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Sisters party

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

One month before my 16th birthday, my sister Melanie turned 13. She had a small party and two of her friends stayed overnight. I agreed to fix her up with Jack, a friend of mine, and she was fixing me up with Stephanie, one of her friends staying that night. Stephanie is super cute, short blonde hair, 14 yrs old. Stephanies sister Natalie, 13, was the other overnight guest. She was also blonde and cute, but much smaller and younger looking. Melanie has long black hair and a cute body and face. Late that afternoon my parents went to see our uncle in the hospital a couple hour drive away. Our older sister Wendy, 17, was left in charge. I asked Mel if she could get me a peek at Steph undressed somehow, she said she would think about it. At about 8 PM everybody else was gone and the girls asked if I wanted to play cards, I said sure. I think Wendy was in her room smoking pot. Cards were boring, and Mel said how about strip poker? I quickly agreed, Steph said alright, Natalie let peer pressure get to her and said OK. We agreed to stop at our underwear. 20 minutes later we were down to our undies, the girls all looked real good, even my sister. Then I said we should continue, and made up a game called truth or strip. If you get the worst hand you answer a question from the person with the best or take off another piece. They all agreed. I lost the first a
hand, my sister won. She asked if I had a crush on Steph, I said yeah. Then Natalie won, Mel lost, Nat asked her if she ever saw me naked, and did she like what she saw. Mel said I’ll take off my bra. She didn’t wanna answer, maybe she did see me, and liked it? Her boobs looked really nice. Steph lost and answered she never gave a blowjob and did want to try it. Steph lost again and dropped her bra, didn’t want to answer my question if she ever kissed her sister and liked it. I lost my boxers, didn’t wanna admit I liked my sisters boobs. I was the first one naked. Natalie was next, she didn’t have hair but her boobs were starting to grow. Steph admitted she played with herself in bed and in the shower. Mel took off her panties, sweet lookin pussy, she didn’t wanna answer if she liked Natalies bald pussy. Steph won the next hand and I lost. She asked if I would ever consider licking my sisters pussy, I had nothing to take off, I had to answer, Yes! Steph finally lost, Mel won, she asked her if she ever kissed her sister in a sexual way, both of them blushed, off came her panties. That is what I wanted to see. Cute bush, I wanted some of that. Now we were all naked, we changed the game, best hand tells worst hand to do something, if they didn’t they had to play with themselves in front of everybody for 5 minutes. Natalie won the first hand, Mel lost. Natalie said lick my boobs for 2 minutes. My sister did it.Steph won next, I lost, she said eat me for 3 minutes. No problem, I dove right in. Mel won, Natalie lost. Eat me for 3, wow, my sister getting ate out by her friend right in front of us, I was loving it. I finally won, Steph finally lost. Blow me for 5 minutes. She did real good, I only lasted 4. Then Natalie won, Steph lost again, the little sister said to her big sister eat me for 5, I don’t think this was their first time fooling around. Stephanie asked me if I had any condoms, I said sure, in my room. I brought back all five that I had. I won and Natalie lost, I asked her if I could do it to her, she said sure! I got my first piece, a cherry bald pussy in front of my sister and the girl I really wanted. Stephanie asked me to fuck her and I was glad to do it. It was her first time . While I did her the other two 69ed. My sister asked me if I wanted to fuck her, I said it would be an honor. She said, I’m not a virgin! I was shocked. Who, I asked, she said I’ll never tell. She was tight but really moved around alot. We both enjoyed our fuck. I begged her to tell me, Steph said if you fuck my ass I’ll tell you. I said lets do it. She said I have done this with the guy that got your sisters cherry. I again said who. She said make me cum first. We fucked for about 3 minutes, I came again, she said your dad has been doing your little sister for two months and did my butt last week, I told him I was saving my cherry for someone special, that was you. I asked Mel if Wendy ever fooled around with dad and she said yeah, thats how she got him. She caught them and demanded equal time. My sex life is great, but mom still doesn’t know whats going on when shes out. I did get to fuck my older sister a few times, she is always horny. Dad knows I’m doing both of my sisters. My steady girlfriend is Stephanie, but she doesn’t mind if I give her sister or my sisters a good time now and then. Next week they are having another sleepover and mom will be gone all weekend, her sister is in the hospital and shes going to help around their house. My dad might join the fun this time !

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