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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: Holiday nudist camp
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

When I was 12, we went away for a family summer holidays to a camp ground by the beach. The camp was all by itself at the end of a small isolated peninsula, surrounded by sand dunes and forest. The camp was what is called ‘clothes optional’, meaning that nudity is okay.

We had been going there for a few years so I was quite comfortable with being nude in front of others, as were my entire family, although this year being 12 was a little different. Going through puberty not only means physical changes such as the sprouting of pubic hair and my dick doubling in size, but rampant hormones as well.

The cabin beside ours was occupied by a family of four, including a slim attractive daughter named Jo, aged 18 at the time of this event. They had been our summer neighbours for four years, so the first time I was only 8 and she was 14. I was naked more or less all day and night while at the camp. I loved being naked and until that year really don’t remember ever thinking sexual thoughts when with other naked people.

But that summer Jo and I were out walking the in forest one morning, as we had done many times before, when Jo suggested we lie down in the grass, a bit off the track. We just lay there facing each other and talked. Then Jo said “I couldn’t help notice that you have grown a bit this year”, at the same time glancing suggestively at my dick. I felt embarrassed and didn’t answer. “Can I touch it?” she asked. Once again I didn’t answer so she took that as a yes and slowly moved her hand towards it.

I nervously pulled my pelvis back a bit, but she reached further and took it in her hand. I can remember feeling incredibly excited and had an erection in about half a second. I got erections a lot but didn’t know what they were for and hadn’t started masturbating at that stage.

Jo then said “Do you know what this is for?” I didn’t answer and I think that she guessed that I didn’t know. “Do you want me to show you?” I nodded, as it seemed the right thing to do. She then got me to lie on top of her through a combination of instruction and moving me.

Not having any idea what to do (it was pre-Internet days) she grabbed my dick and guided it into her vagina. I can remember the most amazing feeling of pleasure, and instinctively started to move it in and out. Within a few seconds it was like I was floating on cotton wool as the most pleasurable feeling imaginable came to my groin. Nothing else in the world existed.

I stopped and lay there on top of her. “Did you enjoy that?” I nodded and then she got me to get off her and lie beside her. We just lay there for quite a while, not talking. About 10 minute later, after a brief giggle and chat about how much we both enjoyed it (I think her enjoyment was mainly from busting a young virgin) we wandered back to the main camp area.

The holiday lasted another 9 days and we fucked every day in the same place – some days up to three times. My biggest issue was not getting an erection while walking around the camp naked, so I had to run for cover a few times. Just the briefest site of Jo’s naked body brought it to attention.
We went back to the camp for most of my teenage years, but that was Jo’s last as she finished school and went overseas. Recently I found her again – 29 years later!! via an ‘Old school mates’ web site but that’s another (equally exciting) story.

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