about ten minutes I started move in and out very slow. I asked again if she was ok and she said she was feeling better. I continued to move and then as I felt my orgasm coming I moved faster and faster until I let go in her little hole. After a minute or two I pulled out and she sat up and looked down between her legs and we watched the cum ooze out, it just never crossed our minds about her getting pregnant. We decided to go and take a shower and clean up. We washed each other for no reason, because I think we were both wanting to try it again. We had sex many times over the next few days and I never passed up a chance to baby sit her. I am now the father of a baby. We are trying to be together but our parents try to keep us apart because of our age. I love you Matty, and we will be together.

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