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Sister’s Slumber Party

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: Our House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

INTRODUCTION (skip to next paragraph for the story to start)
I had just turned 12 about a month before then, my sister was 3 years older than me. My sister’s name was Emma and we were close, VERY close. We shared everything together, including our darkest secrets. When I turned 12 however, she didn’t get me anything, but she promised that she would pay me back. Emma only had 3 other friends (her school was filled with assholes and bitches.) by the names of Sarah, Kylie & Maysen. They were all the same size along with Emma, while I was a foot under them. Sarah was blonde, green eyes, about A-sized breasts, and a sexy body. Kylie was the most athletic out of them, although she didn’t do a lot of physical stuff. Kylie was brunette, brown eyes, B-sized breasts, and a sexy muscular body. Maysen was blonde, blue eyes, A-sized breasts, and again a sexy body. I thought about them a lot, but not sexually until my sister introduced me porn and stuff when I was 11. Finally, my sister, Emma, was brunette, green eyes, with the sexiest bodies of all of them. I fantasized about her after she showed me porn for the first time. Up to date to the events of my first time, the story begins.
So, my sister, Emma, didn’t get me anything for my 12th birthday a month before these events. She promised to pay me back soon enough, since she and I are really close, I let her did what she desired and when. We shared our darkest secrets and one day, she wanted to speak to me in her room. I went in and she closed the door and locked it. “Sorry, I don’t want mom to hear any of this,” Emma said. I asked her if I was in another “talk”, she nodded and started. “So I said I would pay you back for your birthday, now this is my present for you, little brother.” Emma pushed me onto her bed and put her face against mine, “I want you to enjoy this, little bro.” I started blushing, i had been dreaming about this every day of my life since I first watched porn with her. I had never seen her naked EVER, so I was blushing hard with she took off her shirt. Her bra was exposing a lot of cleavage. “E-Em… ma…” I hesitated. She said, “Like what you see.” Emma grabbed her boobs and massaged them together. She couldn’t wait any longer, Emma ripped off her bra, exposing her beautiful boobies. She lifted my head up to her boobs and said, “Play with them, lick them, suck them, do what you wish, bro.” I instantly grabbed them both and shoved them in my mouth. I could feel my hard boner pierce her as she sat on my to keep me from taking control. “I can tell you’re enjoying this. Like your birthday present?” Emma asked. I nodded while she giggled with flattery. Emma decided I had enough, so she dressed herself and kicked me out. Later that night, her sexy friends came over for a slumber party, thank god our mom wasn’t home, because I was gonna do lots of stuff tonight. We had the whole house for ourselves for the whole night. When they went into her room, Emma checked to see if I was sleeping. I was fake sleeping, but she bought it. I took all of my clothes off and started masturbating as I quietly snuck over to her room door. The door was slightly cracked open, enough for me to see what was happening. They were undressing for a lesbian slumber (odd guess) from the looks of it. As they were having their lesbian orgy in Emma’s bed, they asked personal questions. I heard Emma ask Kylie something like, “Kylie, if you had to lose your virginity to a younger guy, who would it be?” To my surprise, she said, “Your brother.” Everybody giggled while Emma gasped, “Why him?” Kylie responded, “He’s so sweet, he tells us everything including his little crush on me.” I blushed as I stroked myself faster. Maysen spoke up, “I wouldn’t mind losing my virginity to him.” Then Sarah, “Same here, he’s pretty cute.” They tried starting up their orgy again until Emma said, “Since you ladies love my little brother so much, you wouldn’t mind if he joined us, would you?” They all stopped and started talking about me. I was too busy to care, I could tell my orgasm was nearing close. “Guess I’ll go get him right now, I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to see you girls like this.” I was paralyzed, she was heading straight towards me and I was just jerking myself to the way she swayed her hips ass she moved closer and closer. She slowly opened the door to see me peaking through and rubbing my 6 inch hard cock. Emma gasped, “Oh my fuck!” I was speechless, not moving a muscle while staring at her gorgeous eyes. Kylie went into view of me, “Oh… my… fuck… Has he been watching us this whole time?” Emma grabbed me by the ear and yanked me over to the middle of the room, facing the rest of the girls. I was pitch red with embarrassment. Emma shut the door and locked it, while walking over to her bed to lean against it. The rest of the girls sat up to watch the show of me covering myself, while they showed themselves freely to me. “You fucking pervert! How long have you been watching us?” I muttered out words, to shy to answer. “Since… y-you…” Sarah spoke up, “What was that? I can’t hear you.” I was so shy, but seeing them all blushing with flattery that I was snooping on them made me a little more comfortable. “Since you started…” I finally spoke. Emma smirked at me, “I get it… ever since I gave you my late birthday present… you’ve been craving this moment. To fuck our brains out, isn’t that right, little bro.” I nodded. Next thing I know, I’m being pulled onto the bed by all 4 of them. “Let’s see what you got then.” Emma grabbed my dick and stroked it hard, eventually putting it in her mouth. She blew me for about 5 minutes before I cummed. Emma swallowed all of my cum, while seductively staring at me. “I think I should fuck you now. Losing my virginity to my own brother sounds like a wild life to me… what about you girls? Wanna lose your V-card to my brother?” They all screamed “FUCK YES!” and my sister got on her back. I went missionary on her, & slid in my cock. Her pussy tightened around my penis, I was hooked in right away. I wanted to feel this all the time. Emma moaned a couple of times as I slid it in. I quickly fucked her tight virgin pussy like there was no tomorrow. Emma screamed in pain, so I stopped, but she urged me to keep going no matter what. Eventually she came about 7 times before I had to blow my load inside of her. Once I did, Emma got scared, “What the fuck! Why did you cum in me! You could’ve warned me, asshole!” I felt so guilty, I had no idea it was coming out. Kylie vouched for me, “I’m sure you won’t get pregnant, Em. He pulled out soon enough.” Emma calmed down, “Sorry little bro, we’re gonna keep fucking all night. You better enjoy every second of it.” Kylie then mentioned it was her turn, as soon as she did, I took control and grabbed her doggy style. I shoved my hard cock in her pussy and fucked her even harder than I did with Emma. She moaned louder too. I loved this so much. Eventually I came after she came 8 times. Luckily I pulled out ahead of time. I then fucked the rest of the girls, then went back to Emma. Emma was so horny at this point I fucked my sister from midnight-4:00 a.m. She wanted me so much, while we were fucking for that long, we did all positions we could think of. Along with Emma’s friends falling asleep from the pleasure. When I was about to cum for the final time, she told me she wanted me to cum inside of her. “Baby, I want your seed. I realize that I want to get pregnant by you, and only you. I wanna fuck you only, I wanna have a baby and raise him or her with you. OH FUCK! FUCK ME HARD! CUM IN ME, BROTHER! CUM IN ME!” Her friend’s woke up from her screaming to see I had her on her back with her legs around my waist as I suck on her boobs while fucking intensely. “Em, do you really want a baby with your own brother? Fucking him is one thing, but a fucking baby? If you get pregnant from him, then I will too!” Kylie spoke. Emma agreed but she wanted to be the last fuck with him for the night. I soon came inside of my older sister’s pussy anyways and after 30 seconds I switched over to Kylie, then switched back over to Emma for the final squirts. “Thank you! Fucking hell, THANK YOU! I love you, little brother.” Emma said. After that night and after Emma and Kylie gave birth to 2 beautiful girls, we still never confessed how they got pregnant to our mom and Kylie’s. We just blamed it on blind rape. After 6 years, my daughters are now sexually experimenting on each other. Me, Kylie and Emma have caught them eating each other out about 9 times, but we loved watching them, so we enjoyed the show. They still don’t know I’m their father, but they will when they’re older. I still have hardcore sex with Emma and Kylie, but Sarah and Maysen moved. We still keep in contact. I just graduated and will now move in with Emma and Kylie to take care of my daughters. Emma’s daughter is named Shannon, Kylie’s daughter is named Lea. Hopefully I’ll catch them having a lesbian orgy with their friends when they’re older.

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