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Sleep Over

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: Front Porch
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I started getting sex early. How lucky I was. My best friend and I spent every minute of our summer vaction together. We rode bikes, played on little league baseball and went swimming. We both starting yearning for sex at the same time. We spent much time trying to get the neigborhood girls. We got a little lucky kissing, fingering and titty sucking. Once, we even made out with the same girl at the same time. But no fucking.

Living very close, our parents let us sleep over one another’s all the time. Sleeping outside in the heat on my front porch, I took a the chance. I had to because I thought I was going to lose the race to pussy. He was a little more athletic, and the girls went to him first. Now, chicks dig me too, but I couldn’t wait.

Laying on my sleeping bag, I pulled out my hard, semi-hairless dick and starting stroking. Not sure what I was doing since I haven’t even had an orgasm yet. John quickly pulled out his dick and beging beating off. I was amazed. He was thicker than me, but a little shorter. Then he told me to lean over his head, while he beat off. I did. When he started to shoot, I jumped back–scared. He told me to get back down and put my mouth on it. I sucked him off, sloppy cum and all. Not feeling gay or anything, we laid back and bullshit for awhile.

Soon afterwards, John suggested we butt fuck each other. He went first. Using a yellow oinment that was in my mom’s first aid box, he slowly pushed his decent sized dick in my butthole. I was laying on my stomach, pulling my butt open. I clenched to not scream, until he was crusing in and out. I could feel him cum in me. I took my turn fucking his ass until the cum backfired out.

We sucked and fucked until about 15, even during our first girl experiences. We never thought of it as being gay. We kinda knew we loved pussy, but needed to have sex ASAP.

I’m grateful for my first experience with John. My girlfreinds tell me I’m great in bed. I attribute my great sex with girls to my early years.

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