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“Shut up, fag!”

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: His bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My name is Lance, and this is one of my many sexual encounters. It’s not my first time, although, this one really did feel like it was my first time again. So I’m here to share it. And yes, it is real.

This memoir takes place when I was a sophomore in high school. My gay best-friend, Eric, needed help on his project for biology class, so I told him I was coming by for a homework day. I’ve been knowing Eric for just a few months, but it felt like I’ve been his best friend since junior high. Well, because we basically saw each other nude. I came over to his house in my basketball shorts and tank-top that reveals my skinny figure, thinking it’s just going to be Eric and I, but he brought along two other girls. It was okay. I didn’t mind them, just more hands to help out. “Lance, you made it!” Eric yelled. He ran towards me and surprisingly gave me a hug, when he never does. I felt his erection forming on my thigh as his body forms around my thin shorts. I pushed him away. I didn’t know how to react. He’s my best friend! After a few, all four of us migrated to Eric’s bedroom towards the homework. It was a weird, I usually come over, but this time when I walked in, it smelt like… cum. I took a look around, and the set-up was the same: bunk bed on one corner of the room and a desk at the other. It was a small room for four people, but it was enough to get work done. After awhile, and the project was half done, we took a break from all the cutting and pasting. The two girls happily sat at the desk going through facebook and what not, so I joined them. A few minutes pasted and I was wondering where Eric went. It is his house. “Eric?” I questioned. “Yeah?” “Where the fuck are you?” “I’m on top of the bunk bed, cm’here!” Usually he doesn’t go on the top of bunk. He doesn’t share rooms, but he has two beds. So I decided to peak up there. I see him laying there, hands behind his head, in boxers, and a maroon shirt. His dick was hard for some reason… I glanced at his crotch and his boxers perfectly outlined his boner. I never noticed how big he was. I looked at him and I knew what I wanted. I climbed on of the bunk and slowly crawled on top of him. It felt so wrong, but I was gay and horny. I couldn’t resist. I gave him a kiss on his lip, and he gave one back. We started making-out in a instant as I feel his cock squirm around my mine. I could taste his tongue lick my lips when I attempt to bit his. He begins to run his hands through my thick, black, hair when I rub his teenage thighs. “Omg, she’s such a whore!” Eric and I hear the girls giggle to the humor online. Eric gets up and sees that their back is turned. “It’s okay, they’re not looking.” He whispers. I was scared they were going to turn around to us fucking– but I had to risk it. I push his chest down and I begin to rub his thighs, gradually working my way to his wood. I move my way down and stroke his dick through his boxers. I see pre-cum leak through his boxers; I needed a taste. I cup my mouth to his head, making the fabric on his boxers more moist. I remember the smell of fresh laundry and cum emanate towards me. I pull his boxers down enough for his legs to open for me. His fat cock was throbbing. It wanted me. I begin to hold his dick up and lick his foreskin on his shaft. I see Eric lick his lips. My mouth surrounds his tip of his dick and my head starts bobbing, up and down, up and down. I hear a soft moan, covering his mouth to prevent any sound to alert the girls. I push my mouth in making his juicy cock down my throat. Eric arches his back from the sensation. Sucking his still cock, I begin moaning myself. “Shut up, fag!” he whispers. I tried not to moan but it was difficult. He places his hand on my head to guide me. He pushed my head down to further the deep-throat. I coughed from the size of his cock. I taste his sweet cum spread through my mouth. Eric starts to fuck my face making me tear, and moan more. I grasp his ass as it was hard to fit his dick in me. “I’m gonna cum!” he groans. His sweet load fills my mouth as I try to pull out. His cum shoots onto my face and tank top. It was difficult swallowing, even though I barley do it, but I had to. The cream slowly drips down his cock as I stroke the lasts bit of it out. I crawl over towards his face sharing the rest of his cum on my mouth as we kiss. Some of the cum on my face drips on his. We needed to rid of this load on our face before the girls see. Took off my tank and wiped down the unwanted sperm. My dick was still hard and Eric sees. “Please?” I asked, “Anything for you, Lance.” He grabs my hard cock through my thin, black, shorts and begins to stroke my cock. “Where y’all go?!” We heard the girls walk out of the room trying to find us. I moved his hand out of my shorts and climbed down. I had to stop. I didn’t want anything serious… he was my best-friend for goodness sake… I thanked Eric and went out the door with no tank and a full boner. We didn’t talk for a week. Lol, don’t worry! We do talk again. And fuck. But those are just teenage drunk moments. We might not be as close anymore, but his did sure have a big cock to remember. Eric, if you’re reading this. Thanks.

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