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Sis and Friend

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: My house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My first time was with one of my sisters friends. My sister and her friend were 16 at the time and went to school with me. My sister’s friend was spending the night, and they were at my house all day. For quite a while I have had a foot fetish and had been watching them both running around the house barefoot all day. By that night i was really turned on. They were both laying in the family room on the couch and love seat. And eventually everyone went to sleep. After i thought they had been asleep for about an hour, I decided to go into the that room and check out my sister’s friend. She was sound asleep laying there with her bare feet hanging off the edge of the couch. It was too tempting. Very quietly, I moved close, and brought my face down close to her sole. Her foot smelled great! Slowly I extended my toung out and slowly licked all the way from the heel to the toe. As I did the her foot flinched, and she started to move. Fearing she would wake up and catch me I decided to retreat.

As I was moving away, I noticed her leather shoes setting on the floor at the end of the couch. I decided to grab them and take it upon myself to relieve my hornieness. I took her shoes and went to the bathroom. I locked the door and dropped my pants and started stroking myself. I smelt and licked the insides of her shoes untill I came. I quickly zipped up and grabbed the shoes to replace them.

When I opened the door, there she stood. I was so imbarased, I wanted to die. She looked at me with a very angry look. She asked my what the hell I was doing with her shoes. I didnt answer, I knew that she knew. She grabbed them from me and started inspecting them. She said, “you better have not gotten anything on them!” I just sat there staring at the ground. After she stared at me for a seconed, she seemed to lighten up a little. She said, “so you like my feet huh?” I nodded yes. She said she had seen me staring at them all day. She said she knew that I wouldnt be able to help myself if she left her feet hanging out in the ope like that. I was so imbarased, We go to a small highschool, and I knew the whole school would know about it monday. She said, “if you like my feet that much I shouldnt get in you way of doing what you want.” I was totally surprided by this, I figured she was going to make fun of me. In stead She motioned for me to follow her and softly said “come on”. We quietly went ito the other room. She went over and sat in the recliner. She pulled the lever and pussed the chair back and brought up the foot rest. She laid back and pushed her bare feet out over the edge of the foot rest. I sat there looking at her, waiting for her to say somthing. She says, “Well, What are you waiting for?” I took the hint. I knelt down at her feet, inhaled deeply and licked her sole. I did this multiple times, and she said ” get the other one” and raised up her other foot a little. I started in on it as well. I was fully hard again. She started to moan a little. She told me to suck her toes, so i did. I told her, her feet were beautiful. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her feet. I said yes! She told me to go for it. I took down my pants and moved into position. She scooted down in the chair, bent her nees, and put the soles of her feet together. I split her feet with my dick and started to go to town. Now that her legs were spread, I could see up the leg of the boxers she was wearing, and culd see her pussy was all wet. It didnt take me long, and I shot my load between her feet. She pulled her feet apart and said “ewww”. My cum was strung between her feet. She said, ” i thought you just jacked off, you shouldnt have had that much left. I just said sorry. She sat there playing with the cum between her feet. She asked me if I always shot that much, and I said no, i guess i just never had that good of time.

She then said, “But this time you were staring at my crotch.” I said yeah, it looked like you were having a pretty good time too. She said yes, but she had’nt finished. And asked if i wanted to help her. She put the recliner back in its normal position and moved her pussy to the edge of the chair and took off her shorts. I started eating her out, (I had done this before). Before long I was hard again and asked If i could fuck her. She asked if I had protection, so I darted over and got my condom out of my pants laying on the floor. Put it on and started pushing in. She was very tight, I didnt think she was a virgin, because she took me so willingly, but she was very tight, and warm. She started moaning immedatly. She stuck her foot in my face and told me to “suck it”. So i did. She layed her head back and let out another moan. Just then, my sister yells, “OK thats enough”! We both stopped and looked up at her. My sister said,”I thought you were a foot freak!” As her friend pulls her foot from my mouth and sits up. I sat there and looked at her for a seconed with a dumb look on my face. She walked over between me and her friend and pushed me over backwards. I realized my now limp dick was still hanging out so i pulled up my shorts while laying on my back. She walked up straddling me and sat on my stomach, her friend was now standing next to her. Then my sister says, ” so you like feet?” she places her foot in front my mouth and tells me to lick her’s. so i do. I started to get excited again, and it didnt take long for them both to notice. Her friend seen it first and pointed it out, then jerked down my shorts. My sister turned around and smacked my dick once real hard. It wobbled back and forth and they laughted. and did it a couple more times. I couldnt believe the situation i was in. The friend sat down on my legs and started playing with my dick and playing with herself. My sister started sticking her toes down my mouth and started giggling with my tounge action to her toes. I couldnt stand it too much longer. I let out a little moan, and my sister said, “he’s gonna go” Her friend started licking at the head of my dick and i went. some went in her mouth, some on her face, and some on me. Her friend licked some her lip, and my sister asked what it was like. She told her to try it. So my sister licked up the side of my dick once and scooped up some of my come and ate it. I couldnt believe it. Later when it was all over, we all decided that this experence didnt need to ever leave us three. It never got out. Still today, however, when ever I am home for a break, she comes over and they make me lick their feet, nothing as exciting as that first, but still good.

If you have a similar fetish, and have had an exciting experence, i would love for you to share them with me at footman Tell me what you thinl of my situation!

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