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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Well, my first time was with my step sister. Not gonna lie, she was pretty hot. Blonde, c cup, and tan. A little on the short side, but whatever. I was 15, so constantly horny and thinking about sex. I loved going to the pool with her and seeing her in her bathing suit. I would jerk off to the thought of her, usualy with her panties or bra. One night, I was really getting into it with one of her few thongs when, of course, she walks in. I wasn’t fast enough to cover up, and very embarassed. She looked exasperated, and a little angry. When she came over, I could feel myself blushing red hot. She held out her hand, and I reluctently held out her thong. She snatched it from me and said, “if I ever catch you doing that again, I’m going to tell mom.” I mumbled an quiet sorry. She sat on the side of the bed and said, “besides, why do that when you could have the real thing?” I flushed and looked at her as she took off her shirt, revealing her tan, sexy body. She then removed her sweats and panties and crawled under the covers, pressing her naked body against mine. By now I was so stiff it almost hurt. She l then went under and liked me from the tip of my cock, all the way up to the nape of my neck. She straddled me and guided my penis to the tight, wet opening of her pussy. She started out very slow and got faster and faster. I told her I was about to cum, and she gave a few more pumps and thrust down hard, while I blew my load into her. I caressed her breasts a little, and started to soften inside her. She fell asleep on top of me, and when I would wake up, immediatley get hard inside her warm, tight, wet pussy, waking her, and fucking till I blew. We mush have done it at least 5 times that night, and once in the morning. We fucked almost every night for 2 years until she went to college. She was on the pill, so she never got pregnant. Sissy, I miss you and your pussy, and look forward to your next visit.

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