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Shy Sex

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Country-side
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I must say in the beginning that I was a shy boy and, that is why, till 15 years old
I didnÆt have a girlfriend. I was virgin, of course, and I have never kissed a girl in my life. My
single sexual activity was masturbating: I liked it very much and I had developed some
interesting techniques which IÆm still using now, at 17 years old.
Anyway, my first time was unexpected. I went with my parents for a week to the
country-side, in the mountains, with some relatives of ours. I didnÆt quite now them, but there
was this girl, 14 years old. They said it was my cousin, and for me, that was not important, I
didnÆt care who they were, and that girl was getting on my nerves. And to be true, she was
intimidating me, even she was a year younger then me. But, studying her I imagined that
she was much more sexually experienced that I was. I was sure that she was not a virgin.
One day, our parents went fishing and I was left at home. I wanted to play with my
laptop and, if IÆve got the chance, masturbate a little because I havenÆt done it since we left
home, three or four days ago, and I wanted to do it so bad. I played a game on the computer
and I got a little excited when I remembered that I had some pictures with naked girls on
the hard-disk. I must tell you that, even I was sexually inexperienced, I knew many things
about sex from magazines, books, Internet and so on. So, I looked over those gorgeous
pictures, I zoomed some pussies to see them very good being unaware of the fact that I was
going to see, touch and even fuck a real pussy within minutes.
I shut down the computer and went inside the house. I couldnÆt help myself from
masturbating. I opened the door and there she was, naked on the floor, legs wide spread,
moaning and masturbating, the 14 years old girl! I thought she went fishing, and she thought
the same thing about me!
She wasnÆt embarrassed and she envited me in. She told me she knew I was a virgin,
she knew that I have no girlfriend and she also mentioned that her last boyfriend dumped her
after having sex three or for times. I was shocked seeing a girl naked in front of me for
the very first time in my life. She asked me to masturbate in front of her. I got naked; my cock
was so big as I didnÆt know it could ever be. I took a towel and put it on the floor and I got belly
down, with my cock on the towel and my head near her pussy. Her pussy was shaved and that
was the first pussy that I ever saw live! She knew I was looking between her legs and she didnÆt
care. She started fingering herself: I saw her finger disappearing inside her hot and wet place and
she moaned in pleasure. Then I start rubbing my cock between my belly and the towel faster and
faster looking straight in to her pussy. I was masturbating with a girl! Gorgeous!
I cummed real fast. Then she teached me how to pleasure her with my fingers. Her pussy
was very wet and hot. I rubbed her clit, I entered her vagina with one finger, then with two, she
kissed me first on my mouth and then she took my cock (which was now very little and wet with
cum) into her mouth, making me hard again. She asked me if I wanted to lose my virginity right
now, with her. I asked her if she had a condom but she said that she was on a pill. She also said
that because I was inexperienced she will ride me first and, afterwards, we can switch
positions. I went down on the floor, belly-up, my cock in the air. She knelt down, grabbed my cock
with a hand and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy. She put her both hands on my chest
and start riding me, allowing my cock to fully penetrate her. With her right hand she started
playing with her clit and she fucked me real hard, moaning and losing control. The rithym was
faster and faster, her hands were now in my hair and I could see my cock in and out her
We both orgasmed in the same time.
Now it was my turn to fuck her in the missionary position but my cock had to rest
a little so, in the meantime, she teached me how to pleasure herself with my mouth. Then, she
put a pillow on the floor, put her ass on it, spread her legs wide and said: ôDonÆt be shy, lets fuck
like rabbits!ö She told me every move I had to do, I entered her, than I felt her breasts on my chest
and her legs on my ass, pushing me down to penetrate her harder. I always imagined that when
I will have sex with a girl I must be gentle with her, I must move a little slower then I move
when I masturbate but with this 14 year old girl this was not necessary. I fucked her hard, she
was screaming, she was moaning, but she enjoyed it. I did too! I didnÆt came so fast this time and
I thing we fucked about ten minutes until I orgasmed.
After that, weÆve done it several times and she teached me a lot of positions.
But the best thing was that when IÆve got back home I wasnÆt so shy and I managed to
find a girl who is still my girlfriend. This time, I was the one who teached somebody how to
have sex. 🙂

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