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sister panty

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: home
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My sister’s panty.

This all hapened when I was 16 years old. My sister jessica who was 22 at the time was the hottest girl I had ever known in my life. She had everything: big perfect boobs a nice ass black hair and she was average height.

This all started when I was about 14. I would take my sisters worn panty and jerk os in them being careful not to cum in them. By 15 I was sucking the crotch area tnem jerking of in them and cumming my load in them. Then she had to leave for school. She left for a year. Through that uear I was the most depressed guy in the world. When she came back home and I was 16 I got excited. The day she came back she asked me to help her unpack. So I agreeded. While unpacking our mom call her for some help. So she left telling”empty her dirty clothes and put them to wash. You can leave my panties if you don’t want to touch them”

As she left the room I emptied the clothes. At the very bottom of the pile her dirty panties layed. She did not was her clothes for the past week because she knew she would be returning home. I took 13 panties out of the bag. That is a week of worn panties. She was wearing number 14. I sniffer all 13 and by the scent I could tell which were the older ones. I took the freshest one and sucked the crotch. Then I took another pair rapped it around my cock and startes jerking off. I soaked the panties in cum.
“What the hell” I heard from behind me. I turned around to see my sister looking at me. Before I could say a word she said”get the fuck out you freak”
For the next few days I kept my distance from her. Then one morning she walked up to me in a purple night gownand said”about what happened I need to know”
“I guess I just like your worn panties” I said
“So why are you using mine”she enquires
“Don’t freak out or anything but I like the way your panties smell and I could only jerk off when I use them.” I muttered
“So u never jerked off in the last year”she asked
“Yea I did but it was not good”I said

She left when I told her that. The next day as I got up and was going to the kitchen she called me into her room and locked the door.
“I thought about what you said yesterday so hear you go”she said

To my surprise she was holding two pairs of her panties.
“This is the pair I wore two nights ago and this is the pair ii wore yesterday”she said”which would you like”

“What”I said

“You said you can’t do it without my panties sh hear”she said”which one”
“I… Am….can..”I said
“Just spit it out”she aid agressively
“I want the ones you are wering right now”I said with a little anger”I mean …please”

“Huh I never thought you would even ask that”she said

Then she lift up her yellow night gown and pulled down her purple dotted panty.
“You like what you see”she asked
“Yea “I replied
To my surprise she rubbed the panty on her pussy almost enfusing it with her juices.
“Fuck the panty” she said

I was in shock. She then pulled my cock out and put it in her oussy and started pumping. I shot my load directly into her pussy.
“Oh my god I just shot my…”

“Its ok I was on the pill”
Ever since that day I fucked my sister almost everyday. Now before she leaves for collage she leaves a week worth of dirty panties for me just for me to be atisifies

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