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ski bunny

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: hotel room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

my first time was in a hotel room during a ski vacation that i was taking with my family. i was hanging out in the ski lounge on the mountain when i saw kim, a girl that i knew from school. she also recognized me and we talked for awhile. we were both cold so i drove her back to my room.
once there, we talked a bit more and then started to kiss. at first it was just a quick peck but then transformed into a passionate session of making out. as i kissed her, i could feel her shivering in my arms. being a gentleman,i asked if she would like to start a fire. she said yes and i built one for her. after she had warmed up, we started to kiss again. i wrapped by long arms around her and enjoyed every kiss that we shared. i could feel my cock getting hard and could feel her shuddering with pleasure. she must have sensed that i was getting excited because she started to bump against my cock with her hips. i bumped her back and soon we were humping against each other. this drove me crazy and i took a chance, i took her shirt off. she had no bra on and her ample breasts were now naked. i immediately started to fondle them. i layed with her breasts for a long time and then bent down to suck them. this drove her wild and she moaned with pleasure. her nipples got hard as i licked them and her body shook with pleasure. then, a slid my hand down her stomache and into her pants. i proceeded under her pants until i reached her pussy. i ran my fingers through her pubic hair and onto her pussy. she was wet with pleasure. i ran my fingers gently around her pussy as she sighed. then, i slipped my fingers into her pussy one at a time. her pussy was tight, she was a virgin like me. i felt my way around the inside of her pussy as she moaned. her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. i pulled my hand out of her pants and stripped of her pants and panties. she had a beautiful pussy. she spread her legs wide for me to see and i immediatly plunged between them. i dove head first towards her pussy and strated to eat her out. i she aand licked her pussy and ate up her butterscotch tasting juices. she shuddered with enjoyment and pushed my face farther into her pussy. i licked all of her pussy and then stuck my tongue into her. she groaned with pleasure and screamed as she exploded, she came all over me. i loved it. she lay back in relaxation and then noticed that i still had a hard on. she then stripped off my pants and grabbed my hard cock. she pumped it up and down as my precum ran into her hands. it felt great. she had such soft hands and touched me in all the right places. when i told her that i was going to cum, she stopped and told me to save it for later. i was confused at first but then understood as she lay on her back and spread her legs. i slowly climbed on top of her and slid my cock into her wet pussy. she looked like she was in paina t first but that look quickly changed to one of sheer ecstacy as i slid my dick all the way in and started to pump it in and out. this was the best expierence of my life. she was so warm, moist and tight. it was the best feeling that i have ever experienced. i pumped harder and harder and could feel an orgasm building up in my balls. she seemed to be having the same experience. her vaginal muscles tightened and she held me tightly. at the same time, we both blew. the force of it almost knocked me off of her. i withdrew soon after and we cuddled for a while. i had sex with her two more times that day, once doggy style and once anal. she even gave my a blow job. we’ve been ging out since then.

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