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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: shower
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I was at my best friends house and her parents were out of town. We were there with her younger brother (14) and everything was going good. Called a few of our buddies and talked to them a while. She needed to go out that night for a while to pick up something at her aunts. It was just me and her brother and he was really being flirtatiouse for a 14 year old. He had a really dirty mouth (he liked to talk about sexual things ) . Anyways i had to jump in the shower when i heard her brother in the bathroom. my friend wasnt back yet and he sounded really horney by the way he was talking. I peeked out the shower curtain and my boob was showing over the side of the curtain. i didnt ask him to get out for some odd reason and he immediatly reached over to gently massage my boob. It felt really good and i was kinda horney also when he admitted he was a virgin but would love to have sex … i said the same and he kissed me. I stepped out of the shower (naked obviously) and undressed him. I could see his little immature cock pointing straight up through his boxers. I took down his boxers and and caressed his dick. at first i was gentle but i wanted to see this boy cum so i kneeled down and sucked him and eventually a huge load of salty come shot in my throat. I laid down in the shower with my legs wide open and he fingered me, it felt so good . he was still fully hard so i slid his cock into my pussy and kissed him hardly.Him massaged my tits which felt good but i could hardly feel his small cock. In a three years when i was 21 him 17 we met at the beach. i and his sister still best friends, it wasnt hard to make plans. We stayed at this beach till sunset when he put his hand on my thigh and started to feel me up. he teased my pussy and pulled my hairs . i took off my bikini and my huge chest fell out making him extremely hard. He got undressed and i got him immediatly for his cock must have been 20times bigger . It hurt so bad going in but after that it just glided up and down. His cum dripping out of my pussy felt so good, i will never forget how that felt.

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