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Sleeping Bag Sex

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Camping
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I had been going to this sleep away camp since the summer before seventh grade, and it was now the summer before my second year in high-school. I knew this guy named James, he had been in 4 of my classes, and was really close with my best friend and my ex. Starting last summer he had also enrolled in this camp, and I had enrolled in having a crush on him. It was August, even though it was 95 degrees during the day, you were lucky if it made it to 40 during the night. That week of camp when my crush began to turn into a little something more, we were having a one-with-nature themed week, so that meant we weren’t aloud to sleep in cabins or tents. Instead we got to chose any place on the camping grounds (as long as it wasn’t too close to the woods) where we could sleep. However there were a limited amount of blankets so we all had to chose a friend (same gender:( ) to share with a sleeping spot and blanket/mat with, and I chose my good friend Sam, the one who was close with James. And because we were close, James and his friend Peter decided to sleep by the campfire right next to us. It was the second night of this “wild theme” night. The first night we had all talked, but just about going back to high school and stuff like that, and we all fell asleep pretty early and pretty well. But the second night Sam was using all the covers, and I was left on the grass shivering. I don’t know why, but James was up and he noticed. He said “Sam took all your covers huh?” I nodded. He chuckled and replied “Yah, some people do that. Get in?” I was confused, what did he mean “Get in”? “Come on,” he said “Get in my covers! Peter always cheats and gets up to sleep in a cabin halfway through the night, and we can’t have you freezing to death, get under my covers!” I smiled and crawled next to him, slightly intimidated by his impressive six pack. The first night we didn’t say much, and in the morning I found my self back next to Sam, so I was convinced it had just been a dream. But the next night it happened again, and we talked a lot more. It repeated itself again and again until we bonded, and it had become clear that we were an item. On our last night sleeping together it was unusually cold and we were cuddling really tight, and talking about wether or not Sam and Peter should get together too. And we started laughing, and he looked me right in the eyes, and I felt this warm shiver of happiness, contentment, satisfaction, and safety run through every fiber in my body, and somehow I new exactly what would happen, and I had no intentions of stopping it, and from the pressure poking me below (his erection) it didn’t seem like James wanted to stop it either. And just like that he brought his lips closer and closer until we began to make out with a passion so strong, I couldn’t have stopped it if I wanted to. His lips were so strong and sweet, little did I know his dick would be 5 times better. Just like that he began to work his way up my shirt, pausing just above my belly button to make sure it was okay. But it was more then okay, it was what I had wanted since last year. So I began to pull off his pants, he had on shirt to begin with. Once he had my shirt off he began rubbing my 36 C boobs, and I sighed quietly, no one had ever done that before and it felt amazing, I wasn’t sure if I could control my self. Then he began to fingure fuck me and it felt so good, I had never cum before but I swore it was bout to happen. But I made my self wait, I wanted him to feel the pleasure too, and I wanted to save the orgasms for intercourse. So just like that I encorperated a position from my fantasies. My pussy was in his face, but I was lying on top if him so that my head was down by his ‘tool’, which I began to suck eagerly. I had never given a BJ before, but I watched porn once and I tried to do what I saw them do in the movies, moving my mouth back and forth, up and down his 8 incher and sucking on his big smooth balls. It must have worked because he moaned five or six times before cumming in my mouth. But I was tired of teasing, I wanted to be broke. So I came back up and whispered and seductively as I could “Fuck me” and before I even knew what was happening my legs were spread wide and he was easing his cock into my pussy. At first it hurt and i cried out in pain, but once I felt my cherry break there was nothing but pleasure, and I began to moan “harder faster. ohh, right there. again again!” and just like that he pumped faster and harder, whispering my name over and over and hitting every single spot possible, when he had the breath to kissing me up and down my neck. I didn’t know how much longer I could last, and i was glad when I felt his cum in me just as I came too, and it was the best sensation I ever felt, and I muffled a scream into his chest. After that he helped me get back into my clothes and I helped him slip back into his pants, and we just laid there holding each other. We dated up until halfway through senior year when we slowly grew apart and it became obvious we wouldn’t last going to seperate colleges, and couldn’t find one we both liked. But we still keep in touch through facebook, and even though we both have awesome bfs and gfs, we will never forget that night when we lost our virginity =D (btw we didn’t use condoms cause I had been on the pill that summer just incase anything happened)

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