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Silk Red Panties…

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Her parents house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Let me first start out by saying that when I first started dating Ashley, I had no idea that it would turn into a six and a half year relationship. I must say, those were the six best years of my life. Ashley held a certain presence about her that put her above almost any other girl. She was the type of girl that made guys heads turn when she came walking by. She was absolutely beautiful! She was about 5’7″, 115 lbs., brown eyes with long gorgeous blonde hair, and a body to die for. She has the best ass known to mankind! Still to this day, my friends tell me that I hold the title of dating the best looking girl during our high school reign.
Anyway, we had been ating about two months, and had done the norm when it came to messing around. We had talked about sex, but she told me that she wanted it to be the memorable experience ever. As you will find out, it most certainly was!
It was a Friday, and I was going with her to her drill-team ball that evening. She handed me a note in second period that said that I better “get ready for the night of my life.” At that point, I knew that this was going to be the night that I so long dreamed about and jacked-off for.
I went to pick her up that evening, and her mom told me to sit down because she wasn’t just quite ready. When she came into the room, my mouth dropped, but my cock sprang to attention. Ashley wore a short, red sequence dress that stopped right about mid-thigh. Her long blonde hair was curled, and she had the brightest red lipstick on. She looked amazing! Throughout taking pictures, I had to quietly hide my raging hard-on.
When we finally got in the car to leave, she told me that it was only obvious to her, and probably her mother, that I was rock-solid-hard. I blushed a bit, but she then reached over and gave me a tight squeeze and said that I better not run out of gas before the night was over. I assured her that I would be ready, willing and able at any given time.
We met up with our friends at a secluded back road near the lake to sneak a few shots of liquor before the going to the banquet. For some odd reason all the guys were making wise cracks and asking if tonight would be the night. I kind of shrugged them off, not wanting Ashley getting upset with me for acting like a “guy.”
When we got in the car to leave for the ball, she told me that her friends were asking if we were going to”do it?” I then told her that the guys were wondering the same thing. I asked Ashley what she told the girls’. She looked at me and said “what do you think, babe?” From that moment, I knew it would just be a matter of time.
We all had a good time at the ball, and while we were all sitting around watching the slide show of all the girls, Ashley was rubbing my cock the entire time. Of coarse, it was time to leave, and once again I had to get up and hide the huge tent under my slacks.
Ashley’s parents agreed to let us have a party after the banquet. So, everyone came over and changed at her house. Ashley changed into a little flowered sun dress. It was so sheer that you could clearly see her red, silk panties. Of coarse, all of the guys had to make their infatuated remarks concerning her ass. She had me really steamed up, and I was wondering when we were going to get our chance together.
At one point during the party, Ashley and her friends were sitting across the deck form us. I was sitting there telling some football war story when all of the sudden I glanced over at Ashley and she had her legs spread wide open to give me easy access to look up her dress. Her red panties loked awesome! She just smiled at me and slowly crossed her legs before it was obvious to everyone.I was so horny knowing the simple fact that Ashley was in another world that night. She had one thing on her mind, at that was fucking my brains out.
Well, we finally saw everyone off, and Ashley asked if I would spend the night. Her parents never seemed to mind, so long as I slept in the extra-bedroom. She grabbed my dick and led me up to her room.
She shut and locked the door behind us. We immediately embraced one another in a highly erotic french kiss. While our tongues were lashing together, Ashley reached down and started undoing my pants and belt. She broke the kiss, and went down to her knees. As she was pulling my pants off, she said,”Is this what you have been waiting for, babe?” I told her that I had dreamed for this moment, and that I wanted it to last forever.
Ashley then started to suck my dick through my briefs, licking and blowing warm air from her mouth. My dick was as hard as steal. She then took off my briefs and carefully looked my love stick up and down. She asked me big my dick was, and I told her it was roughly 7″. She said “do you think this cock will be able to fit inside my pussy?” I told her it depended on how much she wanted it.
With that, she started slowly licking circles around the head of my cock. She started stroking the shaft with her beautiful hands. Her nails were neatly manicured with red fingernail polish, which pushed my horniness to another level. Soon, she set an exotic rythym with her lips going up and down my dick. She turned her head to the side and told me to watch her swollow my entire length. I can still picture those lips wrapped around my dick going up and down. I finally told her that I was going to come. Ashely released my cock from her mouth and started to jack-me off at a supersonic pace. The only thing left to do was to scream and let my load fly across the room. However, instead of flying, Ash closed her mouth around my shaft and swallowed load after load of my cum. When I was through, she looked up at me with cum dripping down her face. With a finger, she rubbed all the excess into her smooth skin and then licked her finger clean. She gave my dick a little kiss and told me it was her turn.
Ashley then did something I will never forget. She slid her sun dress over her head to reveal the most sexy body ever. She had on her red, silk, string bikini panties with a matching silk bra. She the faced the wall and bent over onto the bed to show me her ass covered panties. She asked me if I liked her panties. I quickly nodded my head. She asked if I ever jacked-off thinking about her in her silky panties. I nodded again, and then started to rub my dick. Ashley, still with her back to me, started to slowly squirm out of her panties. She ran them slowly passed her georgous ass, then down her long luscious legs. With the panties in her hand, she turned towards me and released her bra to the floor. Her tits were so firm and perky! She then took her red panties and showed me her crotch lining. It was soaking wet with cum stains all over them. Ashley asked if I would like to smell her panties, and I said “yes, babe, let me smell your pussy.” She held the crotch up to my nose and I could smell her hot sexy smelling pussy. It was the best aroma I have ever encountered. She told me to lick the crotch, and I did as she demanded. She than went into her bathroom and came out with all of her dirty panties she had worn that week. All were either silk or lack with colors of black, navy blue, pink, assorted lowers and so on. I smelled each and every one of them. They all smelled the same, except for one certain pair the she said she wore during dance practise. It had a sex/sweat smell that totally turned me on! She then went to her drawer and showed me atleast 50 different pairs of beautiful colored panties. She admitted to having a panty fetish, and I soon came to have one to.
Ashley then turned to me and asked me to eat her drenched pussy. She layed back on her daybed and spread her legs as far as they would go. Her brown bush was neatly trimed and I could see her wetness was all mangeled in her muff. I spread her lips to find a beautiful pink pussy. Her clit was engorged and I started to lick it ever so slowly. As soon as my tongue touched her she began to moan quietly. I soon had my tongue burried deep in her pussy, sucking up her wonderful taste. I soon was rubbing her clit while I continued to lap away. I slipped that finger into her twat and immediately I could feel her pussy muscles tighten around my finger. I licked hard and fast on her clit, and soon she was screaming, “Oh God…Oh God, I’m coming…I’m coming!!” Her pussy soon became a flowing river of juices. I swallowed as much as I could, and the rest flowed out of her down to the crack in her ass. I ran my finger down to her asshole and gently inserted a finger. Ashley almost sprang right off the bed. She said that it felt great and to try a second finger. Well, I could never get two fingers in but it was fun trying. I was fucking her ass with my finger pretty fast now, and then all of a sudden I felt Her long finger wet with her spit gliding right into my asshole! It felt uncomfortable at first, but the more Ashley screamed in delight, the more I enjoyed it. Ash then asked me to lick her asshole as she stuck her ass in the air while resting her knees on the bed. I went to town on her ass! It was such a turn on to know that my tongue was in the best looking ass in town. She then returned the favor to me.
Ashley then sat up and told me that she was ready to give me her pussy for the first time. She bent down and sucked my dick for a moment, then layed her back down on the bed and spread her legs. I started to put a condom on, but she told me that she wanted to feel all of me, which was very sexy to hear her say that. I was over her, and she reached for my cock and inserted just at the tip of her pussy. We looked each other in the eyes, and she said, fuck the living hell out of me!” With that, she inserted my dick into her pussy one inch at a time. Ash was very tight, but her wetness came through to make it an easier entrance. She closed her eyes and moaned as I entered her to the brim. We started off very slow so that her pussy would stretch naturally. Soon, she let out a loud scream that probably woke her parents to let me know that she was having her first orgasm. Ashley asked me to quicken the pase, and before long, my balls were slapping her ass as I pounded into her.
Ashley wanted to try fucking me on top. She climbed over me and lowered herself onto my cock. She rode me like an everyday pro. I was just at the point of climax so I had to let her know that I was going to cum. She immediately ordered me to turn her around and fuck her in the natural position. She told that she wanted me to come inside her and that she wanted every last drop. Well, my cock exploded into her pussy filing her with load after load. She was moaning, “come in my pussy baby, please cum some more!”
I collapsed on top of her in a heaping sweat. We kissed passionately for about two minutes, with my cock still in her. She said that she could feel my come splash against the walls of her pussy as I came.
We passed out in each others arms that night butluckily awoke a little after four in the morning. I told her I was going to the spare bedroom, but she demanded “no.” Ashley told me I had to fuck her one more time before I left.
I fucked her in every position, and finally came all over her face, at her request.
I was leaving her room when she told me to take her red silk panties with me. She told me to smell them when I layed down and to think about us having sex until I drifted off to sleep. Well, when I got in the bed I started smelling her panties, and they got me going all over again. I snuck into the bathroom to jack-off. I was stroking my cock at a fast pace with the crotch of her panties right under my nose smelling her aroma when all of the sudden Ashley through open the door. She was wearing a little nighty, and asked if I liked her panties. Somewhat embarrased, I said “yes.” With that she shut the door behind her and demanded that I finish jacking my dick off right in front of her. So, I stroked my dick for all it was worth while she shoved those panties against my nose. I warned her that I was about to cum, and she immediately dropped to her knees and swallowed every bit of my cum. She wanted me to taste my own juices, so we kissed passionately.
That was a night that I, nor my cock will ever forget.
We had six wonderful years of hot sex and erotic foreplay. She turned me into a “panty maniac.” Ashley would give me one dirty pair a week to have and jack-off to. At the end of that week, I had to discuss with her what I was thinking about when I creamed into her panties.
I still to this day can picture her in one of her sexy pairs of panties either stroking her pussy in front of me or begging me to fuck the life out of her.
It may be over between the two of us, but at least I have pairs and pairs of her worn and sexy panties to jack-off to!
I love you Ash!

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